Friday, February 23, 2007

and the winner is.......................

Ok Looks like Rel is the first one to play and the winner! He is the first one to get them all correct! So Rel gets the 10 dollar gift certificate, Congratulations Rel!! Thank all of you for playing. It was a fun game. I had a great time reading all your answers!

By the way.....a big thank you to all you guys who thought I was an honor student!!!!! ;0

1.I was mugged.....True

2. I was one of the honor students of my class....haha, Imagine that. False

3. Both of my marriages were to the same guy. True...( and very stupid of me.)

4. I have a twin sister. False, no way could my Mother survive two of me!

5. I once danced in a variety show with a group ( sort of like the rockettes, only we were amatuers) . True

6. I once went sky was the coolest thing I ever did. False. As if I would ever go sky diving!

7.I went out with Joe Namath one time. He was from Beaver Falls, Penn. False, but I did call his Mother and talked to her on the phone. I didnt know Joe was dating Dan, no wonder I couldnt get a date with him.

8. My oldest son belongs to my first husband and my other son and daughter belong to my second husband. True, My kids all belong to the same man.

9. When I go to an amusement park I look for the biggest and highest rollercoaster to ride. False, no way!

10. I wore glasses everyday since I was in the 7th grade. About 8 years ago I just took them off and threw them away. I have not worn glasses since that day. And I didnt have lasix surgery. I just got tired of the wearing glasses. True, I think it was all the carrots!


Bluepaintred said...

right on! I only got three wrong!

Remiman said...

I've paid attention to all the memes you've done since we met. ;-)

Catch said...

and now Rel you are the million dollar winner!!! lol

Tug said...

LOVE rollercoasters, I'd LOVE to skydive...and I'm about ready to throw my bifocals through the window...HA.

Michelle said...

congrats to Rel! That was fun!

Gary said...

Now you have me curious about the mugging.

Dr.John said...

Gee! I did better than I expected. I guess I'm not fully senile yet.

Nea said...

Oh my, Catch, you married the same guy twice??? I had a girlfriend who did that, of course she ended up getting divorced twice also. I asked her, "Michele, if it didn't work the first time, why in the world would you think it would work the second time?" And her answer was,"I have a very short memory." "It only took me a few weeks though, to remember just why it was we got divorced that first time. The second marriage didn't last as long as the first...haha But they had three kids together, I suppose she was really hoping it would work for the kids sake. I have been married three times, but to three different men. Now if I could take the best features of each, I would have had one heck of a man. haha

Christine said...

Congrats to Rel!!
That was really fun, Catch!
Hope you are having a great weekend!