Sunday, July 16, 2006

Its Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend. The weather was perfect to be in the pool and thats where I was some of the weekend. My kids went to Jamboree in the Hills and I babysit. Any of you ever heard of Jamboree??? People come from all over ...they have 4 days of country western singers...and I guess its a great time. I have never went because of the heat. A lot of people go and camp there for all 4 days. Its a lot of partying and drinking and stuff like that. The kids always have a good time, and maybe if I went once I wouldnt mind the heat so much but I cant imagine being out in it all day with no A/C no matter how many beers I had. So I had Pacey this weekend , which I enjoy the most!!! She is turning over now and when you talk to her she laughs out loud! She is so precious!!!
And this critter is Mr Groundhog.....and he lives out by my garage. Sometimes he lays on that stump like he is getting a suntan. I call him Mr. but I noticed he has had 2 smaller ones with him sometimes so I am thinking he is Mrs. Groundhog. He is bigger than our dog! I dont know how to get him ( or her) to leave...I put a privacy fence up all around my backyard and he just digs under it. I fill the hole in, he digs it back up. Anybody got any ideas of how to get him to move out?


Shelli said...

No ideas on the groundhog.

You know I hate the heat probably as much as you do. I went to our country music festival which is called We Fest. We tented it for the 4 days. It was a blast. Really. Super fun. You would probably enjoy yourself.

oldfartswife said...

Good morning Catch,
If a groundhog is a rodent, they hate mint. I have had moles and someone told me to get a bottle of oil of pepperment and put on a cotton ball and drop in the holes.
Or put a piece of gum(mint in the hole). I used the gum and the oil and my moles the front yard. haha
I planted spearmint around my foundation to keep the ants out. That worked, but the snakes love the mint because it is cool.
Good luck!
I love your outlook on life and your funny jokes.
Maxine rules

Lori said...

I think MR is cute, I would be out there trying to feed him LOL, but that is me.
I dont know call animal control and see what they can do.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness she is adorable!! I just want to pinch those cheeks! I bet you had a great time!

No advice on the groundhog s/he is a big one though!

boneman said...

Good news/bad news....
Groundhogs are extremely territorial, which means that it's the only one fer quite a distance from yer place (not counting the lil ones, and, no, I have no idea how they get mated if they're so cotton pickin territorial) (see, Nea? Not really a complimentary thing, is it? Cotton pickin things....)
Anyway, the one you have being female means that's the only one for all the distance they can travel safely and back home in a day.
That's bad news if you have your own lil ones about.
They be slow,(not yers, them) but, they have "bursts" of short speed they can use.

So, what d'ya do?
The fence thing will only work if you can introduce some "current" to it, but, then, ya probably don't wanna actually "cook" yers, now, huh?

If ya call the animal folks, and since y'have kids, I'm gonna guess that this is past tense, you can expect them to come out, either trap or kill the critter and drag its carcass off or the actual critter to another location where it'll fer sure get in trouble, and. before too long, another will be wanderin by.

So, what else?

Trench inside the fence, about four feet (hire a guy t'do it, or, go rent a trencher if y'think you can handle it...Tough call fer me t'know one way or the other, but, trench and fill with gravel, and when yer done woth that, fill with water.
The water will let dirt fill in hard and make an under ground wall.

OK, critter gets down deeper and still comes in?
Fill the hole with gravel, water....

Why not just do the gravel water thing to the hole first?
Because the dang things are too smaft fer their own britches and will just dig another hole.
After the trench thing, though, the work involved isn't worth it.

Other things, a loud dog.
We have four and when a groundhog first popped up (outside the fence) the dogs went crazy! They couldn't get to it, but, fer about a week, they'de be on the fence area where the critter was coming up, and it just went away.
Heck, we would too, 'cept it's our house. We just yell at the dogs t'shut up!
'Course, then ya got yer own lil "critter" and sometimes introducing a full grown barker to a baby ain't the best thing, either.

If ya have any friends with really big annacondas, they might be willing t'help, but, that also would be a temporary solution (unless ya want a permanent, twenty foot snake in yer back yard) which is, actually, what it's startin' t'sound like t'me.

