Wednesday, April 05, 2006

back again

there is nothing to do today...the weather is crappy....Gaige went home....I was watching a little was about these women giving birth....I couldnt imagine being on one of those shows....when I was having babies I screamed and screamed.....and that was during conception...( grin). I had the biggest babies in the universe, ( ok maybe just my street) my second one weighed 10 pounds! First one weighed 8 ..121/2...3rd one weighed 8.5...when I started having these babies I only weighed 100 pounds soaking wet! So for me they were biggy sized. Beautiful babies though.....coal black hair....and they all looked just like their Mommy.....( hehe). They are Ty who will be 36 in September, Ben who was 30, and the baby...( still the baby) Ashley who will be 23 in May. It always took me the years between their births to gear up for another round of labor pains....something akin to a mack truck driving over your body! When I got pregnant for Ashley i was 34....she was quite a suprise! And of all things I decided to go through it ala naturalle.....hahaha....what was I thinking???? The resident was an older guy, very nice and he came in to check me every so the pain got worse and I would see him coming I would start screaming as soon as I seen him..."Get him away from me!!". I apologized to him the next day. When Ashley had Gaige I was almost afraid to go with her...I didnt know if I could stand to watch her in such pain. And she was about 100 pounds too and Gaige weighed 9 pounds at birth. Well....that little girl never uttered a word!!! I was in shock!!! She put me to shame! I was so proud of her! When I think of having another baby I could have a panic attack......but then again...aside from being 57 years old....I havent even been exposed lately!!!!!


Joe & Karen said...

Don't sell yourself short Catch, I'm sure Ashley gets her strength from her Mom.. My prayers for Leslie on Friday, can't wait to hear the news!! Has she names her daughter yet? I loved reading about your birth experiences, thank you for sharing so much! (any luck painting yet ? lol)

Elizabeth said...

I read novels while I was giving birth. Ah, the wonders of modern medicine...and then, ended up with a C-Section anyway...all three times! I have babies with large heads. I very seriously asked the doctor what that meant, and she very seriously answered me, "Well, Betty, I think it means that someone in your family wears a large hat size."

Mimi said...

Weather here today was weird. We had snow. But then the sun came out and melted it. I hate New Enlands weather. I miss Maryland, where I am from.

Child birth is rough. But for me I was on a epideral pretty early so I didn't get the worst of it. But the 3 weeks after I was in horrible pain! I still can't decide if I want another just because it was so bad. My experience wasn't the normal one. But I am now more terrified of giving birth than I was before! LOL

Dr.John said...

Our Pennie was a suprise baby.We decided not to have any more after the first two. We went on a trip to Canada and forgot the pills at home.We thought it was okay because with two boys and us in Volswagon camper trailer there was really no opportunity for sex. Then we had car trouble and a good Samaritian loaned us his huge multi room trailer while it was repaired.So my daughter was conceived in Canada. We never regreted it.

Joe & Karen said...

Hi Catch

The link for the site meter is:

You just have to register

Take Care


Joe & Karen said...

Catch, Thank you so much. I'm sure you're right and Jack would smile to see a brother or sister use everything. One day. I am so thankful for the comments we share, you have been more helpful than I can say. What a world we live in, with all the bad- Look at all the good I've found since having my Jack.
Hugs to you today :)

Catch said...

Thank You all for all your are wonderful friends! I never really knew what blogging was all about but its like having your own little community of friends!!! I still have much to learn about blogging...for example the linking part of it. I dont understand it yet and Joe and Mimi have tried to explain it to patient my friends.....I did sign up for something last night...a site meter or something like must have to do with linking....hopefully I will catch on