Thursday, May 24, 2007


Whats up for the weekend with you? I am going to a cook out at my brothers for the holiday. And my sisterinlaw is a supurb cook so I know the food will be yummy! Also my sisterinlaws sister is coming in from Virginia and I look forward to seeing her. We graduated high school together and were good friends all through school so we always have a great time catching up.

It is a beautiful day out there, although I hear we have rain coming up for the weekend. My brother has a big awning over his patio so it shouldnt matter even if it does rain. Our little town has a small parade and I do hope they are able to have it. I just enjoy sitting on my porch and watching the parade go by. Doesnt take much to make me happy! I could almost get out there and sing that song " I love a parade!". My grandkids get out there with bags and catch tons of candy...then when they go home they forget the candy and I ,of course ,eat it! ; )) Saves me having to knock all the little kids out of the way trying to catch it.

I am going to lunch today with my good friend Carol ( the one that I fell out of Applebees with the day we had too many drinks!). I dont think we will be drinking today, one of us will be driving, and we dont drink alone. Thats how we know we dont have a drinking problem. As long as you dont drink alone your ok. ; ))

So whats on your agenda for the weekend? I would love to just be able to get a raft and float around my pool all day but the water is still too cold. Lat year I used to go out there and put my ipod in and get on my raft and just float and sleep. Then one day while I was sleeping and floating my Mother was being cute and threw a bucket of cold water on me from the deck above! I went under, ipod and all! Yes, a great sense of humor just runs in the family!


tkkerouac said...

Sounds like fun, and so are you!

Tug said...

Have a great weekend Catch!!

Parades, especially small town ones, are awesome.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I am going to try and and spend some quality time with my husband and I am especially looking forward to talking to my Mom and Dad who return from a three week travel extraveganza..I'm a Momma's girl :-)

Gingers Mom said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Have a great time!

My hubby's taking me out on a date. Weeeee!

Where do you find all your cool templates??

Akelamalu said...

Sounds like a fun weekend for you.

Ours will be mostly BOOZY!

Did I say I love your new look? I love your new look!

MarmiteToasty said...

Sounds like a great weekend....... we have a long weekend this weekend to, its not memorial day though, ours was back in November..... ours is just our May Bank Holiday.... and also our schools are off for one week, then only 6-7 weeks left of school before they break for 6 weeks of the summer....... I think you doodles break up sooner and have longer........ oh well lol....... enjoy your weekend and be safe ..... xxxxx

Queenie said...

When Akelamalu and I get together we never drink alone, we call a taxis....
Sounds like your in for a great weekend, 'enjoy it' you've had a fair bit to deal with the last few days. I'm across to the coast, looks like 'hopfully' the last chance I'll have before the op.
Take care and (((hugs)))to your mum.

Christine said...

Have a great weekend Catch!!

Sounds like you have some great plans. The parade sounds like so much fun.
Enjoy your night with Carol. I remember that story the last time you guys went out on the town.

Marissa's having some of her friends for a sleepover, since today is the last day of school.I'm taking them to see the Pirates movie and shopping at the mall. My MIL might have a BBQ or my SIL, if not I'll be content to just stay home and have my own BBQ and swim in our pool.

~Deb said...

BBQ/beer/friends/laughter- what can be better than that on the Memorial Day Weekend!?? I hope you have a great time!

That comic is hysterical!!!!

Michelle said...

We'll be having a bbq over at a friend's house, but most of the weekend will be preparing for our long road trip! We're driving to MD for my sister's graduation!

Bluepaintred said...

my weekend plans include nothing. blissful wonderful NOTHING

Paul Champagne said...

My wife and I are still eating the candies the grand-kids left from Easter (and X-Mas and Halloween) lol

Dr.John said...

Yout mother sure is funny. I would like to have seen that. I think we might paint the fence if it doesn't rain.

Remiman said...

Parades and cook-outs....the second best things in the world! ;-)
Jay and Kristi are coming for the weekend and will help with the move to the cottage. River temp: 43 F. Brrrr.

fatty said...

i love a parade.. la la la la..
it is beautiful weather here! i hope it lasts throughout the weekend.
have a fabulous time!!

Carmen said...

Ah, parades. This was always the parade we could take the dog to because it's the quite parade. No loud noises to scare them! My dog would sit patiently by the side of the road & wag her tail at all the people marching by!

We are going to the Cleveland Rib Burn Off to see Pat Benatar today! Woohoo!!! Beer, ribs & 80's music!

Have a peaceful Memorial Day!