You've got yer critters t'think of, and mister or missus ground critter gotta get with the program or get goin.
I love all critters.
I do m'best t'not disturb them, but, I won't let them just walk all over us here.
When the racoon family moved in one fall, they had till spring, then I convinced 'em that the locust tree outside was a better choice than in the barn.
Hey, the thing is, they pick a "latrine" and always go to that spot, which made like, three extra chores fer me and I already don't have time fer my own chores.
How'd I convince 'em t'move out?
Actually, it was an accident, because, the cymbals were laying on the side of the road, I stopt and picked 'em up, wandered home, put 'em in the barn, fergot about 'em.
Then, while playing hit the racoons with corncobs while they were trying t'sleep (about thirty feet in the beams of the barn upstairs) I knocked over the cymbals. Mama racoon suddenly jumped up, big eyes, children racoons wide eyed looking at me, then mama, what d'we do what d'we do....
Well, I get a couple of sticks and start playing like, wipe out on the cymbals!
Dang! At first, it was so funny! They were scramblin t'beat the band!
But then, and I didn't know they could do this, mama starts climbing straight up the center beam of the barn with two kids right behind her...when she gets to the top, does she stop?
NO! SHE STARTS CLIMBING UPSIDE DOWN ALONG THE CENTER BEAM OF THE CEILING, some thirty-five, fourty feet in the air and two stupid kids following her!
I quit, cause my intention was not t'kill 'em.
I left, had some food, listened t'some tunes, came back, and mama and babes are long gone.

Well, not so "long" as it were. I did see them scrambling down the locust tree one dusk, not log after.

OK, this here is getting way too long...though, I reckon folks'r getting used t'it by now.

Moderation. Moderation!
I must tell m'self that a b'zillion times!

LauraJ said...

about that groundhog. call animal control to remove it? How about the wildlife society to relocate it.
Thank you for the wonderful message on my blog today. really made my day!! and then to foward my link to someone else and then I get a shout out. oh what a wonderful day indeed.
big hugs to you! And have a great day!@

:P fuzzbox said...

Two words: Live Trap.

Mimi said...

I hope Mrs Groundhog does not decide she does not lik eyour moms dog! They can be mean!

I can't take the heat either. I don't like the cold, I prefer the sun. But I caqn not breather or see in hot weather. Today we have a heat advisory!

I am glad you had a good weekend with the little ones. Pacey is so darn cute!!! When ya gonna start her on Coca Cola?;)

Gingers Mom said...

Cute cute cute! I love your little grand daughter. And I love her name. How cool. How old is she?

TC said...

I keep saying this: lion poop.

One sniff of that and she'll off like a shot on the next Greyhound leaving town!

Christine said...

I second calling animal contrl to relocate Mrs. G!
Your 'lil grand-daughter is so adorable!
I don't like to go outside without A/C either! Sounds like you had a great weekend!Being a Grandma is really special! We had my mom watch the kids! She says she loves being a grandma!

Chana said...

Your precious angel is absolutely adorable...oh how beautiful babies are...i am with you in the heat thing..i keeps me from much, that and

glad you had such a great wknd.

Joe & Karen said...

Dear Catch, Sorry, I'm one to cheer for the animals and let them take over... I can't believe how big Pacey Jo is now!! She is beautiful, no doubt she takes after her Gammy.
Thankyou for such a thoughtful card. It is treasured, especially what you wrote, it touches my heart!

Big Pissy said...

What a pretty baby! You are a lucky grandmother! I can't wait to be one too! :)

Goundhog???? That's way worse than the "critters" that have shown up here at the casa..... I would have no idea what to do with a groundhog.

Have you called animal control?

Dr.John said...

I"m still working on the deer and have no idea what to do with a groundhog.

kristi said...

Ohhh Pacey is soooo darn cute. I am sure that you had loads of fun with her this weekend.

As for that groundhog, man that is a huge intruder. Get a BB gun and show him who is boss!!!

Betty said...

The babies grow so fast.
I don't know how to get rid of a ground hog.Glad it is not a skunk.

Phats said...

OOO I want to go to Jamboree that sounds like fun! any big names?

Pendullum said...

We had raccoons in our roof and from an overly excited exterminator suggested that you just pour wolf urin(Predator I imagine) around the property...
Or you can get one of your son's to do the same thing I imgine when they return home from Jamboree???

Your wee Pacey looks too cute for words... and I want to know what you are saying to her while you are taking this shot she seems to be concentrating a great deal on whatever it is!

Anonymous said...

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