Thursday, September 07, 2006

What a Day

I forgot about Dr Johns marathon today....when I got online and checked my blog and seen that someone said "Dr John sent me"...I knew I had to get busy. Plus I was going to Ashleys apartment to paint. When I looked at the marathon list I thought.."oh no, Ill never get them all done". I did half before I went to Ashleys and half when I came back. When I came home I had company here....which I always enjoy, but I wanted to get the other half of the marathon done...and I didnt know how long she was As soon as she left I finished the marathon. Back to Ashleys apartment.... I think I am doing a " flip this house" segment with it. Ash has no clue! She never did anything at home ( my fault, I know) so she has no idea how to fix a place up. She wants me to hang pictures, decorate and paint...not much huh? lol. I suppose all this while she sits around and looks pretty! She says once I do it she will keep it up. I told her its so much easier to do the dishes after you eat! Not 3 days later! And make Gaige pick up his toys at night before he goes to bed. She is in the process of breaking up with her boyfriend who did live with her for almost a year. He only calls her cell phone about every half hour. His name is Zane and while I like him real well, in my opinion, he drinks too much. (Its like she follows in my footsteps.) She says " I cant stand it when Zane drinks." I said..."well, you need to get away from it, they dont usually change." I have to give her a lot of credit, she has gone to school since she graduated. She told me she was pregnant the day of her graduation party ( just what I needed to hear as I was getting that arranged!I nearly had a cow!)) I said " what about Nursing school?" She said " I will go". She did not want to get married and I would never force her into that. She went to school while she was pregnant...she worked a full time job in a resthome, which I know is hard work. She had Gaige, she went back to school...and still worked. I can work my schedule around watching Gaige. I only work a couple nights a week anyway. She will soon be starting her clinicals....I dont think we either one realized what progress she has made. So now I am her interior designer...I have more painting to do tomorrow. I love helping her, and making her place look nice, but she better keep it looking nice when I finish! And I have to admit at her age ( 23) I wouldnt have known how to do the things I do now. When I went to the laundramat when I was first married one of my girlfriends came and helped me sort clothes, because I had never washed clothes before and had no idea what went with what! My Mother ( God love her) did not want me experimenting with the laundry, she liked her whites white and clothes folded a certain way. And while I was not picky with my laundry, Ash was always on the go, she was a cheerleader all through high school, she was a lifeguard in the summer,it was easier to just do it and have it done. So now when my Mother says " why doesnt Ash paint her apartment herself?"..I say because she doesnt know how. Mom says "anyone can paint" and I say " No, not true"...and then she says " well she needs to learn".....hahahaha...and thats when I say " I never learned till I was in my 30s because you would never let me paint anything"...and she says " well, I wanted my walls to look nice".....I never made my bed, and I didnt do housework or wash clothes or cook! Its a wonder I know how to do anything today!!! But I can cook with the best of them, my house is clean and tidy...but ( get this) since Mom moved in with me, she has taken over the laundry! hahaha. she does our clothes because she still likes those whites sparkling white and she doesnt trust me! I think its true what they say...what comes around goes around. And with Mom , Ash and me,,,,,its full circle!


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Catch,
thanks for stopping by my place on Dr John's Marathon.

My My that is some sexy photo you have on your profile picture, is that a 'true' metaphor for your personality.

So, you can cook with the best of them, am I invited to dinner?
and what's on?
No don't tell me, I love surprises

I'll bring the wine!!!

QUASAR9 said...

PS -
Aren't you a little grown up to have mum living with you as a chaparone. lol!

QUASAR9 said...

In answer to your leather quizz, it goes with your profile pic ...

If a girl comes round wearing lots of leather and high heeled boots, well 'we' know she has something in mind, and we are gonna love it, not a lot maybe, but ...looove it

when she starts cracking the whipp

'we' know what she has in mind is gonna hurt, but ohhh such sweet pain. lol!

I'm only kidding
I'm not into pain

Crack a whip anywhere near me, and I'm likely towrestle you for the whip and hive you a good thrashing

But I'm guessing if you come round all dressed in leather, you are up for it, and then some!

zingtrial said...

Hi catch just comming from Dr John's
nice posting He!He!He!

