Saturday, February 24, 2007

happy weekend!

I was tagged by Kat for this was fun to do. I hope you all have a good weekend. I hear snow is in the forecast again.....not complaining, mind you...just sayin. I have had a busy week and doing some extra days of work because one of our girls is in Vegas. Plus I have a new addition to my family and my digital camera is NOT working! Otherwise Id post a pic of the cutest little girl doggy in the world. And my getting her is a story in itself( another post). She is part yorkie and part something else, Im not sure what. She is tiny and she has the cutest little face!!! And she has an underbite that makes her look so comical!!!! lol. She sits there and looks at you and her bottom teeth show! So far her and Gabby ( my other dog) are NOT getting along at all! I have one or the other in the pen at all times. I take turns letting them out to play, but they act like they want to kill each other. Neither one are spayed. Does anyone know if I get them both spayed if it will help the situation? I know other people who have dogs of the same sex and they get along fine. I really want to keep her ( Gidget), but I want them to get along. So on to the meme...and have a fun weekend~
Tagged by Kat
A song? Sea of Love
An 80’s rock album? Keep it up, Loverboy
A singer? Cher, shes a survivor
A man? Tommy Lee Jones
A woman?
Diane Keaton
A writer? Ann Rule
A book? Anything by Ann Rule
A word? Thank You
A movie? Dirty Dancing ( nobody puts baby in a corner)

A wise statement ? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
A color? Blue
A flower? Lily of the Valley
A fictional character? Betty Boop
A name? Alexandria Olivia ( I always said if I had another baby girl this is what I would name her.)
A guitarist? Eddie Van Halen
A guitar? Fender
An Age? 50, its a great age to be.
A famous historical character? Abraham Lincoln
A flavor? Vanilla
A meal? Pork chops, stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn
A country? Switzerland
A city? New York
A monument?
Lincoln Memorial
I tag no one....feel free to do the meme if you want and let me know if you do.


Nea said...

Hi Catch, I would think the chances of them getting along would increase if you had them spayed, but I truly don't know. I have only tried having one dog at a time. I know that is cats are raised together, they will get along, but if not, lookout. but if they are fixed, they seem to tolerate each other okay. But you could write a book about what I don't know about animals. They seem to always surprise me. I once had three Momma cats at the same time, and they all had kittens at the same time. Two had three kittens, and one had just two. Well it was so surprising to watch one Momma cat nursing the other cats babies. They didn't seem to care which kittens were nursing, it was one big happy family. But then we are talking females....

beadinggalinMS said...

Hiya Catch!! I am back. come see me and the baby :)

Pixie said...

Gonna do it here...
A song? Where is my mind- Pixies
An 80’s rock album? umm I was more into new wave in the 80's and my mind has gone (see above)
A singer? Maynard from Tool, hs voice is to die for.
A man? Brad Pitt Yummy.
A woman? Paula Yates RIP
A writer? JK Rowling (LOL)
A book? Harry Potter !
A word? LOL
A movie? St Elmos Fire.
A wise statement ? Definition of true love: Still loving someone when you don't like then that day.
A color? Purple
A flower? Lillies
A fictional character? Tinkerbell
A name? Katie
A guitarist? Jimi Hendrix
A guitar? Acoustic
An Age? 18
A famous historical character? Princess Diana
A flavor? Chocolate
A meal? Cheese Pizza
A country? England
A city? New York
A monument? Stonehenge

Cant wait to see the new doggy Catch!

bazza27 said...

i love that phrase "I'm just saying".

Ol' Lady said...

Fixin' one or both of them might help, but they have to sort out who is the boss until that happens they will try to fight. The first time that there is a winner then that one will be the boss and they usually get along after that. I know for big dogs this usually works but with the little ones, I really don't know. Maybe get some advice from the SPCA.

Miss 1999 said...

I can't wait to see the new member of your family! I wish I had some advice to give, but I've only had cats. I have 3 male cats right now, all of which have been neutered. They're doing great together-- so that might work for your doggies, too :0)

Remiman said...

The newbie is seen as an interloper. Maybe overtime, if you show firsty lots a attention they'll become fast friend-zies. No gaurantees of course.
Lily of the valley....delicious
Have a great weekend.

Dr.John said...

The dogs I grew up with were great friends , both female, and both unspayed. I guess with dogs its like people sometimes they like each other and sometimes they don't.

Big Pissy said...

Can't wait to see the new puppy!

I've never had girl dogs, so I don't know what to tell you. Our boys have always just adjusted to any newcomers. But both of my little ones are super jealous of each other.

Cindy said...

Hopefully they will get used to one another and get along. My Grandmother had two small female dogs (one was Yorkie and the other some kind of Jack Russel terrier mix)- they got along most of the time but every once in a while they'd have themselves a whopping big fight. Grandma had fits over it- used to get a glass of water and throw on them and when that didn't work she went for the broom...

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see a pic of your newest addition...and read the story of how you came to have her! Sorry the 2 dogs aren't getting along, maybe they just need some time to get used to each other.

Lori said...

Pork chops, stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn YUMMY!

Shelli said...

You gotta let them duke it out so they can establish who is the alpha dog. It is a normal pack thing. Once they figure it out (even if you have to intervene sometimes), they will be best friends.

Kat said...

Shelli is right Catch, when we first brought Feather home, she and Ruger just hated each other. They barked, growled, pumped shoulders and eventually became friends. They now sleep together and eat from the same bowl. Feather is neutered, but Ruger is not.