Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hello ~ Jack Frost

Ok, yesterday we said what we will miss about lets talk about what we like and dislike about winter! Oh come on now...we can find some things we like. I love the first snow. I always make some hot chocolate and sit by a window and watch it. Of course I worry about everyone driving in it ~ thats the Mother in me. I wish I had a picture of the time I turned the car completely around in the snow..I just hung onto the steering wheel and screamed!

I like taking walks in the snow, its always real quiet, as if you are the only one on earth. The snow glistens like it has little diamonds in it. Its very peaceful. I like the way my yard looks when it snows and I dont like people messing up my snow! I like it to be nice and fluffy and untrampled. And no yellow snow!!!

I dont like cleaning my car off in the snow.....grrrrrr. I have a double car garage but its full of my "stuff". There is no room in it for the car! Its not attached to my house so I use it for storage. One of these days Im going to clean it out and park the cars in it . ( I say that every year!)

When it starts snowing for some reason I start soup, a big pot of chili or vegetable soup, a turkey breast. I love to have the house filled with good smells and good food during a big snow. My kids love it, they all come home to eat.

My Mom and I can never agree on the temperature of the furnace. She is always cold and I am always hot. I like the temp on 68 degrees. When Im not paying attention she jacks it up to 74! Then I start notice Im sweating. Then I throw her one of those wraps and turn it down.

I like to hear the sounds of the kids out shoveling snow, if we have a speck of snow they dont have school. I dont know where those kids are in the summer when your looking for someone to cut your grass, I guess they would rather work in the cold.

And of course we all look forward to Christmas, all the decorations, the cookies, presents, shopping, special Church services, the Christmas lights....its all fun! And of course me being me, I always buy myself a few presents : )). I love the way our Church is decorated during the holidays. And did you ever notice how everyone is in a good mood during the holidays? Then the next day they go right back to being their grumpy old selves.

I feel like a kid at Christmas time. I get so excited. My best Christmas present was a big had a car to go with it and it had electric lights! I played with it for hours at a time.

So what are some of the things you like or dislike about winter ? And what was the best Christmas present you ever got?


bazza27 said...

I love the way the snow makes your garden look tidy!. I don't have a favourite ever xmas present, I love them all!

Dan said...

I noticed and almost every sentence of your post had the word snow in it. Is your last name Claus perchance? Are you fond of wearing bright red things?

Did your dollhouse come with fake, tiny snow or did you have to purchase that separately?

My most favorite Christmas toy was a ventriloquist dummy that I got when I was about 10 years old. But weeks after getting it, the dummy started behaving in a peculiar manner. He would snicker menacingly in the dark corner of my room as I slept.

One day the dummy just up and left. The entire family was relieved to see it go. But we all still have aversions to ventriloquist dummies ... and dummies in general.

Dr.John said...

Other than Christmas I hate snow. I am with your mother and get cold easy. I used to love winter but those days are gone.

Remiman said...

Snow--the more the merrier!
Deep, deep blankets of snow, drifting across long expanses of open fields.
Snow flakes, huge floaty, drifting down on lamplit village streets.
Bare-naked trees projecting their silhouettes and reaching emploringly to huge fluffy clouds in the sky.
cross-country skiing.
Snow angels.
Snowball and snow forts.
Shoveling snow.
Hot chocolate
christmas, pine smells, fireplaces.
holly wreaths
Good will
Tiny Tim and scrooge
No snow mobiles {:-)

Remiman said...

Any and every gift I received was the best!

Chana said...

all presents are good...presents means happy in my dictionary..

now for all the things i love of winter:
-means Christmas is coming
-the first snow
-the second and third and so on, i love snow..remember i grew up without it so it is a treat
-wearing boots, comfy sweaters and cuddled under blankets..
-wood burning fire place, love that smell..hmmm
-the kids having snow fights, making snow angels, jumpin in the drifts..seeing the kids be kids and hae the time of their lives playing..
-the footprints left behind of visiting birds or the jack rabbits that come to our lawn
-christmas lights, decorated houses and the jolly mood everyone or mostly everyone gets in..


TC said...

I also hate yellow snow...and the people who pee in it!

I have no problem at all with snow - it's the damn English rain I hate, I tell you!

Ahem, that's better.

