Monday, September 04, 2006


Come on girls this is an easy one...and maybe some of you guys will tell us why you like leather so much. I like leather because I like the smell and feel of it. And I like to hear it. It always takes me back to the days when I had horses. I loved to hear that leather know when your getting up on the horse and you hear that leather it always takes me back to the wild west days...its funny how you remember sounds isnt it? Like the crickets chirping at night...and when I was little and I would go to my Grandparents cabin my Grandfather would always sit on the screened in porch and listen to the ballgame....I can still hear it in my mind. And when we went to the cabin we had to drive on a gravel road and I can still remember the sound of the stones hitting on the car. That was how I always knew we were getting close.

I love the sound of a clock ticking at night while I am going to sleep. My Grandmother always had one of those wind up alarm clocks and thats what I think of when I hear it. Those are all sounds from my past. The sounds I like to hear now are much different...I like to hear my Grandchildren laughing and playing.....I like to hear a thunderstorm when I can lay on the swing on my deck and just enjoy it. I like to hear the Church bells which are very close to my house. I like hearing rain on my windows.....and I love the silence of a new snowfall.

What are some of your favorite sounds?

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday!!!


LauraJ said...

Sounds I love: Aaron's gibberish, music, the crack of opening a cold can of anything- beer or pop, laughter of any kind and so so much more...

Chana said...

i like leather in a jacket but not in any other piece of clothing, don't know why really.

i love leather in seats though...leather furniture i loved!!!

i'm with you in so many of your fav the bells of church and rain. everything except the thunder one, there i hide like a scary cat...

i hope you have had some laughs and joy this wknd. love you.

Lori's Minute said...

The smell of the farms always take be back to my grandparents farm.

I love the Fall smells of .... fireplaces and cool crisp air and the memory of going to high school football games.

I also like smelling in spring fresh mown grass.

Dr.John said...

I used to enjoy riding and the smell of the sadle. There are lots of sounds that bring back memories. The sound of the twon clock striking the hour, the sound of birds on the courthouse ledge, a lawn mower cutting grass.

Mimi said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sound of rain and thunder. Especially while sleeping.

I also like church bells. I used to live on the end of a main street that had several churches on it. And Sunday mornings were always so beautiful to hear. I think the churches must have synchronized it because all the bells seemed to just flow well together.

Shelli said...

Thunderstorms when I am not alone. Baby's belly laughs--they can bring a tear to my eyes sometimes.

Crashtest Comic said...

The sound of a manta ray killing steve irwin, the crocodile hunter.

lime said...

thanks for the visit by my place today.

my favorite sounds? my 10 year old son's laugh is music to my ears. it's a hearty belly laugh that bubbles all the way up from his toes and it is quite infectious. my 13 year old girl singing. my 15 year old playing her trumpet. and i completely agree with you on the silence of a heavy snow. the whole world is muffled and hushed. i love it.

Lori said...

Leather brings back so many memories some x-rated LOL.

Catch said...

Lauraj: I can imagine that Aarons gibberish is like music to your ears...I love the sound of a cold can of Coke ona hot day....or a beer after I cut the grass.

Chana: thank you, I had a nice weekend. I love leather furniture to..but in the winter its always so cold! brrr.

Lori: I am so with you on Fall open fire always reminds me of weinie roasts.

DR John:smells and sounds bring back so many memories...some you have forgotten and a sound or a smell brings it back...

Mimi: I love a good storm when Im sleeping too..I love to hear the thunder and watch the lightening flash thru my bedroom window...makes for such a cozy night.

Shelli: baby belly laughs are the very best!!!!

crashtest comic: is that supposed to be funny? I dont find it funny at all.

Lime..thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment! I love to go walking when we have a fresh snow...the world is muffled...its like you are the only one on earth!

Lori: lol....Im not even gonna ask!!!! LMAO

Christine said...

I just bought a new leather purse, I love the smell of it.
I love the sound of my kids laughing and the sound of rain. Both make me want to dance.
Hope you had a great weekend!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I like the sound of the crack of the leather whip as it smacks me across the...

Oh sorry. Wrong blog.

Betty said...

The town clock chiming
church bells
children laughing
water hitting the shore
birds chirping but not at 4:00AM
The sounds from the highschool football game[anouncer,cheering]
soft rain

Michelle said...

I like to hear the sound of children laughing - it brings me back to those carefree days of being a kid!

:P fuzzbox said...

Their is something about a girl in leather.

As far as my favorite sounds, I love the crackling of a campfire. It sets me at ease.

oldfartswife said...

Leather has never done anything for me, cept make me sweat.ha!
Give me some silk or satin.
I love the smell of a pot of coffee brewing, or the sweet smell of apples when you walk through the orchard. The sound of the belly laugh from the baby gets a big ol wide grin from me.
thanks for your kind words Catch
take care

Kayla said...

Love the sound of boats on the water..add to it the smell of bacon cooking..

Phats said...

The All American Marching Band playing FIGHTING VARSITY!! our fight song duh! haha :)
I still to do this day get goosebumps when i hear it

Catch said...

Christine: I love the smell of leather purses too!!!!

Fab: oh never fail to make me laugh!

Betty: Yes, the sounds from a high school football game!! I never thought of that!!!

Michelle: I love to hear kids laughing and playing!!!

Fuzz: what was it about the girl in leather??? lol....I also love a campfire...listening to it crackle.

OFW: you are quite welcome Sweety. I like to smell fresh apples too!

Kayla: there is nothing like the smell of bacon cooking...ummm makes me hungry! Thanks for visiting and commenting

Phats: I know what you mean....I dont go to the games anymore but I used to get goosebumps when our band played!!!! Glad to see you back Phats!

Tina Dray said...

More of a smell gal, love the smell of new babies, my childrens hair and fresh baked bread.

Kathleen Marie said...

I love the sounds of crisp leaves in the fall, the sound of a baby's cooing, the sound of gentle kissing and the the sound of water be it the creek near my house or the ocean.

Hungry Teapot said...

Must say, I'm not a very big fan of leather myself. I like the look of your blog though. Nice Neon theme.

Just passing from Dr.John

Smythe said...

interesting comments!