Saturday, January 06, 2007


Bluepaintred said...

hmm shaving ones beaver is a personal choice. lol. is this where we say Yay or Nay as to weather we do it?

Jackie said...

TMI, bluepaintred! LOL
This is hilarious...and I must be getting old...had to look at it a minute to figure it out!!

Remiman said...

I will if ypou will. ;-)
It was the little piece of tail that gave it away.

Michelle said...

I almost spit my drink all over the monitor when I opened up your blog! LOL

Christine said...

Yes, I almost spit my coffee out on that one too. I get the best laughs when I come to visit.
Where do you get these??
Hope you're having a great weekend!!

Dirk_Star said...

Very funny blog!

I like your style.

Pixie designed my graphics.

You'd better not visit my blog though, cause the theme of the graphics will cause you to have flashbacks....

Very funny underwear story...

bazza27 said...

Presumably that's a Brazilian beaver?

boneman said...

you and yer funny cartoons!

actually, though, this boy prefers a full field. (not that you were asking)

I miss ya most 'cause I've figured out that you appear t'be active (bloggin', not shavin') during the week while I fly in on the weekend, blog quick as a bunny (hoping t'get t'everybody I like) then wander home and sit in the dark till the next weekend.
Well, OK, I don't sit in the dark.
Paint, chop wood (fruitless on a winter like this) feed dogs, cats, pamper the pets try to eliminate the rats (dang! Now y'all won't come over fer bbq, will ya?) and sweep and vacuum and wash the dishes.

Cook great meals.
From scratch, sometimes.

other times I scratch open a box pizza.

Miss yer comics, so, I'm gonna go face down on some of 'em fer a bit...
'scuse me....

boneman said...

OK, I knew I was missin' out! That was funny!
sent yer joke about the second opinion to a few folks.

But, the question....about the dog kissin?

I hear it all'a time, "why you let a dog lick yer face when it licked its butt?"
And my answer is always the same....
"hey, the dog wouldn't lick its butt with a dirty tongue now, would it?"

Gni Gni laughs at that one every time.
She's the sweetest lil gal dog in the fam.

kristi said...

ha ha that is a good one I am sure its on a shirt somewhere

Shelli said...

Very funny, Catch, as always.

Catch said...

Jackie~ thanks for stopping by!

Rel~ ok..lets do it!

Michelle~ this joke is a tad risque but I thought it was funny! lol

Christine ~ would you believe I make em up??? lol

dirk~ thank you! And thanks for stopping in!

Bazaa~ of course!!!

Boneman~ aint heard from you for ages!!! glad to see you again!!! dont be a stranger!

kristi!!! Hey!! good to see you! it would be funny on a shirt!

Shelli~ Thank you!!! lol

smileymamaT said...

Ha! I get it! (And yes, sometimes it takes me a while.....) hee...GOOD ONE!

Tina Dray said...

Catch you are a naughty but funny lady!

EZ said...

haha-I am old too, did not get it at first but saw the tail-
the funniest words I ever hear were from June Cleaver(Leave it to Beaver) she said" Ward weren't you a little hard on the Beaver last night?" hehehe
trimming is nice, for BOTH parties.
I like a little heart :)