Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I was reading another blog today about PMS. Im sure you guys know what that means...pre-menstrual stress. I dont have PMS anymore....now I have "the menopause" Just when you thought you couldnt get any nuttier along comes the menopause!

I can remember having PMS...and it did turn me into a total bitch. Sometimes I didnt even like me. I usually had it for about 2 days a month.

However, PMS is just a small part of the big picture when it comes to menopause. Not only do you have moods that come out of nowhere, you have hot flashes to deal with, and they are no walk in the park. You can no longer wear long sleeves or sweaters. Then there is the little things that go along with it...not being able to sleep, crying at the drop of a hat, when there is any confusion you just want to lock yourself in your bedroom.

They offer you hormone therapy to help you get through it but of course everytime you pick up the paper they are saying the hormones cause cancer. Whats a girl to do? The good thing is..it only last for about 8 years! And then at 50-60 your free to start having sex without the fear of pregnancy. The only problem is there is a shortage of men in that age catagory that still have sex!!!

I have to say when I went through it..I kinda had fun. I ran around with my friends a lot, we partied, we ate , drank and made merry! I was just newly divorced so I was dating and that was a new adventure! After being Mrs Mom for all those years my family thought I took a walk on the wild side. I bleached my hair blonde, I lost weight, I met someone whom I will always love.

I guess I would say I got my independence when I went through it. I took care of me, my daughter ( who was a teenager) and my house. I had a job ( after all those years of being a stay at home Mom). I decided I was not living with a man who made me miserable any longer. I guess I really did change my life when I think about it. And it wasnt so bad. I prayed for strength to get through it all. I didnt take any hormones. Even when my Doctor told me if it was his wife he would want her to take them. How do I know he likes his wife???

So if your on deck for the change of life ~ hang in there. There will definitely be changes !


Big D said...

I thought that was oppisite aren't most women affest 28 day a month?

:P fuzzbox said...

That line about the doctor was pure genius.

Chana said...

what an absulutely honest post. thank you for sharing and helping us feel better about changes. you are most kind. i don't have PMS per say but my body aches like hell and it lasts for days and days...many times i have ended up in emergency for the pain and hemorrage. it sucks. when i was 17 i was put on a small dosage 'pill' to try to control things and i was told not too worry so much it would all get better when i had my first kid. well no, it got worse...so i often say dumb jokes of can't wait to hit menopause...maybe i'll stop complaining and just live the life God gave me. thank you for teaching me that. hugs.

mommy on the verge said...

thanks for this! My sister is going through 'the change' but she isn't talking about it, so this really helps. Is that a new template? I like it!

Mimi said...

I am so glad that you had this kind of experience with the change. It seems to almost have been empowering for you!

I ahve been joking that I am going thru it early cause even with the ac I sweat at night so bad that when I wake up I think I peed the bed! LOL

Betty said...

Yes understand everything you are saying about men. I stillget the sweats at night, and sometimes during the day so I am not sure weather it is hot or just me. I do a lot of crying but not sure thats just me.[ that crying for no reason] I was taking hormones but the doc became afraid of the cancer. They had found a pre cancer cells. I like this time better than having the time of the month since I have had my children.

Joe & Karen said...

Just when I don't think I could admire you anymore than I do Catch... You are an amazing woman to find, and take courage and independance out of such a challenging situation. You inspire me to keep on going on. Thank You.
I love you to girl.

beadinggalinMS said...

What an honest post Catch thanks for sharing your feelings with us.

I hate p.m.s.!!! For 2 or 3 days I am a BITCH and don't mean to be.

Dr.John said...

JUst letting you know I read it but this topic is out of my experience, of course.

Catch said...

Big D: LoL..sometimes it seems like it!
Fuzz: you never know about them doctors!
Chana: just try to breeze through it.
Mommy: Thanks..the template is not real new. Give your sister some extra tlc. She can probably use it.

Mimi: Actually if I wasnt 58 I would say it was good for me...I would have liked to have had this independence when I was 30...look out world

Betty: I really like this time of my life too....I have a much better handle on things now.

Karen: We girls have to stick together!!! And I am just like you...taking one day at a time. But friends help so much.

Beady: there aint no way Im ever gonna believe that you can be a bitch!!!!! lol

Lori said...

It sounds like they were good changes you made in your life,
ps when you have independence when you are 30 it is a blast I have stories to prove it LOL.
Missed you babe.

Catch said...

Glad to see you back Lori!!! I missed you two!!!!

kristi said...

PMS SUCKS!!!! I think that there are only 4 days a month that I do not have it. Hopefully Menopause will be easy on me, I have a lot of PMS years left though.

Sounds like you found yourself during the Change!! That is good, better to start living life late than to never live it at all!!!

Overwhelmed! said...

I like that the changes in your life ended up being positive ones. Life is too short to continue living in misery!

Not looking forward to menopause. When does it start?