Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Monday

A little Maxine humor to start the week off right!

Hope everybody had a great weekend!! I got to shop a little even though I worked Friday and Saturday night..and of course I bought a new pair of shoes! I have so many shoes I wish I had more I can not pass a shoe store without checking it out. Men never seem to be into shoes like us gals are. They dont care if they only have 3 pair!

BTW I bought the movie THE FAMILY STONE. Its a great movie if you get a chance to see it. Its got a great cast. Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker to name a couple.

So let me know how your weekend was. Anybody do anything special? We had mucho rain :(( All comments welcome.


Mimi said...

LOL! Durk rented the Family Stone last night and I did not watch it with him. He said it was good though.

I could use some new shoes myself. I can never find what I want though. I should be a shoe designer and hook you up with all th efree shoes you want.

kristi said...

I loved the family stone. I teared up at the ending though. Their family is kind of dysfunctional like mine!!!

I really hate shoe shopping, they never have my size, I have a big foot. Size 10 to 11 to be precise.

Betty said...

I had a great weekend. Ihope our nice weather holds. We could use some gentle rain at night.

I bought some new walking shoes but it has been a year since I bought any. I have a hard feet to fit.

Dr.John said...

Nice cartoon. I only buy shoes when mine are worn out and my wife insists I get a new pair.

Joe & Karen said...

Good Morning Dear Ctach,
I know when you write to Joe and I the words are backed with a lot of love and emotion, I can always feel that from you.
I planted the rest of my flower bed, and containers, it felt wonderful to do. When Joe has more time I'm going to get a picture posted for all to see (although nothing is as beautiful as My Jack) Pretty darn cute if I say so myself. I love the tequila picture, and the sex one too. I think you and Lori are working together to try to get my libido up and running again. Ha.
Have a wonderful day

beadinggalinMS said...

You can't have to many shoes!! I luv shoes and shopping for them!!
I want to see this movie. I just might have to rent it. :)
I emailed ya.

Chana said...

love shopping for sandal myself..have never enough regardless of how many boxes i really owned ;) and hot here, too much..sorry for the rain..pretty hot pic of you in Dr. John's comments, lol...I love Keaton, think she is funny..

TC said...

My wife says I have too many shoes...

Can you believe that?

Of course you can't!

Catch said...

Mimi: oh if only you were a shoe designer!!!! Id be your best customer!You should have watched the movie with it again!

Kristi: I teared up to....and all families are dysfunctional in their own way. What did we ever use before we discovered the word dysfunctional?????? LOL

Betty: the sun is shining here today too! No rain so far!!! I took a walk today to my sons!

Dr John: That must be a man thing X used to have a pair of shoes that I called his drinking shoes....they always made him drink! When he had those shoes on..I knew...he was off to the races!

Catch said...

Karen: Im sure between Lori and I we could find something to light a spark for you and get you movin!!! I would love to see your flower bed!!!!! wont be sorry!

Chana: I love sandels too,,,,and boots..gotta have boots!

TC: yes I can understand it...its hard to narrow it down when it comes to shoes...I always look at peoples shoes.

Bluepaintred said...

ahhhhhhhhh i bought new shoes this weekend toooooo! i slapped a photo of them on my blog, but ists a lot of scrolling down lol, i have had a not so busy weekend so i have posted a lot.... my new shoes are neon yellow red and blue!

lets see yours!

Mimi said...

You would not be a customer. You would get all the shoes you wanted for free! You could be a designer with me!

BTW~You have a nice butt;)

:P fuzzbox said...

I wish that it would rain here. It has been in the 100's and windy like a blast furnace.

BTW - I agree with mimi. Sweet cheeks!

Catch said...

Paint:I saw your new shoes.....very cute! Your kids are the cutest!

Mimi:Awwww Mimi.....thank you

Fuzz: It was just right here today...didnt need the A/C on, but thankfully no rain!

Overwhelmed! said...

Okay, I'm going to have to share this cartoon with my mom. She loves Maxine and she's gettin' the house! :)