Saturday, September 02, 2006

This is outrageous!

I hadnt intended to post again till Monday but I just came back from Walmart and I am so upset I have to post about this.

When I went into Walmart a man was standing there holding a little girl, who looked to be about 2 or 3 years old. A lady was standing in front of him screaming at him very loudly. Everyone was gathered around...some of the Walmart managers were there too. As I was getting a buggy a man standing beside me said " Can you believe he went home and left his little girl in the buggy, he said he forgot about her!!!!!!!!!" This man went all the way home, made some phone calls and then he remembered he left his little daughter at the store and came back to get her! The poor little girl was scared to death. The lady who was screaming at him was the one who noticed her sitting all alone in the buggy. Is this nuts??? So of course the police came and what do you suppose they did???? Thats right.....they let the Father leave with the baby!!! In my opinion someone from the family who was more responsible than him should have been called to come and get the little girl. And then childrens services should have been notified, and they may have been, but sometimes I wonder about the decisions they make too. There is no way that father should have been handed that child back...nobody I know would ever forget their child in Walmart. I truly believe this is one of the reasons there is so much abuse and neglect..the law is too lenient. I just dont buy the story that he "forgot " her. I dont know where the Mother was, she may have been working. I wonder what she would think of Daddy forgetting the baby.

Is it just me or has the world gone insane??????


Remiman said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I've seen you over at Gary's, but we've never "talked."
Your blog is very eye catch-ing.
The pic of Jesus on the beach is awesome.

Stop by anytime, and I'll do the same if you don't mind?

Chana said...

my ex 'forgot' our kids twice. to answer your question of what the mommy thought of in that situation: i was furious and again another huge sign that he couldn't be trusted. i more and more was the one raising them and he was daddy still but really it was a family of one and the kids...did that do it enought to get me to leave? nope, not even his trying to run me over with the station wagon. was i, am i still stupid? yes, ignorant, stupid, blind hopeful because the truth was more scary than anything i could/can handle. now that is sad.

LauraJ said...

Catch that is outrageous! Although if you look on the flipside to it, he left her in a buggy in the store and not in a parked car for a few hours while he was shopping in the store on a VERY hot day or a VERY cold day. The outcome could have been a whole lot different. I count the many blessings that she is okay. Also someone could have walk off with that little girl.

I'm sorry you are so very upset. Here is a hug! At least you raised your kids right to not do things like that!

Mimi said...

That is so F'ed up! No way should that child have left with him. Hell, how do they know it really was his child? The mother or another family member should have been called to come get the child at the very list. But I think the child should have been taken away pending a investigation. That is so upsetting i could go on forever. But I will get so upset I won't sleep so I will stop here.

I thought of you yesterday when I was going to Cissa next door and a huge balck and yellow and white furry spider came at me! AHHHHHH!

Have a great weekend! Love ya!;)

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine! How can you be in the store w/your child in the cart the whole time and then just walk out w/out the child?! That is too weird; that poor little girl, not knowing why daddy left her!

A few months ago there was an article about this toddler who perished in a house fire - she was in her room taking a nap when the house caught on fire. The mom was out. The dad was home and left the house - after grabbing his cell phone and moving his car out of the driveway! And never took his daughter out of the room. When he called the fire dept and when they arrived they even asked if anyone was in the house and at first he answered no. How can you forget your baby was sleeping?!

:P fuzzbox said...

The world is indeed insane.

Shelli said...

That is crazy. Was the buggy outside? Like did he leave her in the buggy when he was packing the stuff in the car? Seriously, I don't get it.

Catch said...

remiman: you stop by anytime! your always welcome.

Chana: I am just so glad you are away from him and cuppajoe is so good to you and your kids.

Laura: maybe he was hoping someone would walk off with her?

Mimi: I know...I could go on for hours about it too.....that man did not deserve that child! No one "forgets" their child.....unless they have some serious brain disorder or something. I am still thinking about it. I looked all the through the newspaper today...not a word about it in there....I cannot believe the cops would fall for his story. It is insane. Oh and that damn spider....I still think of that thing.....I was driving today and a bug flew at was a lightening bug thank goodness....but that big spider had made me antsy about all

Michelle: I dont believe these peoples stories about forgetting about their children. I think they had something else planned....something not good. That man didnt forget his baby in that fire. he knew exactly what he was doing. And I think this guy yesterday was up to something too...I just cant believe the police could be so gullible. People are nuts cant even trust some of them with their own just tears me up.

Fuzz: You can say that again Fuzz....its a crazy world.

Shelli: The buggy was in the store....he left her in the buggy in the store and he went home! Said he "forgot" about her...then he came back a while later and some woman was watching over the baby ( the one who discovered the little girl sitting in the buggy by herself for so long). That woman was screaming her head off at him..she said something about childrens services so maybe she will call them.

Dr.John said...

The sad thing is we can't know what went on in his mind or how he felt. He may have worked a double shift and was not functioning well. I guess I always want to see people as being good. I don't think he'll do it again.

Lori's Minute said...

I would be upset especially if the guy looked like he did not care about what he did. Some guys just do not think, I am glad he did not forfet about the girl and leave her in a hot car or at home alone while he went out.

If he is any kind of dad, he will never let this happen again and if he is not, I hope child services comes in. Usually a parent who does this does a lot of other things that are unaccaptable as well but I always think of the couple who were brave enough to come on television and tell their story about leaving the baby in a car seat all day and she died inside the car, Mom usually took the baby to the sitter but this day dad was supposed to and forgot. It was heart wrenching and they were trying to bring awareness to the problem such as a certain alarm going off if a car seat is left in a car too long

boneman said...

It's a tough one, fer sure, but, dang! Don't over react, gal.
My Ma once fergot me at the hospital.....
she had gotten bad news about her health, and just wandered out and walked home.
When she got home, my old man asked her where was the car, where was I and what happened.
They came t'look fer me, but, couldn't find me anywhere. They told the mp (the old man was in the Air Force) and they put out a bulletin on me.

Didn't matter.
I walked home.
Just took me longer than some, what being five and all.

The news?
That's when she learned that she would lose her left breast.
And....I forgave her easy. (even though she didn't get around t'tellin me till I was near thirty years old.)

Big Pissy said...

I can't believe someone would just walk off and leave their child in a shopping cart.

That's just a lame excuse.

There's more to this story than we'll ever know.

I'm sorry this upset you so much and I agree that the child should have been taken into protective custody.

Something is just off about this entire situation....

Wonder who this "father" is related to....

oldfartswife said...

The world has gone insane. I so wish I could be positive like Dr. John, but I think he will do it again, or worse. This gets me angry. Maybe I am just a negative person, but what is happening to our little children when we have to protect them from their own parents? The cops should not have let him take her, they should have called a family member. And hit him in the noggin, then maybe he would remember.

Mommy off the Record said...

My goodness! That's horrible! He was probably on drugs or something. They should have at least tested him before they let him leave with her.

Tina Dray said...

Some people dont deserve children!

Betty said...

This was terrible. I have nightmares about this. I am taking care of children and I forget to feed them or leave them. I think it is my fear of forgetting things now.
I am surprised that the child was not making a fuss as he left.

KC said...

I think there's more going on with that dad and baby than just forgetting. Someone needs to investigate that family!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment about my son!

boneman said...

Are y'all bad mouthin' my Ma?