Wednesday, March 29, 2006

bla bla bla

here it is Wednesday already. I worked last night.....first time in a while....I went to Elvas...she is 95 years old and I have been with her for almost 2 years....she is one of the nicest ladys. I always enjoy spending time with her. The other girls are working there 24/7..I just go when they need a fill in. Ash came done and stayed with her grandmother last night so I could go to Elvas.

Gaige is much more breaking out.

Im waiting for dinner to get done......baked a spiral ham, fried potatoes, and some peas......Im sick of corn...seems like we always have corn. Last night we went over to Gary and Tinas ( bro and sis innlaw) and had spaghetti and salad....mmm...was delicous. Tina is a good cook...almost as good as

Ash and I went to look at another apartment yesterday....for her and Zane and Gaige. It was a nice big she told the owner she would be back with Zane today so he could see it.......she just called me crying.....Zane didnt want to go look at it. She should have an academy a crybaby. So they did go and look at it and now Zane has to decide if he wants it. He is working 7 days a week and he said he doesnt have time to move right now...she told him her and I would do it! duh! I am 57 yrs old and I cant move the big furniture like I used to....what a baby she

Time for dindin.

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