Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Last week I got an email from a girl named Heather. She had been reading my blog and she read the post about how much I liked cleats like my Aunt used to wear when she was in high school. seems Heather wears cleats and offered to send me some!! She sent me 3 pair of different sized cleats. I was so excited to get them in the mail. ( Thank you so much Heather.) How nice was that of her to send them to me? I offered to pay for them but she said no.

I know we dont have a shoe store in this one horse town so I have been trying to find one elsewhere. Im going to put a pair of them on my dress boots, a pair of my heels, and the smallest ones on a pair of casual shoes. And then...I will dance! ;)). One time Russell and my Aunt and I were shopping. I was looking at shoes of course. I came across these pink stillettos. I had to put them on. I was dancing in them and my Aunt and Russell were peeing themselves. I told Russell the other day I wish I had bought those pink heels for my cleats! Also I didnt realize other people were watching me dance

Anyway, I want to thank you Heather and I will send a picture when I get them on my shoes.

On the homefront we are having some very cool weather! I went shopping today and as I walked from my truck into the Mall ( freezing all the way I might add) I thought to myself...I WILL NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT BEING COLD. We even had snow flurries this evening.

I heard on the news today that a woman put her 3 year old special needs baby in a tub of hot water. As soon as I hear that stuff I get sick to my stomach. The people who lived in the same apartment building said they heard the child crying for hours....when the husband came home from work he took the little boy to the hospital. SHE went to jail. Personally I think she should be made to stand in a tub of scalding hot water the whole time she is awaiting her trial. People are sick. Do you think the husbands are aware that maybe the baby is not safe with its own Mother? Take Andrea Yates for instance....I blame her husband also. Dont you think he had some clue that maybe she couldnt handle the kids? Surely he could tell that she was depressed. But they just kept having babies...getting more and more depressed. I just dont understand it.


bazza27 said...

Sometimes the world is very hard to fathom, and sometimes it's probably best not to try.

NMOTB said...

There are babies and children being killed and dumped here on a daily basis - It is a very very sad setup!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are keeping well!

Blogarita said...

I think there are a multitude of issues with the husbands of these women.

I'm sure there are some who are every bit as negligent or abusive as their wives. But I think in other cases they are just struggling to keep their heads above water, supporting the family, trying to take care of their wives and take care of the kids, that they lose sight of what's really going on at home when they aren't around.

That's still negligence, I guess, but I don't believe it's always because they don't care, but sometimes because they simply don't see what's happening around them.

Bluepaintred said...

i think that it is a parents job to protect their chiled from ALL avenues, including themselves. For damn sure if i found my husband abusing my children i would castrate him and i would damn well expect the same done to me..well not castration, but something equally painful.

I monitor the my husbands parenting and at night i will say things like, i understand he did wrongm but he is seven and you were a bit hard on him. but i wont do it infront of the children. well i would step in if he went over the line, but i wont undermine him other wise.

Our job is to keep them safe, just that.

on the weather front, its a SNOWDAY here, winds are steady at 9o km and gusting up to 150 km/hour. we have had ten inches of snow and all the highways AND the roads here in town have been closed.

Im gonna read my bloglines and head back to bed :o)

~Deb said...

HEATHER I NEED A BIG HUGE HOUSE LIKE MY AUNT HAD! (Think it'll work?) How nice of Heather to do that for you! It's rare that there are still nice and generous people with a heart out there!

As far as that awful story about the baby- what goes through these people's heads? The other day, a woman from the Bronx told police that some man stole her baby while going to the doctor's office. Then she changed her story 3 times. She ended up placing the baby in a trash bin in Queens, NY----and now the rescue team is looking through all the landfills. Is that not sick? Why not just place the little baby in a warm basket, and put him/her in front of a church or inside of it...since they're all opened? If you don't want the baby, give it up! Don't kill it! Geez. Makes me ill.

Dan said...

What a sad, sad story about the scalded baby. I hope the baby is OK now.

About the cleats. I'm going to put something on my blog about how much I like money. I wonder if Heather will send me some! :)

Lori's Minute said...

Oh, I know...I hate to read about the children who are abused. It makes me sick too.
I wish there was a 'MOMMY alert' like there is an Amber alert so when mom's get overworked they can call a number and someone will take the kids for awhile and they will not be judged.

Catch said...

Bazaa ~ I think you have a very good point there.

NMOTB ~ every night on the news you hear all these horrible things people have done to their children. Whats wrong with this world.

Blogarita ~ I just dont understand it. Nothing should be more important than keeping their children safe.

Blue ~ Isnt going back to bed the best? To get back in that bed and be oh so sleepy....knowing your going to get a few more hours sleep....

Deb ~ Gee I dont know about Heather buying you a house but its worth a They have places where you can leave babies now and they will ask no sad is it that we have to have places like that? We have no idea what some of these children have to go through.

Catch said...

Lori ~ good idea! But then you would have some of these Moms calling just because they couldnt find a babysitter.

Catch said...

Dan ~ you can try it Dan....let me know if she sends you

Jill said...

Oh yeah. Some times people just dont want to believe what others will do. They seem almost blind to what is goin on. Others know but dont help.

We watched the Andrea Yates thing fromstart to fnish. I always got the impression that Russell pushed her to it. He was a weird type of guy. Something about him still doesn't sit right with me. He has now remarried. Who knows what will happen. I wouldn't to be eager to may him, but that is just me.

strauss said...

It makes me so sad to hear of children being mistreated like that. That poor child, my heart goes out to them. That is just truely horrible.

BTW...what are cleats? I am a clueless Aussie.

butterflies said...

I dont know what cleats are either and am looking forward to the pics....
I agree,that woman should be in very hot water,not til her trial but forever.

Mimi said...

How nice of Heather!

It is suddenly real cold here too! Someone must have pissed Jack Frost off!

I read last night how a woman put her baby in the oven which was on, while she fought with her boyfriend!That baby is okay I think. I think the mom she be put in a oven and never let out alive!

Remiman said...

Some things are to bizzaar to contemplate! I don't think it's new behavior or even more common. The info is just more available to the masses. It's abnormal.
Are cleats those clicky thingies that keep the heels and soles from wearing down as quickly?

Michelle said...

Love the new look!

How nice of someone to send you something "just because!" and what a nice surprise for you to get in the mail from Heather!

Dr.John said...

I hope you intend to share that picture with more than Heather.I don't know why people hurt children. Some do it by a direct act and some by neglect. But children arte hurt every day.Sometimes I think there should be a parennt liscense and one would have to pass a test to have kids.

Shelli said...

I totally think he knew and he should be held accountable, too, for making her have more children. It was his desire, not hers.

EZ said...

hey catch-
are we gonna have to start calling you the dancing queen? :)
I think each person should be accountable for their actions-if someone knows that a child is being abused and does not report it they should be held accountable as well. I think an eye for an eye might just take care of some of this crap.
PLEASE do not make excuses for killing or trying to kill a child, many people are sick and depressed, NO EXCUSE.
Darn this gets my blood boiling.
just my opinion.

EZ said...

I forgot to say - I really like the new digs!!