Monday, September 24, 2007

The miracle of birth...

Isnt this a beautiful picture? I am always so amazed when I see a pregnant woman, I just think it is truly one of Gods finest miracles. I remember when I was pregnant for the very first time, I couldnt imagine that my body was going to get so big and out of shape, but it did! I only weighed about 100 pounds when I got pregnant so it was hard to imagine anything being big. Then I used to look at my tummy and wonder how it will get out......will it hurt much? Will my tummy go down after its born?

I was in labor for 23 hours, those were the days when they let you labor. Actually I thought I was dieing....the pain just wracked my body for hours.....I kept telling my Mother to do something!!! lol. My husband sat over there like a bump on a log just watching me. I just thought the pain was never going to end. Finally they put a gas mask over my face and knocked me out.....I dont remember anything till the next morning when they brought my baby in....he weighed 8 pounds and 12 ounces and had the most beautiful head of black hair. I was overwhelmed when I looked at him....I knew all the pain was worth it. I felt like God had truly given me a precious gift.

I didnt get pregnant again for 6 years. The second pregnancy was much easier, I wasnt sick all the time. I really eased right through that pregnancy till it came time to have Then I got scared!!! As soon as the pains started I remembered them! They kept coming in and checkiing me and they said 'this is going to be a big baby'....the nurses were all excited and I was scared to death! After 6 hours of intense labor they gave me a spinal.....I was gloriously numb! The baby came out and he was just as beautiful as the first one! All that black hair.....he was a doll! I was layiing on the delivery table and I coughed....but I could not feel myself coughing...I panicked.....I said..." oh have paralyzed me.....I cant even feel myself breathing"....then I started hyperventilating......I said "give me some oxygen" there I was laying on the table getting sewed up....with oxygen on! I wish I had a movie of it because it was funny! ( Now that its over) And the second baby weighed in at 10 pounds! I seriously had doubts that I would ever walk again!

8 years later I got pregnant again! I was 35 years old. I thought if these babies keep getting bigger...what will this one weigh?????? 16 pounds?????? I was scared. My girlfriend was a nurse in OB, she talked me into going to natural childbirth classes.....she said she would be with me even if it was her day off.......and she was. My Mother was with me too, she wanted to see a baby be born, she had had 3 and never got to see a live birth. So her and I went to Lamaze classes together. My husband was always there, he just wasnt much help. ( Bump on a log) I went into the hospital early one morning b/c my water broke, so they induced me.....said it wouldnt take long. How right they were, didnt take long, but I didnt think I would live through it! Everytime the resident came in to check me I screamed for him to get out of the room and leave me alone.
My Mother tried to get me to do the breathing exercises but I said No....I just wanted to scream. Finally we were off to the delivery room......I thought I was going to deliver a tractor trailer......wouldnt have suprised me a bit! I guess I am just not good with pain. I thought ' this baby must weigh 30 pounds!'. When it was finally over and they handed me this beautiful little girl with black curly hair, I forgot all about anything but her. She was perfect! And she only weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces. I was completely in awe of her.

Having a baby is a lot of work, but it is the most worthwhile thing I have ever done. I was always scared. I was always a crybaby, but I always knew it was a miracle in progress. God entrusted me with these 3 precious babies. I was overwhelmed. It was the best time of my life. I guess if I was asked what I miss most about being young.....for all the crying and screaming I did when I was in labor, it would be having my babies.

And when I read about how these Mothers and Fathers leave their babies in a hot car or beat them to death, starve them to death, I wonder what is happening to this world. And it scares me.

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Christine said...

That is a real beautiful photo!

I forget how teeny tiny newborns really are. Lindsay's so huge now.
Josh is almost as tall as me, and if Katelyn wears heels, she's as tall as him. They just keep growing.

You are right, babies are miracles and blessings.

Have a great Monday!

bazza27 said...

You should swop stories with wifey, she went through the mill with both of ours. I was there of course, offering support, except for the short lay down on the floor, with the first one!

:P fuzzbox said...

The pic reminded me of how all babies have an ass that reminds a person of a frog.

Bluepaintred said...

1. That is a beautiful picture!

2. ten pounds? TEN pounds?? TEN POUNDS?

3. I cannot find your email address. per your email, no you do not have to write a separate post, what you have just done is perfect! thank you!

eZ said...

Great picture Catch!
they have come a long way with childbirth, I was very young and dumb when I had my child. No bonding or great feelings, just pain and more pain, but now, I would give my life for my child.
Children are a gift, no exchanges or returns-ha
I have read Blue a few times, she is funny!

~Deb said...

First of all----of course----BEAUTIFUL photo!

I've heard that before, the pain is horrific, yet rewarding. I still want to get my fricken uterus taken out though with the period cramps I go through. Then my doctor told me that if I have a baby (miraculously) that my pain would be less or close to none.

Anyway, what you went through is amazing. It must be such a scary, painful, beautiful and loving thing to go through all at once.

God bless you and your family that you have created.

Akelamalu said...

That truly is a wonderful picture Catch.

The miracle of birth never fails to touch my heart. I loved reading the story of your children's birth - you made me laugh - it brought back memories!

I so agree with you about not understanding how anyone can hurt or abandon a baby - such precious bundles I love them!

Thanks for sharing honey. x

Kat said...

I delivered all five of mine in the 80's "the natural childbirth" decade. I loved being pregnant, I was one of those mothers that glowed during that time.

Mimi said...

It is a beautiful picture. I could not do the breathing either. they say it helps with the pain. But i was too focused on the pain to think enough to breathe!

It is a shame what people do to their kids. You have to have a license to fish but any idiot can be a parent.

Michelle said...

That is a neat picture! Thanks for sharing your pg/birthing stories! 10 lbs geesh! I don't know how ladies do it who have 10 lbs babies :) Kayla was 6 lbs 13oz and I remember at one point saying, "it huuuuuuurts!!" LOL

Akelamalu said...

PS You have an award. :)

Miss 1999 said...

That is such a beautiful picture :0)

I can't believe you gave birth to a 10 pound baby! Dang girl! As tiny as you are, I bet you did think you were going to die!

I've seen child birth twice. The first time, I was at "the business end" of the situation, and the second time, I got smart-- I was up at my best friend's head :0)

As horrible as it was to watch her in so much pain, I love my godsons with all my heart. It is so precious. *hugs*

Mr. Fabulous said...

I am still trying to get past 23 hours in labor...

noelle said...

A ten pound baby. Yikes!! My biggest was 8.1 and I thought that was ginormous!
The picture is fantastic, never seen one quite like it. It sure makes ya realize that childbirth is such a miracle.

Nea said...

It is a wonderful picture. Women love to talk about their babies and deliveries, don't we...haha
I had five, and the first and the last were the worst deliveries. I guess they thought after four I didn't need anything, so they didn't give me anything, I was in labor forever....but I was also 45. I was 19 with the first. I would have 9 kids if they all had made it, but I had three miscarriages, and one tubal. I loved having a baby in the house. I miss that about being young. sigh....

:P fuzzbox said...

I recently read that a woman in Russia gave birth to a 17 pound baby. Damn that is crazy.

tkkerouac said...

Love this Pic, I'm stealing it, ox