Sunday, June 24, 2007

Show and Tell Monday

For Show and Tell today I wanted to be one of the first to show you all the new star wars character....Jabba Da Butt. Isnt this a hoot? Lets all rush right out and buy one of these!..yea..right.

Did the weekend go fast or did the weekend go fast? I spent all day today taking care of my little Gidget ( my dog) I dont have a clue what is wrong with her. Last night she was fine but today when I took her out she didnt want to walk and kept sitting down. So I brought her in and made her a bed on the couch. Then I called my nephew who is a Vet but lives about 3 hours away. He told me to keep her comfortable and hydrated and take her to her Vet in the AM. She ate chicken for me and she drank water. The last time I took her out she was on all 4's walking through the yard. And she peed! So I think she is feeling better but I cant imagine what happened to her. She is such a baby..I think she loves all the attention. She is like me when I get the flu....I go to bed and want everyone to wait on me.

The weather in Ohio has a faint breeze in it. Just cool enough to keep me out of the pool! I didnt get in all weekend. Just not hot enough for me. It looked like rain several times today but we didnt get any. This summer is going way too fast! I always considered the 4th of July halfway through the summer...and it will be here very soon!

Anyone have big plans for the 4th? I think I want to just chill around here and then go watch the fireworks that night. We have them up on the river bank and it is like a ritual that everyone loads up in their cars and goes and watches. When they are over the town is filled with smoke from them. Everyone is out on the streets and cars are whizzing through town. Boats are lined up on the river to watch them. When we were little we would go out on the boat and watch was kinda cool. We all laid on the deck of the boat and the fireworks would cascade overtop of us in the sky. Memories are great arent they? Those were the days my friend.

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Remiman said...

Yup, the carefree days of youth...More fun less responsibility. What happened?

Akelamalu said...

Catch you got an award, see

Hope Gidget is feeling better today.

Jabba Da butt is GROSS!! But funny. LOL

tkkerouac said...

hehe, had to figure out what sex Jaba was,
and I hear you about July 4th, marking it as summer half over
Canada Day is July first, I feel the same way, it goes by in the blink of an eye

Tug said...


You changed your place around again, I can't keep up! ;-)

Hope Gidget's feeling 4th will be making my own fireworks; got a friend coming in. Life is good.

Kat said...

Catch that picture is just disgusting. So sorry to hear about Gidget, I hope she's better soon.

MarmiteToasty said...

How did you get that photo of me?

you bitch LOL


Dr.John said...

Memories are great and the 4th has lots of them. Like the year the rocket barage fired from the bottom of the box tilting it and aiming the remaining rockets at me. Singed my hair, burned a hole in my shirt and hit me in the eye. Good thing they were c class fireworks. Yep the 4th brings back memories.

Shelli said...

The 4th is NOT the half way point. Think about it. We have summer like weather well into October and if you are counting the school year summer, there is usually less than a month of summer vacation before the 4th and 2 months afterward. So there. :) That's my rationalization, anyway!

Thanks for the disgusting picture.

noelle said...

That's a terrible picture. Truly. But also, strangely, funny. You make me laugh. Thanks!

Lorna said...

All I can say is OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! lolol No big plans as of yet, but my son is coming home for a visit so it may be last minute. hugsssssssssssssss

Queenie said...

I think I know that face!!!!
Catch I hope she's better soon, I wish I could get over for the 4th of July sounds great.