Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Hi guys!

I want to thank all who responded to my last post, sorry I didnt personally answer the comments, I have had a lot of company, my best friend came yesterday and stayed over night and we went midnight swimming last night about midnight!!! It was so neat!!!!

I have more company coming this weekend...one of my best and oldest friends is coming for 4 days, but I promise I will catch up tomorrow! I am heading out the door in a few minutes to go to work tonight. You guys all have a good one!!!! Lots of hugs!


Dr.John said...

It is always good to go midnight swimming " about midnight" otherwise it would be 11:oclock swimming.

Chana said...

lol...i love Dr. John's comments..isn't it wonderful that we are becoming real close friends that we can tease each other a bit...lol..i love our friendships, all of us..whooo-hooo, we are blessed..

don't you dare feel one bit guilty or bad that you are not online as much. we are all delighted that you are having fun... that you are 'catching' (ha!) up with all your company...do more midnight swims, they sound like such fun...enjoy..

have a good night at work tonight..

love. hugs.

Big D said...

I didn't comment on your last post, but I'm going to take the hug anyway. Yeah, I'm greedy like that.

:P fuzzbox said...

Have a great one. Nuthin like a midnight dip.

Shelli said...

Life takes precedence to blogging. Oh, wait, isn't blogging life? No that's right, it is just my life not everyone's.

Enjoy your friends, Catch.

Mimi said...

We miss you when you are not around as much! But I am happy you are having this time with your friends! That is more important! Enjoy!:)

Michelle said...

Oh it's so fun having dear friends visit! The midnight swim sounds like it was a blast!

Christine said...

Enjoy your visit with your friend!
Here's a hug right back at you!
Have a great time!

Phats said...

sounds like fun! :) I used to love to swim at night with the light in the pool on very cool