Friday, January 16, 2009


side note to Akela.....everytime I go to your blog my computer freezes wont let me comment.

A girl in our town overdosed yesterday and died. She was 27 years old. Im sure her parents and her little daughter are heart broken. I do not know what gets into these kids. When I was young and having babies my first thoughts were " please God, let me live long enough to raise these babies". So many have overdosed and just left them for someone else to raise. Its like they dont even give it a thought.

And then I think of all these young girls who are strung out on drugs and raising babies, who do you think is making sure these babies are taken care of properly and getting fed? It just breaks my heart. I just imagine them crying in their cribs for hours with a soiled diaper on and not being fed. I always felt like having a baby was such a blessing..

I dont know about the power of drugs over people, but I do know that they are ruining our country. What would make a young person take something that will make them like a zombie??? What will they be like when they are 40? Will they be able to function? Or will they be burnouts? What will these babies be like who have been raised with a Mom and Dad high on drugs?

As most of you know from earlier posts, my oldest son did drugs for years. He is 39 now and hes slowing down...worried about what he has already done to his body from the drugs. If you would meet him you would think he is a great guy and he usually is....but I have also seen him when he was a raving maniac. Thank goodness I havent seen that side of him for a few years. What can I say? Hes my son, I love him. But he has broke my heart over and over again. I have 2 sons and they are as different as day and night. The youngest son is a corrections officer and doesnt deal well with people who take drugs. But yet my 2 boys are finally friends ,since the oldest one has started slowing down. For that I am greatful.

I dont know why I am talking about this, I usually dont...I guess Im just thinking of what the girl who OD'd has put her parents through. My heart goes out to them. God bless them and her daughter.


Dr.John said...

We live in a sad world where wrong often seems to come out ahead. Some people like the young lady see no joy in life and so rush to death.
Others try to make joy with pills or booze. They fail but they try.
Sometimes they find the source of real joy and change. I've seen it happen.

pure evyl said...

They are a plague.

Bluepaintred said...

I worry about my brothers girls. they don't do drugs, but buying a new stereo for the truck or a new purse for the mom is more important than making sure they have adequate diapers on hand for the girls. If I had the room and hte money I would take my brother to court and take the girls from him and raise them.

my brother hits the girls mom. He doesn't beat her, per say, she is never bruised, but it is definitely abuse and im terrified that his daughters will grow up thinking that this is how a woman is supposed to be treated.

Its heartbreaking

Patty said...

It is sad the way things are now days. My grandson biological dad is a crack head and we hear all sorts of horrible things about him. He is not in my grandson's life and we want to keep it that way..I don't want my grandson around him

Akelamalu said...

First off I'm so sorry my blog freezes your computer honey. I have no idea why but if any of your readers have an inkling please tell me and I'll try to rectify it.

This is so sad. Drugs are a terrible thing. A neighbour of mine's son died of a drug overdose years ago and she has still not got over it. It hurts so much when your child does something to harm themself doesn't it? :(

I'm glad to hear your son is slowing down on the drugs Catch, it must be a great relief to you. x

LauraJ said...

I know it's very very sad. I have watched my nieces cry buckets of tears because their parents both do questionable things. It changes who these little people are. They have to fight to be better people than their parents. It's a struggle they have their whole lives. Some don't fight hard enough and end up just like them. That's my fear. They are beautiful little girls and a little boy too who adores his father and looks up to him.

MarmiteToasty said...

I to cant do Ake's blob at the moment and its very difficult not to have me doze of Ake, I get booted everytime I log on to her :(

I never quite understood why people dabbled with drugs in the first place.... I still dont get it.... especially more so when they have children..... I cant imagine not putting my sons first in life....


eZ said...

I agree, God Bless the parents and their daughter. I like what Dr John said.
I have several neices and nephews into drugs, most do not care if you know it.
My brother is out of prison, did seem to be doing better(I see it in his eyes when I see him, he's backsliding). It kills me, but this is something he has to want, no matter how bad I want him to stop, how much I care about him, he has to do it. I worry about all the babies too Catch.
I got pregie at 17, I thought my parents were gonna kill me, I shamed them, now the girls bounce around with one in the oven, and one on their hip, and the grandparents are usually one step behind picking up the pieces.

Tug said...

Much luck to your oldest son...I hope he gets and stays clean! That's one place where I actually really used my brain when I was younger. I knew I had an addictive personality, so wouldn't even TRY drugs - not even pot. Good luck to you all!