Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the letter S

  • Beady gave me an S and I am to name 10 things that I like starting with an
  • S. Here goes:

1. Suckers..I love suckers, friends and relatives bring me back those all day suckers when they see them somewhere. They always have the best taste.

2.Swimming.. I love being in the long as its not over my head!

3. Sesame sticks

4. Sunny days..they are the best!!!

5. Sex.. its a great way to communicatewith someone you love.

6. soda..I love pop and drink way to much of it!

7. Single..I love being single..I like making my own decisions and doing what I want to do. ( its all about me now!) you all know I am a shoe addict.

9.sand..when I go to the beach I dont worry about the sand getting in my bathing suit. I like to lay in the sand and let the waves come up to me. Some of my friends take towels b/c they dont want sand in their bathing suits.

10. sense of humor..I appreciate so much someone with a great sense of humor... I have no time for those uptight people who never laugh. Laughing keeps you young.


Phats said...

Hi! :)
Thanks for the comment on my blog and the birthday wishes!

I think you and I have a lot in commong, I love suckers too, and I drink WAY too much pop

Have a good one

Chana said...

love your lists..i love the sand too and the water. And my kids can race you to see who loves suckers more...;) ...Well, sex for sure...and shoes, i'm with you too..sesame sticks are yummy and sunny days are hard on me..soda is a weakness and i have to consiously remember to order something different....what letter is next? have a good night.

Bluepaintred said...

soooo glad that you did not write Spiders!

Catch said...

phats: thank you! suckers and pop...what could be better????

Chana: all good things on the list. the only thing I forgot was sailors!!!! dang it!

Paint: you know I dont like those spiders...ewwww. That would go on my Things I hate with an S

Mimi said...

Oh I love soda. I am trying so hard not to drink it. Why is it everything good is bad for us? AHHHHH!

#10 should be a law of sone kind!

Betty said...

I love so many of what you picked.look forward to swimming, sand and sun this weekend, with my grandsons.

beadinggalinMS said...

Catch we have a lot in common!! suckers, swimming, sand, sense of humor!!
You did the letter S swell, super duper, and savory.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catch, my blog was funny, I couldn't get in untill now. I LoVE the pin up pictures. That to me is more sexy than anything you'd see in the magazine today! I am so thankful for your prayers, support and belief in me. You know, I talk to you more Catch, and feel more supported by you and Lori than my "best friend" whom only lives an hour away. Funny how things work out...

Mimi said...

Hey! Blogger is letting me view blogs AND comment! Whooo hoooo! It is a special night!

Lori said...

Hi Catch I left a comment earlier but blogger took it LOL.

Great *S* list.

Soda, sand, suckers ,sense of humor and of course sex I love!

Dr.John said...

Good list. I think the last one is important. Life needs from time to time to be laughed at.

kristi said...

I love your list, I really believe that a sense of humor is a necessity in life!!!! I really love swimming too. It is so relaxing!!

Catch said...


Mimi: everything good is bad for us! go figure!
Betty: enjoy the grandchildren!!! Mine were all here today...the little stinkers! lol

Beady: thanks ...and remember who gave me the s!!!!!

Karen: Thank You Karen, Im glad Lori and I can give you support. maybe your girlfriend just doesnt know what to say....some people shy away for that very reason when something like this rather than say something wrong they just dont say anything. Dont write her off...IM sure she doesnt mean to hurt you.

Mimi: my blog didnt work all day...:((

Lori: thank ya sweety! :))

Dr John: thank you...oh yes...laughing keeps ya young!

TC said...

Well we certainly need to keep our sense of humour with Blogger developing its own "opening times". :D

Laurie said...

I love all of those things, too!

Great list!