Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Friday!

A lot of you have asked where I get all this stuff I put on my posts. When I get email I get a lot of good stuff in it, so I always save that, and when I surf good site with neat stuff I save some of that too, if any of you have any great sites for graphics and such and you would like to share, please do.

Its a very rainy day in Ohio. The weather has not been cold, just wet. I guess its going to get colder tomorrow with a chance of snowflakes on Monday. Bring on the snow!!! Im ready for it. I dont mind driving in snow but I dont like to drive on ice!

WOW, a lot of schools are having problems with these idiots who want to hurt someone dont they? Around here there was a bomb scare, I heard on the news the fine would be hefty with 30 days in jail. It would be all right if they would enforce that, but some slick lawyer always gets them out of it. They need to lock down these schools and not let anyone in until they go through security.

I wish you all a happy weekend. Anybody doing anything fun? Whatever you are doing, be safe and have a good one!


Bluepaintred said...

yea and when the schools try a lockdown and making everyone go thru security, the people sue for harrasment. its a very bad situation

Tina Dray said...

Our schools are starting to go the same way with children carrying knife and using them.What happened to been afraid of your teachers wrath they appear to have no respect for authority and their fellow men!

have a great weekend Catch

Kat Campbell said...

Rain, rain, rain - my little car is grounded until it stops. I have to say I'm with you Catch, better snow than this miserable water! Nothing fun on this weekends agenda, costume making and catching up office work. You have a great one!

Catch said...

well they sure need to do something use to be a safe place!

Tina ~ Im not sure these kids are afraid of anything! They get off to light.Enjoy your weekend Tina.

Kat ! Costume making? That will keep you busy!!!! Enjoy yourself!

NMOTB said...

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog! Snow, oooh I wish we could get snow but I guess we are heading full on into summer so snow is out of the question lol. Seems like we are having the same problems with schools over here too, in the last 2 weeks 3 children have been stabbed and killed by fellow pupils! You must have a great weekend! I am off to squizz through your blog!

Betty said...

We had a bomb scare a few years back. They found a note in a bathroom just before lunch. They had to clear the school and have a team come and search. There was no bomb thankfully.This was in January one of the coldest days and the students had to leave the buildings without their coats. There was a plan to where the students had to go and it worked ok. Feeding the students & teachers was a problem. The community pitched in to help.

Have a good weekend. We plan on doing more packing and my son and family are coming to help.

~Deb said...

Oh my sweet LORD! That pug is the cutest little thing!!!!!!!!!! I get a lot of my photos from ... You just type in what you're looking for and they have practically everything. Google is scary, because a lot of them are copyrighted. So photobucket gives you the opportunity to use the photos without any worries. It's a photo sharing site.

Anyway, all of these school shootings are really scary. Once ONE happens, then you get those sick copycats that do the same thing. Sad, right?

On a lighter note, enjoy your weekend!!!

Dr.John said...

I love the dog. Bomb scares and schools,Kids that bring guns, We desend toward new dark ages. But have a happy weekend anyway.

Joe & Karen said...

Dear Catch, I think some of the lawyers should get thrown in jail for getting the kids off. You can't tell me a 14-15 yr. old doesn't know whats right or wrong... I think everything starts at day 1 from any parent or parent figure. Even if you work 12 hours a day 6 days a week. that one day, dedicate to doing something with your child so they know they are wanted and valued.
Anyway, I wonder if Joe would let me get Champ a little rain coat ? too cute!
I'm spending my weekend playing... Its all about Champ now. I think I'll have to buy him a toy

Catch said...

NMOB ~ It seems funny you are having summer and we are getting out warm clothes! I guess the violence is everywhere, its so scary. I worry about the little ones.

Betty ~ Dont work to hard!!! Enjoy the kids!! Hugs

Deb ~ Thanks for the tip on photos! I used to have a black pug, he was the most lovable dog in the world, but boy could he snore!

Dr John ~ I think pugs have so much expression on their faces, they love to be loved.

Karen ~ Champ is going to be a very lovable dog! And your right about those lawyers, they get people off that they know darn well are guilty. These kids need to be punished like adults...they are old enough to know what they are doing. Have a fun weekend with Champ.

Pat Paulk said...

I agree!! Hope you and yours a good weekend, too!!

Michelle said...

It's sad what is happening in the schools...and scary.

We're planning on going to a pumpkin patch this weekend and then a corn maze w/friends - should make for some great photo ops!

kristi said...

Ugh snow already for you. I am SO glad that I am in a place where snow is a rarity.

Have a good weekend

Cindy said...

Those bags are great! And the little dog in the rain gear looks like he calls this area home- I don't think it has quit raining here once all week- unless it was just long enough to snow. The front yard is a lake, the back yard is a lake, the fields have standing water in them...even my bus had a small lake on it this morning.

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bazza27 said...

This weekend I am starting to build a new kitchen for wifey, I am really looking forward to it!

DB Cooper said...

Movies... hanging with fam & friends... trying to get caught up with all the blogs I like to follow... have a wonderful and hopefully ice free one yourself.