Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is anyone besides me freezing??? Yet I still leave my bedroom window open, but my electric blanky is on high! Thats one of the things I love about winter. I could almost wear gloves to bed, its that cold!
We took Mom to the Dr. yesterday for a check up. Our Dr. is only 35, and he is a cutie. He teases Mom and she just beams. He gave her a hug yesterday and she was in 7th heaven. The only problem is he is on the 7 th floor, which means I have to walk 7 flights of steps because I wont ride the elevator. Larry takes Mom up on the elevator, gets her sat down and signed in, then he checks in the stairwell to see my progress...lol. Yesterday I was on the 6th floor when he came into the stairwell. I figure its good exercise. I told him ( the Doc) when I couldnt make the steps anymore he could just come down and treat me in the car...he laughed! I didnt. You would think after all those hospital stays last year I would be used to the elevators....nope, not me. Most of the times I was in them I was knocked out. If I was awake I kept my eyes shut and I prayed. Has anyone ever got stuck in an elevator? I think I would flip out if I did, I just wonder what people actually do who get stuck in them.....anyone know?


Akelamalu said...

Good to hear Mom is OK!

One thing you wouldn't do if you got stuck in an elevator - FART!


Dr.John said...

My mother loved elevators but wouldn't go near an escalator. Everybody is different.

Tug said...

What a cute story about your doctor...is he married? ;-)

Getting stuck in an elevator, I always think of the movie 'You've got Mail'...I'd probably sit down & contemplate life. After calling for help of course!

pure evyl said...

My wife is terrified of elevators. I jump up and down and have fun.

One day she will kill me in my sleep.

Jill said...

It is good that your mom has a good relationship with her doctor. That is very important. And it is cold here in Houston.Jeez.

eZ said...

5 below this morning-I am so happy I do not have to go out-
It sure makes things flow better if the docs are kind to our loved ones, but who wouldn't love YOUR MOM! I have to take elevators because of my son's wheelchair. I do think about getting stuck, but what cha gonna do. The escalators freak me out, I stand there thinking jump on that step..jump on...then the step disappears and I gotta try again.
You sure have the bestest Indian Chief helping with your mom, a magic bullet, a ring, earrings!!
Your cup runnith over!

Eel Wind said...

Who doesn't love doctors like the way men love nurses? LMAO :)

Remiman said...

They wait to be resued.
Yesterday I got on the elevator n the lobby level and pushed the 2 button. The door closed but the elevator didn't move. So I pushed the 1 button. It lit up and the elevator rose to the first floor. Again I pushed the 2 button. The door closed but the elevator didn't move. I then pushed the 3 button. It didn't light up and the elevator didn't move. I pushed the lobby button. The button lit up and the elevator returned to the lobby level. The door opened, rel exited and went up the stairs.