Friday, April 21, 2006

Last night for dinner we cooked on the grill and ate on the deck out back ~ it is one of the many things I like about summer.....eating on my deck and taking naps on my deck are 2 of my favorite summer things.

Gaige is with us for 8 days because his Mommy and Zane went to Florida to visit Zanes Mother. It is the first time Ashley flew so she was quite excited . And Gaige was excited b/c he gets to stay at Grammys for 8 days!

Anyway ~ back to the deck ~ I had cooked pork chops on the grill and potatoes with onions and butter in them on the grill. Oh my ~ it smelled heavenly!! Along with that I had corn, a salad and applesauce. It was a meal fit for a King!!!~ Or in my place A Queen! And of course the rain was pouring down , which was fine b/c my deck has a roof on it.

I got to thinking about when my kids were younger and we would go camping ~ I was never totally into the camping thing but I have to fixed while your in the great outdoors is incredible!!! ~ A piece of chicken is no longer just a piece of chicken when its fixed outside! And potatoes over a campfire are out of this world. When I cook dinner on my deck and we eat on the picnic table it always makes me remember camping~ and the good thing is ~ I can enjoy the food and still sleep in my own bed tonight.

And I think everytime we camped ~ it rained. Not the whole time ~ but we always got a thunderstorm.

However ~ damp blankets in a tent are still damp blankets in a tent. I have to admit it was cozy sleeping in the tent with my kids and hubby the first night when everything was fresh and dry, listening to the rain hit the tent and hearing the thunder ~after the first night the blankets always felt damp to me no matter that they were hanging on a clothesline to dry out and I was always glad to get home and take a good hot bubble bath and clean dry bedsheets! Back to civilization with my refrigerator, stove, telephone and tv!


Dr.John said...

Your blog brought back memories of our tenting days. We were in Washinton DC with the boys when I real rainstorm hit. By the time we got from the monument to the car we were soaked to the skin. When we got back to the tent it had puddled in from the force of the rain and every thing in the tent was soaked. we stayed the night in a motel. We bought a pop up trailer after that.Oh, and I don't remember the food we burnt over the campfire being that good.

Mimi said...

Your dinner last night sounds soooo good! Yum! I do not remember camping food being that good at all. You must have a special cooking touch. I like camping, but I hate being dirty. Last time I was practically covered in dirt the whole time because of the dogs jumping on me. But even though I was covered in mud, I still ended up pregnant with Binker that weekend! HE HE HE!

Russell said...

Your dinner last night sounds great! I should have stopped up after work! ha ha. Yes it is true that you are a great cook. Camping when I was younger was different, my grandparents had a membership to a campground and they had a motor home, it was no different than being at home since we had everything on wheels!

Catch said...

oh Doc ~ how can you not remember the food???? Unless of course you maybe werent the cook I was...lmao long as you got Binker the trip was worth it!

Russell..ya shoulda stopped for dinner..I had extra. And if I hadnt had extra I would have given ya Moms pork chop...hahaha. BTW..I cant get into your blog today (?)

Dick the Boomer said...

OK - now I'm hungry. I can just smell those pork chops and taste those potatoes. And you're right about food cooked outdoors. Everything tastes better. There's nothing like that first cup of hot coffee while standing if front of the morning campfire.

Joe & Karen said...

I grew up camping in tents... My parents always made it an adventure (Dad a little more so than Mom) I remember Dad taking us on hikes off trails to see what we could find, I never did get poision ivy, don't know how I was so lucky. Joe and I went camping before we were married and had a wonderful weekend. I want my kids to grow up loving nature too (when we have kids)

Catch said...

yep Dick and if ya fried bacon it was such a heavenly smell!!!! Good old bacon and fried potatoes...mmmm

Dads always make camping trips a little more of an adventure than Moms do dont have to pack all the stuff! I have never had poison ivy either!!!! Now watch me get it this summer just for saying that!!!