Tina Dray said...

my 4 year old daughters bedroom is always a mees no sooner have i cleaned ithen she's mucked it up again. i remember when i was a child my mum forever telling me off about the state of my room, i think some thing are just genetic.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Can she do my laundry too? Pretty please?

Jill said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by. You're making me tired!

Chana said...

okay, disclosure, the little competitor voice in my head screamed yes! when she first read the opening sentence..her first, naughty thought was i will finally catch up to her in those JC points...


i know it's sad..;P ...but now i'm back in control and most happy that you got to do on earth do you have the energy to fill your days as much as you sounds like you were hoping yesterday and you still sound so my lady have it all under control. good for you.

don't worry about your daughter and her housing abilities. yes, it be better if she could do more but the most important thing is that she is a great mom, which she is and that she has a good head on her shoulder. obviously she does for she is making a pretty hard but darn good decision with the ex. many of us, made worst ones for yrs.

the priority is her child, and her sanity and her education. and all that she has a good grasp on..the other stuff is not nearly as necessarry.

you did a great job. congrats!

starbender said...

I was late ariving to dr.johns, Just as I was about to start the marathon, Things became 2 busy here, I don't even know if I made it to three sites! I have 2 get better at these marathons!!!


Catch said...

Quasar: thanks for stopping by! Mum lives with me because she is almost 80 years old, so I take care of her...and sometimes she takes care of,,and yes, that is my ass in those jeans ;))

Hi Zingtrial: Thanks for coming by!!! Always a pleasure to see you,

Tina: I think its easier to just clean it than to wait for them to do it

Mr Fab: Im sure she would do your laundry too! Esp if your whites arent white!!!! lol

Jill: Thank You for stopping by!!!! Nice to see you!

Chana: when I look at my JC points I always look to see what you Thanks for the are a loving friend! And I appreciate you!

Catch said...
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Catch said...

Star: I got a late start on the marathon too. Im so far behind some times I think Im first!

Senor Cheeseburger said...

Dr. John sounds like a douche.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful mom you are to paint and deocrate and rearrange her apartment! :) Hope she likes the finished outcome - well she better after all the work you put in!

Betty said...

You sure do have the energy. I tried painting the back bedroom and my arm went I could not move it and it took many months of PT and finally a cortison shot to get it working. Now the pain is back and I am trying to stop it with the stuff I learned in Pt.

JR's Thumbprints said...

What's this marathon all about? I'm curious. Also, I still don't know how to do my laundry correctly.

Overwhelmed! said...

I can't remember the last time I wore maybe. I used to have a cute leather mini skirt that I loved. :)

By the way, what happened to your bubble blog design? I loved that and now it's hoo!

Thanks for your comment on my On the road again post! I appreciate you stopping by!

Lori said...

I learned early that you have to learn to do things yourself instead of waiting for someone to do them for you, I can paint, stucco,change a bike tire, change the brakes on a bike, fix the kitchen sink and even put in a toilet and still cook, clean and do laundry.

Catch said...

senor cheeseburger: and you sound like an asshole.

Michelle: your right....she better! lol

Betty: take care of that arm, it may have started hurting again from all the packing you are doing.

jr thumbprints: if you want to know what dr johns is all about go to his blog...I have a link on here...Im sorry you cant do your laundry correctly yet....according to my Mother neither can I.

OW: I think we all had a cute leather mini skirt that we all I still have my bubble blog....and I will use it again sometime. Have fun on your trip!

wow Lori! I still cant do all that! Im impressed!

Christine said...

What a wonderful mother you are! Sounds like lots of fun helping your daughter decorate! My mother did all my laundry too, as long as I worked and went to school, she felt that was enough resposibility for me, and once I had my own family I'd have plenty of dishes and clothes to last a lifetime!! Here's to our mother's!! :P

QuillDancer said...


First, adopt me. Second, come do my place!

Thanks by stopping by the other day. Of course you can blogroll me. I peek in here from time to time but don't think I've commented more than once or twice.

QUASAR9 said...

Well I gotta say
that's some lucky pair of jeans. lol!

QUASAR9 said...

Amd the next post
is just too much.

Has anybody tried
see if it works!

And was there anything left to tell the tale, or is it a one of!
The experience of a lifetime
being eaten alive by a croc

Well, personally I think I prefer
the poisoned barb from a stingray
straight thru the heart.