Sunday, November 19, 2006

Meme ~~~

1. Where is the only place you can go and feel safe? I always feel safe in my home.

2. What was playing in the background when you lost your virginity? OK...who said I lost it??? Vicious let me think....I think the birds were singing and bells were ringing!! And all I could hear was that nagging voice in the background saying..."YOU BETTER NOT!"

3. What was the first color your room was painted?white, my Mom liked every room in the house to be white.
4. Where did you go on your very first date ever? I was 16 years old and finally allowed to date in a car. We were driving to a town about 20 minutes from here.We went on a hayride with my 4H group. I can remember my Mom watching us leave the driveway as if I was leaving for a cross country trip. As soon as we got out of site I scooted over real close to wanted everyone to see me on my date, in a car, with my
5. If you had to pick one toy from the 80’s to be buried with, what would it be? That would be my dollhouse!

6. If you could have gone to any high school (real or fake) which would it have been and why? My high school was fun. I had great friends, lots to do, great teachers...I would stay right there.
7. What was the first curse word you said? probably shit or damn......when I was young I never heard anyone say the f word. None of my friends said it either.

8. What was the first “adult” movie you ever watched? Me, my best friend and our boyfriends double dated, we went to the Drive Inn, and I dont know how or why they had this porno on, but we had never seen one so we were up for it! Before the movie came on we went to the concession stand and got pizza and pop. When the movie came on ( it was gross) we were laughing and acting up. We had never seen anything like THAT before!! My girlfriend had a really weak stomach....they were having oral sex in the movie....she threw up just watching Im thinking she doesnt have a good gag She used to throw up all the time. We went out to eat this one time in a nice restaurant... her and I went to the bathroom after we ate. Whoever used the toilet before we got there did a #2 and didnt flush!!! She threw up all over the bathroom! One time when we were all drinking she threw up all over the side of my boyfriends car!!! She was hanging her head out the window and throwing up.Oh yea..... we had lots of fun! : ))

9. What was your mother’s vocal range? My Mom would whistle for us....that big whistle where you put your two fingers in your mouth and blow! When we heard that we knew to get home. the whole neighborhood knew when we were having supper!

10. What was the meanest thing you have ever done.? I really can't say....but no, it wasnt justified. Lets just say I have matured.

11. What was the name of your first pet? Val, She was a collie and we got her on Valentines Day.

12. If you could say anything to anyone and not get popped in the eye what would you say to whom? I would like to tell my sister in law exactly what I think of her...and she knows better than to try to pop me...I would knock her into next week. She is very unfriendly, stuck up, and materialistic...and those are her good points! Its not just me....I get along with everyone....its her. I have always said one of these days Im going to slap her silly.

13. What are you thinking right now? Im thinking if my SIL ever read my blog my brother would be good and pissed at me. So lets keep this just between us!!! : ))

14. What would you do if you ended up on PYMMOTI? I dont even know what it means and no, Im not going to google it.
15. What are you doing on Friday? I got up around 11. Did a little cleaning, watched Gaige, fixed dinner, went to give my lady that I take care of a shower and went to the grocery store..... I am exciting huh? : ))

16. What is your favorite method of torture? dieting?

17. What do you want your last words to be? I love you all, to my family.

18. What do you want as your epitaph? Catch was a good old girl....she knew how to have a good time, she was a friend to all and loved her family. Yep...that Catch....she was something.

19. Which bodily function do you enjoy more? Im not sure I enjoy bodily functions at all. I mean...I dont even like to sweat.

20. How would you like to die? In my job I have watched a lot of people die. I have always been scared of death. I like being here. The people that I take care of that are terminally ill are always afraid at first, naturally so. But for most of them, they draw closer to God. Its almost like he puts his hand on them and they are no longer afraid. I have never seen anyone fight death. They just sleep away. The first terminal patient I took care of was my Father. We kept him at home, he didnt want to die in the hospital. I didnt know what to expect, I was afraid, but I wanted to take care of him and I knew I had to be strong for him and my Mother. ( 14 years ago). I knew he was afraid. I didnt know how to comfort him, I had no experience. As he drew closer to God he became more calm. When he passed it was very quiet and peaceful. I could feel the presence of God in that room. My Father was going on a journey of peace and love. I could let go. So I do look at death differently now than I used to. I know there is something better on the other side. Nobody wants to leave their family, but I think it is all a process...and God helps you accept. As for me....I hope to be in my mid 90s, with my short shorts on, in the middle a torrid affair with the milkman...!!

21. Insert your own ANNOYING question....why do people get annoyed with memes? I think they are fun.


Bluepaintred said...

Hey! how did you underline that???? teach me oh master!

Remiman said...

Girl you have one awesome memory! I can't remember all those firsts that you just did.

Death is a part of life. I love life and accept death without fear. If there's pain though, I hope it passes quickly.


cindra said...

Yer funny, girl. Now come on over to my place and get your entry in!

Phats said...

Have a fun monday. Enjoyed learning more about ya!

Allen said...

I've never done a meme in my life! you do 'em well enough for the both of us. ::grin:: I'll enjoy it vicariously through you okay?

Andrew said...

Hi Catch,
Just by coincidence, I did a meme today too... and you've been tagged in my post.

Have fun!

starbender said...

It is sad about the 'F' word! Seems 2 be all anyone uses anymore! It's just soooo versatal!!!
' ]

beadinggalinMS said...

Could you blog about the torrid affair with the milkman before you go? :)
Cool meme Catch!

NMOTB said...

That was super fun to read, don't know if I can answer half of them - can't for the life of me remember everything! Was fun learning more about you though!

Tina Dray said...

They where really great answers catch as usual you made me smile thanks catch!

Gingers Mom said...

I liked the story about going to see the porno at the drive in. Who ever heard of such a thing? I think that is hilarious. Especially when your friend puked at the sight of oral sex. Hee heeh ehee.
Is she married? Poor bastard.... HA HA!

Christine said...

Thanks Catch for the smile! I always enjoy reading the ansewers to your memes. I was nodding my head, we seem to have the same type of SIL, and I was just in tears reading about your father.The nurse at Josh's school took care of terminally ill cancer patients, before she took the job of school nurse. You could see she was going to tears when she talked about it too! It's good to know, that they came to peace with God and themselves before they passed!
Have a fun Monday!

EZ said...

hey catch,OFW here
I gave up on finding my other blog, so I started over with the beta google stuff. What a pain.
You are too good a person to associate with the likes a me!
LOL-your willingness(is that a word) to share about yourself is wonderful. Your outlook on life is grand, I am hoping if I hang with you mine will improve.
As far as the SIL, what's it worth to ya if I take care of her? Oh come on, just an arm or a leg maybe?? hahaha
just kidding of course(wicked cackle)
take care
and have a great Thanksgiving!!

TC said...

Hey Catcheroo!

That milkman won't know what's hit him! ;-)

Dan said...

What was playing in the background when you lost your virginity?

What was playing in the background?? Hell, I can't even remember the gal's name! ;)

Michelle said...

You had some great answers! You know, I don't think I could answer a lot of those questions, because I just don't remember!

Margaret said...

Don't forget this Wednesday November 22nd is "Roasting Dr. John night!" Simply write a blog in his honor sharing stories true and untrue and all in good humor. Have fun and hope to see you Wednesday night!

NMOTB said...

Hi Catch, hope you are having a great day!

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