Saturday, April 22, 2006

~Birthday coming up ~

I have a birthday coming up in May.....I will be 58 years old!!!! I can remember when my Grandmother was 57!!! I thought she was really old! I cannot believe how fast these years have gone....and for you young ones....Im tellin you...its flies! It seems that you go to bed one night in your 30's and wake up in your 50's!

I never was one to have a lot of aches and pain thank goodness but sometimes I have to take a couple advil to get going now. And when I do anything strenuos like moving furniture or something heavy I know Im gonna feel it tomorrow!

I enjoy "quiet time" since I have gotten older..used to be I always had the music on, or the kids were talking and playing or I was talking on the phone. I notice I talk much less on the phone anymore. I am quite content to have some time to just sit and be quiet and think or look at a book or magazine or maybe watch a little tv.

I have always loved babies but now I think they are so cute and funny! I like to just sit and watch them to see what they will do next. And they can wear me out!!! Sometimes when I lay down with mine to take a nap I dont know who goes to sleep first!

And then I think to I look like an old lady? I mean ~ sometimes I still think Im a kid! And my Mom still calls us the "Kids"~ I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!!! I guess its too late for living in the dorm with the other college kids and being a party animal!


Just want to take a moment to pay tribute to Les ~ the man I was caring for who had cancer. Les was buried today, he died very peacefully surrounded by his loving family. Les ~ you're free of all pain and earthly worries. You will be greatly missed but none of us wanted you to suffer. God bless you Les.


Dr.John said...

My birthday is in May as well and so is my son Pat's. He was born on Mother's day. What a wonderful gift. Oh, I agree the years go by so fast and we still feel young even though we aren't.

Betty said...

I know about falling asleep. I was babysitting and I had put theyoungest grandson into his crib for a nap, but the older one wanted to finish a TV show before his nap. I said yes . I sat down and fell asleep, I awoke. He wasn't there I looked all over. He put himself in his bed.

Mimi said...

I sometimes wonder about who falls asleep first too. I still think I am in my teens sometimes. I don't feel old, I just can't believe so much time has passed. I am not one for talking on the phone either unless it someone I havent talked to in awhile or something. I love to watch the news and read too, but I do not get to much.

Catch said...

A lotta good people born in May huh Doc? My daughter was born the day before my birthday so we are both in May...what a great birthday present that was!!!!

That was a cute story Betty. Bless his little heart...he knew the way to bed!

Mimi, are just a young gal....and one of the sweetest ones I know!

Dick the Boomer said...

I can't believe I'm as old as I am either. I always have to stop and think when someone asks my age.

Let me be the first to say Happy Birthday! My mom's birthday is May 19.

mommy on the verge said...

Happy early birthday! I like my quiet time too! My reading time is 'MY' time. I'm turning 40 this year..time to celebrate!