Monday, June 26, 2006

26-50 things about me. is 26 through 40 things about me. This isnt easy ya know! ;)

26. I did quit smoking for 2 months, but started again. I want to quit again and I will...very soon.
27. I miss my dog Toby, he was a yorkie and the best dog I ever had. He was 14 years old when I had to put him down. I still miss him. He is buried in my backyard.
28. I love steak and could eat it everyday but I know I shouldnt.
28. I have never been a coffee drinker...once in a while I will drink it, but usually I drink pop.
29. I have the patience of Jobe with the elderly.
30. I dont like to do laundry, my Mother loves to do laundry so she does it. I never did laundry at home when I was young. When I got married my girlfriend and I would go to the laundramat to do our clothes, she would have to come to my house first and sort my clothes for me. I didnt know what went with what.
31. When I was growing up the only thing I did at home was the dishes. I didnt even make my bed. My Mom did it. My Dad used to get concerned that I didnt know how to do anything so he would call home from the office with things for me to do. One time he wanted me to dust the furniture. I did a hit and skip dusting. When he came home he looked at one of the tables in our was still dusty. He made me dust it for 40 minutes!
31. When I was 15 I used to go in my bedroom and slam my door when I was mad. I was knocking everything loose around the doorway. My Dad took my bedroom door off and left it off for 2 years! I had No privacy! I had to dress in the bathroom. But I learned NOT to slam my door!
32. Sometimes my Dad would call home and tell me to fix didnt know how to cook....we always had the same thing when he made these requests....baked beans on the stove with hot dogs cut up in them. No potatoes or salad...just the beans and weinies. My brothers used to sit at the table and make fun of it... but they ate it.
33. After every meal at home we always had to ask to be excused.
34. We never spent our summers at home when I was growing up..we were always at the cabin all summer. Or on the boat...or somewhere. I just wanted to stay home and be with my friends. I always said when I grew up I would never want a summer place...and I still feel that way. I enjoy being in my home.
35. We had horses at the cabin and I did love them. I rode every day. They were beautiful. That was the only time I really enjoyed the cabin...when we had the horses. We still have the cabin but I still dont like to go there. The horses are gone.
36. After I graduated from high school I spent the summers at my Grandmothers. I was always close to my Grandparents. They spoiled me. I loved being at their house. One time my Grandmother was sick and she said she thought she was going to die...( I was little) I said...wait till I get my coat, Im going too! lol. Grandma always told that story.
36. I went steady with my husband all through high school. I did date a few other guys when we would break up but we always got back together. I thought we would always be together, but that was all before he went to Viet Nam.
37. My X husbands birthday is May 1, mine is May 2, and Ashleys is May 3!!!
38. When I first got married I went to Ft Bragg in N Carolina to live with my husband ( he was still in the service). He went down ahead of me. My Mom and Dad took me down about a week later. When my Mom seen all the traffic she cried....she didnt know how I would be able to drive in NC. Plus the fact that we had a corvette didnt make her feel any better. I on the other hand was looking forward to testing my wings! It was a great experience
39. I went to cosmetology school while I was in high school. I went after school and on Saturdays. I didnt like it but my Dad wouldnt let me quit. I finished the schooling but never took my state boards. I knew I was not going to work in a beauty shop.
40. I see all the lessons now that my Dad was trying to teach me.
41. I cant think anymore
42. I took tap dancing lessons when I was 12 just so I could have a pair of tap shoes......My Aunt and I were up town a couple months ago and I saw a pair of tap shoes.....I almost bought them. I cant tap dance but I like the noise they make when you walk.
43. My Mother is my best friend.
44. My hair color can change monthly. I have been a blonde, a redhead, highlighted...I am debating on a change right now....having the same hair color too long gets boring.
45. My favorite tv channel to watch is Lifetime....they always have the best movies.
46. I have the best neighbor in the whole world..he cuts my grass in the front when he cuts his. He has always been willing to help me with stuff. Like my lawn mower, when I cant start it he comes over and starts it for me. He is a great guy.
47. I cant decide if I like working or not working....when I have to go to work I want to stay home...after I have been home for a few days I miss work. Whats a girl to do?
48. I cant believe I am 58. I was just 30 like 2 weeks ago. What the hell happened???
49. I used to like the I like summer. When we would have snowstorms I loved it...I always put a big pot of chili on and felt all snuggly in my house. Now if we have 1 snowstorm a winter thats enough.
50. I love elephants, I think they are very graceful. They always look a little sad to they need someone to love them. They are beautiful creatures.


Lori said...

WooHoo! You make chili I love chili now when I am craving it I know who to call, I am the same way about steak and soda.
It is wonderful to get to know you better.

Michelle said...

I also had the door taken off my bedroom! My ex-stepmother took the doors off all our bedrooms (don't remember why) and it was awful...I remember the feeling of no privacy too. I was 15 for crying out loud!

