Wednesday, September 20, 2006

tongue in cheek

T & A...thats what men look at. They dont even see your face at first. Why is that? And if you run into a real breast man, he never see's your face!! He dont even care about your face! You know what I like in a guy??? A great personality! I dont care what his butt looks like, I barely even notice it unless hes 2 ax handles across. And I never notice his breasts! Bad breath I would notice...BO would send me running....oily hair, yuck, lets not even go there. But I do think women look for different things in men than men look for in a woman. One tell tale sign about men is if you see how they treat their Mothers, because most men who are close with their Mothers are nice men. Of course some of them can be too close with her, then you have a crybaby running to his Mother about every little problem. You have to look for one who is kinda in the middle.

I have found in my many experiences in life ;)) that most men like a woman who can keep up her end of the conversation ( in case he cant) and they like someone who has a great sense of humor. They dont like women who spend a lot of money, especially if its their money. (Thats why women should always have their own money.) They dont like a woman who talks too much and they dont like a woman who doesnt talk enough. Again, you have to find that middle ground.

But if you have a big set of ta ta's, they will overlook almost anything. And I find those kind of men very shallow. But havent you seen the man with the dumb looking girlfriend who has breast implants the size of a small watermelon ? She doesnt look like shes smart enough to come in out of the rain, but..hey! she has hooters!

I have an older male friend who is divorced, hes the same age as me. He is always telling me how young the women are that he dates. I laugh at him and tell him " either shes looking for a Father figure or a home".

I was married for 20 some years so dating was pretty scary to me at first. I had a date with one of my old teachers younger brother. He took me to a nice bar and we had a couple of drinks. We are just talking, and he looks at me and says ' have you ever been tied up?' I removed his hand from my leg, I said "'no', do you have to tie them to get them to stay?". When he ask me that question I knew he and I would never have another date. Now I am sure a lot of women would have been fine with that question, but I barely knew this man, certainly not well enough for him to have his hand on my leg.

I dont think you can look for the perfect mate, I think if you are real lucky it's something that just happens. And if it does happen to are very blessed. You know that saying ' You kiss a lot of frogs before you find a Prince?' I think its true. And to that I say....RIVET..Im done looking.


Chana said...

i love a great sense of humor. fairness. heart. intelligence. cleaningness and to feel safe. i'm not interested in eye candy for the sake of such, to me that would be empty, sad.
as for what i bring to the table, well, i don't have the self steem of some so i just hope it's enough and often wonder if it is..

Tina Dray said...

Kindness, loyalty and being friends is what i think keeps things working, you have to like the person your with!

Joe & Karen said...

Good Morning Dear Catch. Thank You so very much. There are no words to say how much your prayers mean to me. You are such a comfort and I am so thankful for your friendship. I read a saying once, I don't know from who, or when but they said "the crying may last all day and night, but when you wake up the next morning, the sun will rise and shine again" It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Orillia.
Have a beautiful, peaceful day. I'm going to sit outside with a tea, and then get ready to go see my doctor.

Joe & Karen said...

P.s I think there is more than one soul mate. I think you are with people at different times in your life for different reasons, and it lasts as long as it is meant to.

smileymamaT said...

Hi! Good food for thought. I happen to have that long-time-love thing going on, wasn't looking for it, but here it still is......I did do some dating a while back, and I wonder if ANY of those guys ever saw my face! Ha! Well, you sure did speak the truth, love the picture too! Have a great day!---T

Lori's Minute said...

I cannot believe that guy asked you that on the first date!

I think a lot of men stay with a woman just to be with someone until they find someone else. It seems rare a guy will leave a woman becaues he knows he would be happier without her but he just does not want to be alone.

I like funny guys who are not too loud, can talk about work (a lot do not want to talk about work when they get home) and is respectful.

I feel very lucky to be married to the guy I am with and I wish it for everyone who wants to be in a relationship.

~Deb said...

