Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Goodbye Flies

One thing I wont miss about summer is flies! With everyone going in and out here we get a few pesky flies! And I can never find my fly swatter when I need it. And I hate swatting them on one of my windows especially when they make such a mess when you swat them! yuck. And I cant stand it when they get near any food, you never know where they have been with their fly feet before they got here. I think of them rubbing those tiny little feet and I just want to throw up.

Another thing I wont miss is misquitoes, another little pest that you dont know where its been before it bites was it on someone with aids? Or hepatitus ? And bees were really bad here this year. Thank goodness I didnt get bit, you never know anymore if one bites you if your gonna have one of those reactions and croak right on the spot.

I will miss the sunshiney days though, and the warm weather. Hearing the birds singing, sitting on my deck in the evenings, cooking out during the day, the hum of the air conditioner keeping the house cool. Walking around in my bare feet. Sitting on my front porch at night, talking to everyone who walks past. Hearing the lawn mower and cutting the grass, drinking an ice cold beer after cutting the grass. I will especially miss swimming in my pool, just floating around listening to music.

What are some of the things you will miss about summer?


LauraJ said...

the sunshine
wearing pretty skirts
wearing pretty tank tops
wearing pretty flip flops
walking everywhere
cold drinks on a hot day
summer festivals
late warm nights
no school
sleeping in
ohhh hurry up summer '07 and get here right quick!

Cindra said...

I'll miss the spontaneous barbeques with friends, and going barefoot, but I won't miss the heat. Sorry, but it's true. I love fall. I would be happy if it was crispy and bright like this all year round. Perfect!

Gary said...

I love this post. You made me feel like I was there with you on your deck, along with all those flies, mosquitos and bees. :)

Jackie's Garden said...

Cindra can have the fall - my ideal weather would be to live in flip flops year round!

Now those flies...I use to worry about where their dirty little feet had been -but that was before I saw THE FLY. Now you have to know that they are 'vomiting' on everything they land on, to disolve it and eat it...ewww!!

Joe & Karen said...

I think I'll just miss the warmth of the sunshine, walking around in a tshirt. I love every season and that one rolls into the next. Its a reminder especially now that time does go on, with spring, the renewal of hope and life, fall and winter, snuggling in to reflect of whats passed and to rejuvinate yourself to come out with a bang in the spring...

Kat Campbell said...

I'm with Jackie, I will miss my flip flops. Watching the fish in the pond, kick ball with the grandgirls, concerts at the garden of roses, fresh tomatos every night, the smell of blooming honeysuckle.... we live in Ohio, why?

Michelle said...

Uh the mosquitos were really bad here this year...good riddance! I will miss it being lighter out longer in the day though!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I never have a problem with flies or mosquitos.

Of course, I neve go outside LOL

Remiman said...

daylight morning and night.
running out doors
sunsets on the river
fresh garden veggies
flowers,flowers, and more flowers.

Gingers Mom said...

Well, now I am all grossed out over the whole summer bug thing. Good riddance summer!! LOL

Chana said...

will miss the easyness of getting dress: sandals, capris and t-shirts..

but their is beauty in winter too...and since i have no choice but to live through it, i might as well concentrate on it..


Mimi said...

I will miss everything about summer except humidity. I hate it I can not breathe when it is humid. Plus I tend to get a bit of seasonla depression in the winter so I will miss the sunshine. I hate mosquitoes too! I know bugs serve a purpose but I can not figure them or ticks out! I hate them!

Catch said...

Laura~ you got a long wait Sweety

Cindra ~ I could take Fall all year round too...its a beautiful time of the year.

Gary ~ then start swattin!!! lol

Jackie ~ I know they do put off a vomit or something...yuck, I cant even think of it!

Karen ~ I use to love winter...but sometimes I get cabin fever...I dont like the cold anymore. But I do love the snow.

Kat ~ yes we live in Ohio but at least we dont have to worry about any hurricanes or tsunamis!!! lol

Michelle ~ Yes it seems like the days go faster and evenings last forever

Fab ~ Your just to fabulous to get bit! lol

Rel ~ those are all good things do you feel about snowmobiles??? lol

Ginger ~ good riddance bugs you mean!

Chana ~ winter definately has beauty to it...snow is so white and glistening......( and cold)

Mimi ~ Im scared of ticks! I cant even take one off of my dog....I cant imagine what purpose they serve either.

Lori's Minute said...

I will miss sleeping in! I used to get up around 7:30, now I get up at six to get my daughter ready for school.

I dislike insects as well...

D. B. Cooper said...

Being warm. I just moved to the Midwest from down South and I forgot what real cold felt like.

Overwhelmed! said...

I'll miss swimming in our pool!

zingtrial said...

Catch my friend Hope you doing well,
Yes goodbye's to all the bugs but I'll miss those long walks .
Wish you well

Tina Dray said...

really hate flies to there the only reason i don't squash spiders !
me to really missing the summer missing been warm missing hearing the children laughing in the garden don't mean to wish my life away but roll on spring!

Catch said...

Lori ~ I love to sleep in...but I call noon sleeping

D. B. ~ your in for quite a treat! Get those thermals out!!!

OW ~ I will miss that as well.

Zingtrial ~ Hello! Nice to see you!!! Walks in the snow are fun too!!! And yes, thank goodness...goodbye bugs!

Tina ~ I hate flies and spiders with equal passion!!!