Joe's stepdad was stationed at Pop and his mom worked on Bragg...yep a lot of traffic there!

kristi said...

I was and still am a door slammer, also a phone hanger upper too.

I love Lifetime movies, they are always corny sounding but the end up being really good.

I have never liked winter, I always feel fatter in the winter. Summer is great and now I live in the South where it is summer 9 months out of the year

Chana said...

oh what a nice's after 1 am and it's great to have your lists to was soothing and i think it was because your dad reminded me very much of mine. that is how he was too. but although i thought he was way too much back when, i now appreciate, like you what and who he was. thank you for the warm feeling in my heart right now..
i love what you say about your hair. i can totally relate. although i don't change colors i totally need to change things up once in a while..and i so understand what you mean about having more bdays that your remember, lol...i feel like i shouldn't be the numbers my license say...can't wait for the next batch but i can understand it is not easy...take care.

Chana said...

ahhh, you are not sleeping either...thank you for the love and support that you always bring to my heart. it makes me feel so joyful to know that there is so much love in your heart and i share in it too.

i will try now to go to sleep. i feel like i can now, thanks to you, heart to you. sweet dreams. hugs.

Joe & Karen said...

I can immagine you growning up Catch, a wild independant spirit indeed, with no bedroom door! I love your lists. I love my job, I work at a call centre where people call who cannot use their cell phones, I try to help walk them through re programing the units and get them working. I talk to people all over the U.S My teams of supervisors are amazing, and very suportive. I know I'll be Ok going back. I feel like I'm being helped by the angels around me. I can feel your love in my heart. Thank you for that Catch. You have no idea what you have given me the last few months.

Gingers Mom said...

Your dad sounds like a great guy. I love the part about your bedroom door. I should do that to my 3 year old. LOL!! I think the cabin sounds lovely, but it would be hard to be away from all your friends ALL summer.

Pendullum said...

That was quite the list...
It made me a bit sad about your husband and Viet Nam...
Made me happy about the dimples..
Made me think of how lucky everyone is that is touched by you.... It seems to me as you enjoy the moment but have the wisdom to reflect... A true blessing...

Honey said...

I am also a door slammer and love to get my point by hanging the phone up on people too! I mainly hang up on my hubby when mad, but he usually calls back, which I hate too! lol! My oldest has tried slamming her door, but it doesn't work as easy! I guess too much air. I can see her face and tell what she is going to do but never hits hard which makes her madder, then I laugh at her, and it makes her madder! It is rather comical at times. I liked a couple of winters because my mom's fiance had a snow mobile. Once they broke up I went back to hating winter. Every year when I was little we would go sledding and low and behold I would hit a tree every year!!! Even when I rode with people, I'd hit one. CrAzY! There are alot of other things in common, but we are having another bad storm so I need to get off. I hope Mimi is doing okay. I guess even if she is on lock down at the hotel she is okay ;)
Take Care!

Lori's Minute said...

I was also a door slammer and I also have huge dimples! (I was adopted so maybe we are related? that would be weird!)

Dr.John said...

Wish I could have goten ideas from your father when I was raising kids. He sounds like a wise man. I love elephants too and I wonder where the years went.

Phats said...

YAY You did the rest I am so happy

I hope you quit smoking, you did it once you can do it again, I have confidence in you my friend! I don't like coffee either bleh. Elephants are pretty cool, but I would not want to meet up in a dark ally with one ;)

gunngirl said...

LOL about the tap shoes. It was why I always wanted to go to Sears with my mom and wear my patent leather shoes. It was the one place I remembered that I could tap, tap, tap away. heh.

The bedroom door for 2 years must have been henious. Your father sounds like the type of father many kids today need. I like Elephants too. My mom got sent letters to help the elephants, she's been giving money to Animal causes.

Loved this list. Very interesting, funny, and informative. Thanks for sharing! I loved reading.

Shelli said...

You call it "pop", too?

I love the elderly!

I married my high school sweetheart, too.

My Ashley's birthday is in May, too.

I love snow storms!

I think, Catch, that someday I will catch you and be just like you. Our lives are so similar. Someday, I will probably not like snowstorms either.

Christine said...

Another married my HS sweetheart!:P
Thanks for visiting me today and adding me. I loved reading about how your house is Grand Central Station, to be honest I know I couldn't handle my house being quiet. I love the noise and laughter, makes my home feel alive.
I also smiled at your memory of your grandmother thinking she was going to die and you wanted to go with her. That's cute!

:P fuzzbox said...

I share your love of steaks. Ummm Goood.

Big Pissy said...

Great list!

I always threatened to take the door off my daughter's rooms. They quit slaming 'em right after that. ;-)

I love elephants too....they do seem sad...but sweet.