(Some piccies over at my place you might like, Ms. Catch)

Joe & Karen said...

Oh what a wonderul picture of your home you've given me. It feels warm, cozy, safe and secure, and welcoming!
I love standing in the middle of the street watching the snow fall at night (I live on a very quiet st. so its safe) I love the untouched snow, when its sparkling.
I love catching snowflakes on my tounge.
I love having a cup of tea curled up in a blanket watching the ice on the windows
I don't like cleaning off my car (cause I'm only 4 ft. 11- its not so bad now since I have a honda civic, its little and easier than the ford van we used to have)
I'm much better today, thank you for your concern Catch. I'm waiting to hear from the woman what it will cost to fix her bumper... I keep reminding myself its only money I don't have, I'll get it sooner or later to give to her, at least I didn't hurt her. I don't know If I could have dealt with that whatso ever

Kayla said...

I love to take long walks in the cold invigorating!
Even better in the snow.
Best Christmas present was a diamond ring from my father.
Sweet, eh?

~Deb said...

It's gonna get cold---and soon for New York. SUV's are a must over here!!!

Ughhh, you got me hungry when you mentioned potato soup. I get this organic potato leak soup---you would love it! I'm sure you've probably tried that before---delicious! Soups on a cold snowy day sitting by the fire is always nice.

Some of the things I love about winter is:

1. Hot cocoa in front of the fire
2. Sex in front of the fire
3. Potato soup in front of the fire
4. Sex in front of the fire
5. Having a nice glass of red wine with my sweetie in front of the fire

Get my drift? (Not to be confused with snowdrift!)

The best Christmas gift I ever got was my first guitar when I was 10 yrs old, and my first professional guitar by my girlfriend at the age of 23---a beautiful 12 string acoustic.

Okay. I just blogged in your comment section. I'm outa' here! Enjoy your day sweetie!

Michelle said...

I like the change in seasons period! For winter I like driving around looking at all the lights, drinking hot chocolate and hot apple cider, the spirt of the season, sledding, ice-skating, snuggling in warm blankets with flannel pjs and socks, wearing sweatshirts...

Bluepaintred said...

blogrolling was down on me yesterday so i didnt get a chance to comment on summer. I like summers warmth and about the only thing I like about winter is shoveling the driveway and christmas

Mimi said...

I love how fresh snow looks, especially the way it lays on trees. After the plow comes thru and people start driving I hate it cause it gets all trampled and dirty. I have not enjoyed snow since I was in school since it got me the day off. But now that Binker can play in it I am excited about it again.

starbender said...

I luv the new-fallen snow! It's like glitter when U pass by. I luv when the snow falls hard -- it makes even the getto-est of neighborhoods look pristine!

When I was 13, my dad bought me a commercial cotton-candy maker...
Yum! I put smiles on everyone's faces!

; ]

butterflies said...

I loved the snow in OKlahoma..only trouble is that you cant ride motorcycles in it.But I woke one Xmas morning to snow falling and it was so romantic and beautiful!(We dont have any snow where I come from in New Zealand)
My favourite present was when my mother gave birth to my sister on Xmas Eve:)

Cindra said...

i love a warm fire, and sweaters and warm song, and movies and popcorn, and rain, and reading books.

My best Christmas present ever was my daugther...she was born 13 days prior, but she definitely was the greatest christmas gift to me that year.

Lori's Minute said...

I like the heavy wet snow that hangs on the trees and then thers a fog early in the morning and everything looks so white.

I also like having hot chocolate after we come in from shoveling or playing in the snow.

Big Pissy said...

What snow?!?!?

I live in Hell, remember? ;-)

Kat Campbell said...

I'm always cold so I had to really search for reasons I like snow. Nope couldn't find any. The best Christmas present I ever got was a stereo when I was 16, because it was something I wanted desperately, didn't ask for and received with a tag that said "From Santa".

Tina Dray said...

love christmas! my favourite presents are the smiles on my childrens faces as they open theirs

D. B. Cooper said...

likes: the sting of the cold air against my cheeks.

dislikes: driving on snow and ice

best christmas present: my oldest daughter. She was born 5 days before Christmas. She came home on Christmas eve and we were snowed in at the in-laws for 4 days during a blizzard.