Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hi Everybody!

Its Friday! Time for the weekend! Wishing you all a great one.

For today I am going to ask a few questions...I got them from The Daily Meme and I think they are good questions.

1. Nobody likes hospitals, but can you handle them? Why/why not? I can hardly handle visiting someone in the hospital, let alone staying in one. I always tell my Doctor if they call you and tell you Im in the Emergency Room, give them orders to knock me out! One thing is..I dont ride elevators, I feel like I cant breathe in them. So I will walk 15 flights of steps to avoid an elevator, and thats no lie. When my Father was on the 10th floor (cardiac) I walked it everyday, sometimes twice a day. Of course I was much younger then. The second thing is I have an abnormal fear of being ill. I would almost rather not know if something was seriously wrong with me.

I can handle the Emergency Room as long as I dont have to stay. I am glad they are doing so many things outpatient now. I hate the recovery room though...just let me go recover in my car...I cant stand to look at all the machines they have and wonder if they will use them on me.

2 .Have you had to be admitted to the hospital lately (last 10 years)? How come? What was the turnout? I have not been in the hospital for the last ten years ( knock on wood). The last time I was there was 14 years ago for a gall bladder attack. It was Fathers Day and we had a party planned for my Dad, and he was very ill, we knew it would be our last Fathers Day with him. So I explained it to the Dr. and he let me go after a couple shots for pain and nausua ( sp). He did x-ray my gall bladder which made me very nervous. I dont like to get any tests either. I ask a million questions and not everyone has the personality to deal with someone like me. I have to have somebody with a sense of humor.

3. What's the worst thing about being in the hospital? The worse thing is thinking you may be very seriously ill. If I knew when I went into the hospital I was 100% healthy and they were not going to find anything wrong with me I would be a model patient. I wouldnt ask any questions and I would be calm. But of course, no one knows this and everyone wishes for this.

And did you ever notice the look on your Dr's. face when he is listening to your heart, looking at your x-ray, or whatever? I think its a "concerned" look, and I dont like that. I like them to smile the whole time they are checking you. When my Dr. is listening I ask him how everything sounds before he even gets the stethoscope out of his ears. But he knows me....he always jokes with me...and if he ever had to tell me something bad I do think he would give me a big shot of something to keep me calm.

The first time I got a mammogram was not a good experience for me. After they finished the Dr. ( it was a female) came in and she is looking at the clips of my breasts on the screen and she says " have you always had this thickness over here?"...Im like..."what thickness?" She kept probing it and I am getting more nervous every second. She said " you need a sonogram"...I said "when?", I was ready to scream, run out of the room into the parking lot and just scream at the top of my lungs. And she could see it. She said " lets do it now" we had to go into another I was following her I thought about just taking off, but I had that gown the whole time she is doing the sonogram I am saying.."is it ok?"....finally, she said "yes". She said "you should calm down"..I said "these are my breasts your talking about and I dont take that lightly." I couldnt get my clothes on and get out of that hospital fast enough!

I know that I am completely irrational about sickness. But am I the only one? Does anyone else have this fear? My girlfriend who lives across the street from me used to be just like me. Then she got breast cancer. I didnt know how she was going to handle it. I believe that God gives us strength to handle things we think we can not deal with. I believe that he knows how scared I am of illness, just as my girlfriend across the street was. And I cling to that belief. I spent a lot of time with her that summer, sitting on the porch with her, we talked about everything....and she made it through it with Gods help and she is a breast cancer survivor. And she is a much stronger person today.


Remiman said...

Perhaps you could develope this fearful attitude towards smoking. Or develope a less fearful one about hospitals.
Not preachin', just saying....

p.s. hospitals are good places to stay away from.

Blogarita said...

I don't think anyone likes to go to a hospital unless it's to see a newborn baby. :)

But no, I don't get this way over hospitals, doctors and/or tests. I want to know exactly what's wrong, in detail, so I can research it and then do whatever I can to make it go away.

