Monday, August 07, 2006

the bee keeper

Everybody smile!!! Its MONDAY!!!!!!!! Yep, it happens once a week. Hope you all had a great weekend. I went to my brother and sister inlaws for dinner today. My nephew ,Rusty, cooked chicken on the grill with barbeque sauce on it....yummy! Was delicious! I love cooking out in the summer......the only thing I dont like about summer is flies! I hate it when someone stands with the door open and lets in a million flies! And I hate killing them b/c they smush. And then I always wonder where they have been before they got here. Maybe they had those tiny little legs on some fresh doggy doo doo. Yuck, they make me sick. I cant even stand to look at a fly swatter. barf

I was outside this weekend getting the hose out to water some plants...when I walked around the side of the house I seen a huge SPIDER! I didnt have any insect killer and I didnt want to get to close to it. Then I spied the starting fluid I use on the lawn mower. I spayed the heck outta that spider. He dropped like a fly!

The bees are real bad around here. When I am in the pool they are always flying around. Sometimes I take the thing I skim the pool with and catch the bee in it and then I put it in the water. lol...sounds like a little kid. Then I have a plastic baggy that floats around the pool and as soon as the bee isnt moving anymore I put it in the plastic bag. One day I had about 12 in there. My son got in the pool and he said " what is this plastic bag of bees for????" I said " well I keep them in there in case they come back to life so they cant fly away and sting somebody"..he looked at me like I was crazy. he said "all these bees flew into the pool???" I said " No, I had to catch them with the pool thingie" Anyway, maybe you had to be there. But I did have quite a collection of bees!

So I have a question today......what would you say is the craziest thing you have done??? My son looked at me like catching bees was a crazy thing.....and here I thought I was perfectly normal!


Mr. Fabulous said...

Why are you so cheerful? LOL

You know, smushed flies make a lovely paste to spread over toast in the morning.

Let's see how cheerful you are then!


Andrew said...

The craziest thing I have ever done? When I was in high school my friends and I were crazy (and not very smart, as I think you'll agree) with our cars. We would race around town trying to lose one another. Not a safe game at all. Luckily no one ever got hurt and we all grew older, marginally more mature, figured out what a dumb game that was and quit doing it.

Thank you so much for visiting "To Love, Honor and Dismay" and for leaving such a nice comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it and please do make good on your promise to come back. (...maybe you would even consider adding me to your list of links so your readers can find their way as well? I promise I'll leave the porch light on for them :o)

All the best!

Chana said...

that pic is kind of funny that is what my breast say to each other often!!! lol...

actually, Catch, if you knew that i was taken aback when i first opened your blog..the picture of the lady is strikingly similar to what my great-grandmother used to look like...she also wore eye glasses but not those type..except for that, yu be surprise of the similarities..i got goose-bumps and still do...

THANK YOU! for a second i forgot it was supposed to be someone else and my brain thought i had seen her. a gift and wonderful way to start the wk. thank you.

i think all bets are off with bugs. oh i hate them. and almost do the happy dance one more is dead...glad you got that spider..i would have freaked! and bravo in your ingenuity to get those pesty bees..pretty smart..and man you got alot of them there..pls becareful we don't want you getting sting. maybe you have a nest somewhere near that should be taken away or destroy. careful.

i do plenty of crazy things that my family always look at me and think how and why!!! i know those looks...i just can't think of anything right this second, maybe it's because i can't stop looking at the picture of the becasue it's just after 6 am or just a defence mechanism, lol...i will have to think about it. But i promise, i know that look..

Joe, is always shaking his head of my off beat jokes(or not) and my so called sense of humor...there is that..
glad you met up with family and had a barbecue..sounds delicious..i love barbecues too but i love that you enjoyed their company and had fun even more...

have a good day friend.

Mimi said...

Happy Monday!

I can't say the craziest thing I have ever done here;)

The bee story reminds me of your groundhog. What happened to him?

:P fuzzbox said...

I will have to talk to my attorney and discuss legal ramifacations before I can tell what the craziest thing that I have ever done.

Michelle said...

Oh how funny! I can just imagine the baggy full of bees floating in the pool and what your son must have been thinking!

Right now a crazy thing I can think of is something from high school. A friend of mine was spending the night and we snuck out my bedroom window to go meet up with some friends (read: guys!) because I had such an early curfew (thanks to my ex step mom!) If I think of something more "crazy" I'll come back to let you know!

but I'm with you on the flys...yuck! I hate them too!

Lori's Minute said...

I also hate it when people stand with the door open letting in all the bugs! It is a pet peeve of mine.

The craziest thing I have ever done is getting engaged/married after knowing HOH only a couple is also the best thing I have ever done

boneman said...

OK, but this is a secret, just between us, OK?
Sometimes when I'm paintin' and
I see a bug without spray?
I'll reach out with m'brush
and give it the paint's rush
until it just stops movin' where it lays.

(since I'm in limerick mode,
yer cartoon at top showed
one lil ol' lady
and her own secret, maybe
but oops, now it's told)

There was a lady from phizes
who had tits of two different sizes
one was quite small
hardly anything at all
but the other was large and won prizes!

Joe & Karen said...

Dear Catch, I can relate to your vows, in part... I thought the first man I was with would be my one and only forever, I stayed with him far too long through the abuse, for the same reasons. I gave myself to him, I had to stay with him. It took a while but I smartened up. You've sure earned the right to stand with your head held high.
The craziest thing I've ever done... (I don't want you to loose respect for me) But, I took a lot of acid and loved to go bridge jumping into the water at night. Sometimes I wonder how I'm still alive.
Good NIght Dear Friend

Joe & Karen said...

P.S My nephew Stewart, who drew the picture just turned 10 on July 31. He is amazing. We love him so much. Joe and I have 6 nephews and 1 neice. They keep us smiling

Shelli said...

I think it is totally hilarious. I am totally grossed out by dead flies and flyswatters too. They make my skin crawl.

s-hooks said...

Good thing you put them in a bag. You can still get stung by a dead bee floating in a pool. Owee!

Gary said...

I never have a problem with bees in my pool. That's probably because I dont have a pool. :)

Phats said...

Happy Monday! well now it's Tuesday
I am the same I hate when people leave my door open for a long time letting all the bugs in BLEH! I hate bugs.

I have done some crazy things, and some of them are suitable for this comment section as children might read it haha! :)

Betty said...

I have done crazy thing s but I can't remember right now.
I hate bugs and i always seem to be at war with them. We have little nats. I thought when we first moved here that they were here because of the apple tree. The apple tree is gone and I still have the nats.

Nea said...

Hi Catch, just flying by right now, but will be back. That cartoon is SO funny......reminds me of a joke....

i will come back whenI can spend a little time and read.