Monday, January 29, 2007

This looked like a fun meme.....I "borrowed" it from another blog! It looks like a fun goes:

You’re a celebrity and are able to make demands on what must be provided in your dressing room (Jennifer Lopez insists on white couches). What are your top five demands and why?

1. The refrigerator must be stocked with lots of ice cold coke and a bag of crystal clear ice cubes ( Im a star, ya know) And a veggie tray with ranch dip. And a fruit tray with all fresh fruits. And some mallo cups. Lots of those!

2. I want a separate room for my grandkids to play in when they visit me "on the set". I want it filled with toys so the little darlings wont get bored while Grammy is trying to make a movie!

3.All of my friends must be allowed to visit me on the set and I want a nice luncheon set up for them in my dressing room.I dont mean sandwiches either! I want steaks, lobster, prime rib, shrimp..I want the works for my friends. And I want all the leftovers in a doggy bag so I dont have to cook supper when I get

4. I want a hot tub in my room filled with bubbles. I dont care of your not supposed to put bubbles in a hot tub, I want them.

5. I want my room to be at a constant 68 degrees. If its summer I want it at 68. If its winter I want it at 68.I dont want to sweat! And I want the colors of my room to be white walls with mint green carpet. I want lots of fresh ferns sitting around and I want some hanging ferns. I want a bidet in the bathroom and I want all the new best seller books in the room so I can read and relax. Yep, that should keep me pretty comfy.

Seriously....when they made the movie "The Deerhunter", they made it in the same town as my Dads office. They set up their trailors that served the lunches in my Dads parking lot. We were invited to eat with them. There was John Savage, Chris Walken, and Robert DiNiro. John S and Chris W mixed with the crowd and they took pictures with us, they were great. But butthead DiNiro shut himself in his trailer after every take. I have never really cared for him since. I mean, who did he think he was? He didnt mingle at all. But it was really cool watching them make this movie. The bar in the movie was right across from the office. It has since been torn down. When they took over the bar they made everything look old. They bought new tvs and put stuff on them to make them look old. When they got ready to leave they gave the tvs away. They also gave the bar away...the bar...that they served drinks Ex wanted half of it....we had that thing in our basement for ages....when we moved the bar went with us..everyone said " why you draggin that old bar?" I said.." Its Bobs, it was in the Deerhunter". Finally I convinced him to get rid of it. We were getting ready to move into this house and I could not see dragging that damn bar to another basement. So out it went. Its kind of funny though when I think about it! lol. Posted by Picasa


Kat said...

That would be cool watching a movie being made. Looking at your list of demands, I think the movie industry is very lucky they didn't make you a star!

Bluepaintred said...

that would have been the neatest thing!!

Remiman said...

Wow what a great expeience.
Maybe Diniro was shy, or needed more time to learn his lines.


~Deb said...

Hmm, the last time I put bubbles in a hot tub while on vacation----the ENTIRE bathroom filled up with bubbles and it eventually spilled out into the the suite we were staying in. Believe me, don't use the bubbles!!!

As far as Robert DeNiro shutting himself out to the world... I really believe that fans and the people who are so excited to meet them, makes it hard to handle. For instance, it's just draining to keep hearing the same thing over and over again. If you have the ability to sit there and take the mass compliments and what movie they liked the best- then I give taht celebrity credit. They're usually tired, worn out, and even sometimes depressed...all of us get like that from time to time. They don't have a moment to that's why I think he shut the world out and went into his trailer. Just my two cents.


I sometimes find myself fortunate enough that I can walk outside on the streets and have absolutely NO ONE know who I am. (Not that I'm 'someone'!) ha! But you know what I mean. Celebrity status is sometimes overwhelming - I can only imagine.

Tug said...

I just want to be your friend...LOL.

:P fuzzbox said...

I'm holding out for cold beer and pork rinds.

Gingers Mom said...

That is a great meme. I liked your ideas too. Can I visit your bubbly hot tub too??

Pendullum said...

I hit you with another MEME...
You can find it in my profiles under the other Tagged site...
Don't hate me too much...
Looking orward to your answers!!!

Dr.John said...

B etty and I got ourt wedding liscense in the Court House where Anatomy of a Murder was filmed. When it was being filmed I got to meet Jimmy Stewart.

Lori's Minute said...

That is funny about the bar....probably could have sokd it on e-bay. But, I have to get rid of stuff too because I do not want a house full of junk and it is too much work to try to sell it.

Christine said...

You are such a sweet friend!

Gary said...

Number five describes me to a T. I couldn't have said it better myself. Especially the part about the temperarure. Years ago I had an apartment where I didn't have to pay for electricity. I put the thermostat at 68 degrees and left it there, winter and summer.

Michelle said...

ok what are mallow cups? I like the idea of the frest fruit and veggie trays!

How neat you got to see where they were filming The Deerhunter!

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