Saturday, January 17, 2009


Larry and I went to an estate sale recently. I love elephants. The people in this particular estate must also have loved elephants. They had elephant lamps, elephant pictures and tons of elephants! I picked out these. the white one was so covered in nicotine, but he washed up really good. The other two are just so cute and plus they have the baby with them.

The lamp took my eye because.. I love lamps....I dont need anymore but...... This one had a few spots on the shade...I took a small amount of bleach and a touch of dawn dishsoap and scrubbed the spots with a toothbrush and walla!!! Its prefect! I loved the shape of it and the shade is darling.

The little green thing with the 2 drawers was just cute! and see those roses on the table????? Larry got them for me for our 1st anniversary!

Total shopping spree....white elephant $25.00
gray elephants $20.00
lamp $12.00
drawers $10.00
total $ 67.00

I love estate see all kinds of different things. I dont look for antiques because Im not into them. ( Heck, Im becoming an antique myself!!! ) I just like finding different things.
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Dr.John said...

I don't go to sales or auctions anymore because we have too much stuff already. Glad you have room for a few elephants.

MarmiteToasty said...

You would LOVE carboot sales over here lol...

The bits and bobs you got are just lovely.....


Remiman said...

Our daughter is the elephant collector in the family. Her addiction is a republican thing.
We used to be auction/estate sale goers, but not too much in later years. Mainly because the house is too full of stuff.

Akelamalu said...

I have a collection of elephants too Catch so I just love your new aquisitions!

Palm Springs Savant said...

I like elephants as well. I also have a ram and frog statue too.

eZ said...

I love your new treasures!
And the roses-you darn well deserve them!

bettygram said...

As the Dr John said we don't have any room here. It would be interesting to go here to the sales because it is a different area of the country.