Monday, March 27, 2006

Its Monday Again?

What a beautiful day it was today!!! And what a weekend we had here. We spent Sat and Sun nights at the Emer Room with Gaige ( my 3 yr old grandson). He obviously has come in contact with something he is allergic to....Sat night he had little welts all over his face and legs.......they gave him meds and told us to bring him to the hosp on SunAM to see his pediatrition. Well on Sunday am his rash was all Ash called the Doc and he said she didnt have to bring him in...on Sunday night he was all broke out we went back to ER. The only thing we can figure is that his Daddy bought him a new gun that shoots nerf balls....we think he may be allergic to the nerf balls! He has been here all day and he is not broke out at all.....but he hasnt been around the nerfballs. I took him for a walk just to get him out in the fresh air. Today Ash is sick and throwing up so she went to the Dr......and I have kept Gaige here all day. Doctor told Ash she has the she has been in bed all day.

Just maybe the weather is going to get nice.......I just want to go outside and do some work. Think Im gonna have to buy a new mower this year. I dont mind cutting my grass at all, but I dont like it when I cant get the mower started!

Gonna buy a digital cam here soon and get some pictures on here....hope its not hard to do.

Well happy Monday!!!!


Joe & Karen said...

I hope Ash is feeling better, and the mystery allergy for Gage doesn't apear again. Thank you for all of your posts catch, it sure is appriciated (Joe showed me how to respond to posts :)

Catch said...

Thank You Karen....I just wish there was some magical word I could say for for you and Joe to ease your pain, but we both know thats not possible but I do think about you two a lot and I pray for you both.
I dont know if this is going to be on my blog or yours! lol..
How is the weather where you are? We are finally having some decent weather.
Gaige's rash did not appear last night!! So he is allergic to something he was playing with at his Daddies. And Ash was feeling better last night thank goodness!
Take care Sweety and stay in touch!