I'm also the type that assumes the best until/unless I'm told otherwise.

bazza27 said...

1. Sure I can handle hospitals, all those nurses!
2. The only time I have ever been admitted to hospital was when I was six weeks old, I survived to reach 46 so far.
3. The worst thing about being in hospital is without doubt the food.

Ol' Lady said...

Hospitals = Germs!!!!
Unless a part of my body is not attached then I don't go near hospitals!
I am a freak about germs...If I could bath in 'purell' I probably would.
I have even left my doctors office before my turn because someone there had a snotty kid running around touching things.
I have had several major surgeries and then signed myself out within a day or two, which did not make my doctor very happy.

Christine said...

I don't like Hospitals. The worst time we had to go to the hospital was for Josh, and he was there a week. The other times were when I had my babies, and I wanted to go home as soon as they were born.I'd rather be home.

Jill said...

Having worked in hospitals years ago I learned to navigate my way around and how to do almost anything. That's how I got "special treatment" when I had my kids. Most people are terrified! For me it's an adventure. Been around the biz too long, I usually know what the doc is going to do before he does it. Just try explaining something to your husband who is in the ER with a cut finger! Especially when he hates shots!

Kat said...

I just hate hospitals. Its the never ending noise, and movement and ticking,clanking,buzzing, beeping machines that drive me crazy. I haven't ever been in the hospital except to have my kids, but I frequently spend time there with Pap who treats them like vacation spots.

Michelle said...

I enjoy reading your answers to questions - you have the most interesting things to say! :) Last time I was admitted to a hospital was when I had Kayla!

Lori's Minute said...

I do not mind hospitals. THe last time I was in was about six years ago two weeks after I had my son for an appendectomy.

They did everything wrong, put the IV in wrong, the surgeon was waiting for me and the nurses did not know it, the anesthesiologist took a look at my IV and said, 'Does that hurt?" I said Yes and they redid it while I was under, then they stuck me in a room with a 100 year old woman who kept groaning and moaning like she was dying for FIVE days!!!! She also asked me if I was herhusband, Oliver to which I replied, 'Not today." while I was expressing breast milk with a pump.

Not fun.

zingtrial said...

Hi,my friend :) Talking about hospitals brings "BUG" like superbug,MRSA, Bacteria outbreak,and so on to my mind.I say stop Hospital Infections.You can tell by now what I think of hospitals .
Have a nice weekend with your loved ones my friend.
Wish you well

boneman said...

I like visitin' folks at the hospital, especially with a picture under my arm to give them.

It's better'n being in one fer one's self, that's fer sure! Although....
I worked for a golf course for a couple of summers and got an earwick in m'ear once.
DANG! Flippin' bug (that wasn't the phrase I used at the time...) craled into m'ear and wouldn't come out, went to a local mini-hospital where they flushed the liul begger out!
Simple "cure" but at the time, my brain kept screaming at me to remember Search for Khan, the Star Trek movie...

hate bugs with no discretion!

Big Pissy said...

Going to a hospital doesn't bother me at all. Is that weird?

I haven't been a patient in a hospital since I was 28 years old.

I'm lucky! ;-)

Crashtest Comic said...

I like hospitals that serve booze!

gunngirl said...

I was in the hospital when I was maybe 6 or 7 for pneumonia but I don't remember. I went a couple years ago for a broken foot and when I was directed to the X-Ray room I passed a lot of rooms with people just sick and in the bed and one guy was on a gurnee in the all and he looked skinny and very sick.

I was thankful I was just there for a broken foot.

But I am with you on serious illness. Sadly, when I think of being diagnosed with a serious illness I think about how to pay for it, what will I do, no insurance, what I if I die? How would we pay for a funeral. That is sad to me that money is a bigger issue than worrying about my health.

But I don't like going to the doctor, I don't think I want to know what's wrong. I just don't want to hear it. I'm overweight and that's always a topic, so, no, I just don't want to hear it.