In my case, as a lesbian, ... I totally look for intelligence, and a beautiful face. I want to know that the woman I pursue takes good care of herself, emotionally and physically. This doesn't mean that she has to have the perfect body, but it does mean she needs to respect her body, eat right, exercise and emotionally be comfortable in her own skin. Confidence is a huge turn on.

Great post! I enjoyed this!

Michelle said...

I can't believe he asked you that on your 1st date! There wouldn't have been a 2nd date from me either with that kind of question!

I meant to reply to you about the question you asked me if Joe was close to his mom - and yep they are!

She pretty much raised him for 13 years before she married his stepfather. And he's her only child so yeah she's close to him! He was able to cut those strings though; so I guess I'm lucky in that I found the middle ground :)

Phats said...

I am not a boob man, count me in for intelligence and sense of humor over looks anyday. Although I do have a hot girlfriend so what does that tell ya :) haha

Dr.John said...

Never kissed a frog but found my princess. I was a shy person and hardly looked at women at all. Our falling in love doesn't fit any pattern . We met and we fell in love. After that I never saw another woman that compared to her. But then I had no reason to look for one.

Betty said...

I love the man I am with. He is funny and creative. He is very careing.

Pendullum said...

I was/am lucky...
I met an artistic man who I am madly in love with. 17years... and he can drive me crazy... But he always said it was my eyes... and the fact that I was sarcastic...
My dad was the one that asked me what MY intesions were with him... as he knew he would go to the ends of the earth forme... and he didn't want me to hurt him????
Thanks Dad!!????

Christine said...

My husband is actually very shy! I loved his smile and sense of humor.To me now, he looks the same as he did in HS. We love his mom, but she sometimes drives us crazy every once in awhile.
I wouldn't say he's the man of my dreams, but I'll take him just the way he is.

Andrew said...

It's hard to believe that anyone would actually be inane enough to ask about "tying up" on a date like that. Talk about an effective date repellent!

Have a great weekend!

R2K said...

I am back. Never to return.

Mimi said...

Last Friday I had a girls night out and a couple of married guys on a business trip offered to buy us drinks and shoot the shit. They were like look we are all married here and just wana talk and have fun. We are never gonna see each other again so lets just be honest. So they asked us stuff and we asked the. I asked them if they look at boobs first. And they swore that boobs come 2nd after eyes. I beleived them. But that is just them. As far as the prince things goes...who needs a prince when YOU are a QUEEN!

gunngirl said...

I really think that a sense of humor and a good personality goes a long way. If a guy is friendly, funny and just plain nice I don't even think I will notice flaws that other people may notice, or care if he's not Sexiest Man in American.

Actually, if he's funny and kind that can make him sexy.
As soon as a many looks at a woman or chats with her, he's trying to gage how much time till he gets her in bed.

But I agree on your points on what a man is looking for, especially about them not spending a lot of money and talking, definitly #1 and #2.

Bluepaintred said...

I agrfee you cannot look, then you arent yourself nor are you letting them be their selves. I went looking for a way to lose my poesky virginity ( i was 18 and lived in a small town where all teh cool girls had done it already) I ended up finding a good looking guy to help me out and then we ended up married. Now its been almost ten years together (seven married) :)

QUASAR9 said...

"I have found in my many experiences in life ;)) that most men like a woman who can keep up her end"

So women have to kiss a few frogs on the way, till you find one that smiles. And men have to check out a few butts till you find one to hold firmly in your hands

Oooops! Is that what is called self-checking in America. lol!

QUASAR9 said...

Self-checking is something we all do in public, and not just at the check-out counter.
But the bar counter too

TC said...

Ha ha! You are so right, Catch.

...but I am that "miidle" kinda person...honest! :D

Pixie said...

I dont get what is soooo interesting about boobs ?

Catch said...

Chana~ those are great things to look for in a man...finding them is quite another story!!! Im glad you found them, you deserve all of them.

Tina~ I think being friends is very important!

