Saturday, October 21, 2006

Uh Oh

I have screwed up my blog! Just waitin for Pixie to take a look at it. This is not a new look! Its just one I used till Pixie gets mine figured out. I have no links on this one..:((

But I have a question to ask you for over the weekend. What is your favorite meal? Mine is pork chops, with potatoes boiled and browned in the remaining pork chop grease, peas, and cottage cheese. These 4 things together make a great meal. So I am curious, what are some of your favorite meals...??? I mean like things you like together., like when I have this meal if I didnt have the peas or the cottage cheese, it would not be my favorite meal. lol....know what I mean. There are just some things you like to eat with other things. and those are 4 things I like together.


Crashtest Comic said...

My favorite meal is Perneal (spanish roast pork shoulder) with rice & beans & avacado.

Hot sauce--makes me fart.

kristi said...

I am not sure of my favorite, but right now, Pot Roast with Mashed Potatoes, green peas and Carrots sure sounds yummy, I am not going to make it until the husband comes home from sea, maybe I should go buy a roast for next weekend

Mimi said...

Kristi makes really good pot roast!!!!

My absolute fav food is MD Cheasapeake crabs. And I won't eat them without butter! LOL! I am also real big on Pizza Hut cheese pizza right now. Most of my favs don't have things that go together.

Christine said...

Both my husband and my son love cottage cheese. The girls and me don't. My favorite meal would be a fuity margarita, chicken enchiladas with green sauce,lots of cheese, and Spanish rice. I love spicy food, my husband does too, but he likes those 'lil boiled red baby potatoes with lots of butter. I like mine mashed. Have a great weekend, Catch! :P

Catch said...

Crash ~ Ill remember about the hot sauce in case I ever meet you! lol

Kristi ~ you are gonna have a little gravy with that arent ya???? lol

Mimi ~ I have never eaten crabs! I just cant do But I love shrimp, but have to have cocktail sauce with them or I wont eat them. Just like steak, its one of my favorites but if I dont have A-1 sauce I wont eat steak...what a spoiled little brat I am, uh? picky, picky, picky

Christine ~ Im with ya on that margarita chicky! I love chicken enchiladas but never ate green sauce..

boneman said...

Got a great new recipe from Muskoka, which has little to do with the question, but, dang! It was so good, I gotta share!

Stove up some butter (half pound or more) with garlic. Let it simmer a bit.
Put it in the fridge fer just until it starts t'get thick, pull it out, spread it liberally onto bread on a cookie sheet (no greasing needed, eh) then poke a big ol' lump of finely shredded parmesian on top of it (the stuff from the grocery in the bags is great for this, and there are other flavor choices, too. Monteray jack, asiago, so on)
Anyway, broil it till it's brown on the edges (no time fer jokes, here, rash. Keep yer eyes on it till it's ready.)
Pull it out and serve it up.

Favorite would be chicken, mashed taters, sparagus, and I gotta get out'a here.

Plus Ultra said...

Nice blog, great title ...I will drop by again

Catch said...

Boneman ~ that sounds delicious! I need to try it, I bet ya really get the garlic breath from it! lol Keeps vampires away.

Plus Ultra ~ Are you in prison??? You know I am a warden!

Lori's Minute said...

Filet mignon with french fires, a salad with ranch dressing and for dessert a plain cheesecake (the light fluffy kind) or brandy alexander.

Kayla said...

As far as combinations go, I have to go with a good old fashioned southern meal...
Must have all the following:
~Turnip greens
~black eyed peas
~mashed potatoes with gravy
~fried cornbread
~yellow peppers for the peas
~cold iced tea with lemon
~lemon ice box pie

Lori said...

Homemade chili on top of noodles with shredded cheese and chopped onions.

NMOTB said...

Ok mine would have to be Rump steak (rare) with a green (full of everything) salad with jelepeno sauce, Rum and Raisin Ice-cream with mixed fruit and custard, pasta and sauce, anything that is edible is actually my fav! lol

Kat Campbell said...

meat loaf, au gratin potatos and sliced tomatos with italian dressing. I won't eat any of those things seperately, but love them all together.

butterflies said...

Eye fillet steak,garlic mashed potatoes,and green salad.
With a glass of pinot gris naturally!

Michelle said...

believe it or not, I really don't have any favorite meals!

oldfartswife said...

hey Catch
I guess I am in line for the leftovers of #4, but I really liked the last one-talk bout eatin yer young-woooooo!