Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hi Guys!

My dear friend Pendullum of Dribbling Wit???? tagged me to do this meme. It was fun to do and I hope you enjoy reading it. Have a great Wednesday!!

Things That Scare Me

1. Illness
2. elevators
3. spiders

People That Make Me Laugh

1. Myself
2. Janice, my best friend
3. My grandchildren

Things I Love

1. My Family
2. A beautiful day
3. my life

Things I Hate

1. Illness
2. People who lie
3. Fear

Things I Don't Understand

1. how this world got in the shape it is in now.
2. how planes stay up in the sky as heavy as they are
3. why some people are so full of hatred.

Things on my Desk

1. phone
2. lamp
3. too many papers!

Things I'm Doing Right Now

1. sneezing ( about 10 times now)
2. looking for a tissue
3. typing

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. get a letter from the President of the USA for turning 100 on my birthday!
2. go to a winter ski resort and spend a weekend snowed in with somebody special. 3. go horseback riding.

Things I Can Do

1. I am an excellant cook! Just ask me!
2. relate well to people, I am a people person.
3. give the elderly excellant care simply because I care about them.

Things You Should Listen To

1. your children
2. your Minister
3. the sound of birds singing on a summer day.

Things You Should Never Listen To

1. negative people
2. telemarketers
3. people who brag , for they are full of hot air!

Things I Would Like To Learn

1. I am always trying to learn new things in the care of my elderly people.
2. More about alzheimers
3. how to build a small pond ( with a small waterfall) in my backyard with goldfish in it.

Favorite Foods

1. Italian
2. Chinese ( some of it, not all of it)
3. Mexican ( again..some of it, not all of it)

Favorite Beverages

1. Coca Cola
2. an ice cold beer on a hot summer day
3. Vodka and OJ

TV Shows I Watched, Books I Read as a Kid

1. Fury
2. Lone ranger
3. Bobbsey Twins ( books)

People I Would Like To Tag

1. Rel, of Under The Microscope
2. Mimi, of Mind of Mimi
3. TC of Twisted Chili


Miss 1999 said...

I love this one! I might have to "borry" it soon :0)

PS: I'm scared of elevators, too!

Tina Dray said...

That was great meme!

some great answers catch we have a lot in common!

EZ said...

Catch you are such a joy to read, your love for the "older folks" is heartwarming!
take care

Pixie said...

Damm Catch you surely are the Queen of blogging meme's.

Remiman said...

It's up!
Good one girl.

Michelle said...

I really like your 3rd answer to "Things I Can Do" - great answer and you are so kind!

Dr.John said...

Now I know more about you. Of course we already knew you loved careing for old people. But I didn't know you were afraid of elevators.

Dr.John said...

Now I know more about you. Of course we already knew you loved careing for old people. But I didn't know you were afraid of elevators.

Kat said...

Good answers Catch, but real women drink Pepsi :>)

Bluepaintred said...

long meme, but now I know enough about you to succesfully start "Operation Stalk Catch"

Mimi said...

I am with you on the #2 of things you do not understand.

I will get to the tag,,,I am so behind,,, I still gotta do another tag Pendullum gave me. I used to do nothing but blogging. Now I just have no time....I am glad I have more of a life,,,,but I miss ya'll.

Love ya~

Dan said...

Most importantly, have you ever been stuck in an elevator with a spider while ill?

Big Pissy said...

Great meme!

I used to read the Bobbsey Twins too!

And I was a HUGE Nancy Drew fan! ;-)

Dan said...

Have you ever been caught in an elevator with a spider while ill?

:P fuzzbox said...

I would be very hard pressed to list only three things that make me laugh. You have a very good list going there and I really liked the letter from the pres idea.

Christine said...

I'm scared of spiders and elevators too. I don't understand why people are filled with hatred either, and a cold beer on a hot summer day does sound good!
Lots of good answers, I know you are an excellent elderly caregiver, because you have such a good heart! :)