Karen~ I dont think most people are with their soulmates. I wish they were.

smileymama~ You are one of the lucky ones!

Lori~ guys never want to be alone. They dont know how. You are another lucky one!

Deb~ thanks for stopping by! Confidence is always a huge turn on!

Michelle: another lucky one!!! And you deserve him Sweety!

Phats~ a good sense of humor is a must for me!!!! my x didnt have much of that!

Dr John and Betty~ You two are perfect examples of happiness and being content! And you are both so lucky!

Pendullum~ I have to laugh at your was cute! And I am very happy you have a good man.

Christine~ all of us Mothers of men drive our DIL's a little am like best friends with one od my DIL's. I just love her.

Andrew~ date repellant was exactly what it to see you!!!

Alex~ tsk tsk, cant say Ill miss you!

Mimi~ thank you sweety! my tea cup says I am a queen!!!! LoL

GG~ I have found if they have a good personality and are fun they are sexy...I have seen some great looking men with no substance to them.

Blue~ trying to get rid of that pesky
virginity huh? lol...well it worked!!!

Q~ you must be a bootie man!!!! lol

TC~ I believe you Sweety! honest! lol

Pixie~ me either...but some men are just fascinated with them.

oldfartswife said...

hey catch
men come and go but girlfriends last forever!!

Shelli said...

Hey, girlfriend! I love your posts. I am sorry I missed them this week. You always make me smile.

Don't stop looking. It's fun to have a plaything sometimes. (Did I say that outloud?) LOL

Gary said...

You are purty smart.That's why I loe your blog. You are right on all of your points. I have to say that I am the exception, though. I never cared much for large breasts. I guess there must be something wrong with me.

I hope you are having a nice, Wally World weekend.

Catch said...

OFW ~ you got that right sister!

Shelli~ If this job is going to interfere with your blogging your going to have to quit working! lol


Gary~ Theres nothing wrong with you, big boobs never impressed me think Im gettin all dressed up to go to Wally World again this weekend???? lol

Shelli said...

Yes, I will. More like the headache is interfering with my blogging. When I get these under control, then it will all be good.

bazza27 said...

I know I was very lucky to find wifey, and I wouldn't change her for the world.

QUASAR9 said...

Catch, I'm a bootylicious man
I'm a sheikyerboutti Zappa man
But most of all I'm not superficial

Like Heineken
I like reaching the parts other men (and beers) cannot reach.

Cindra said...

Now that you've said it outloud, yer gonna bump into the ONE. That's what happened to me...

And as for the boob fascination, men are fascinated because they don't have them, I'm thinking.

Catch said...

shelli~ good luck on getting rid of the headache Sweety!

Bazaa~ very nice!!! see this Tina???? lol

Q~ you are bootyliscious for sure Q. You little cutiepie.

Cindrajo~ thanks for visiting....oh no Cindra, I dont want to bump into one now...Im too busy! lol

Nea said...

haha Chase you quack me up....I could have written part of this.........well except I feel sorry for women with big breasts. I have been a size 36 DD since I was about 14, and men NEVER looked me in the eye. I got so tired of them looking at my isn't all it is cracked up to be, big boobs...... I actually have brains......but most guys don't really care.

I love the "ever been tied up comment", man I would run for the hills, that has got to be the mind set of someone who truly needs some help. haha When women say they like to be tied up, I figure well......I am sure it will be a lot easier to find a man. haha

I feel the same way about men and how they feel about their Mothers, if they hate their Mom, best to just move along....

I have been married three times, to a frog, a toad and a salamandor.

There won't be a fourth....haha.....

:P fuzzbox said...

I plead the fifth.

Gardenia said...

I think ya have a lot of men pretty well pegged! I decided to correspond through a match site - signed up for friendship & penpal only - hahahah, ended up with men wanting to come to America, xxxmassagemale, and so on and so forth, all wanting to meet right away. So much for cerebral matches first! Took me ten days to delete every trace of that little foray into hell out of the computer!