Sunday, June 25, 2006

100 things about me....25

ok Im only going to do 25 at a time....dont wanna bore everyone!

1. I do not ride in elevators, however I do fly in airplanes.
2. I have big dimples, which I have passed on to my grandchildren.
3. I like to drive fast, but am slowing down since I have gotten older and more mature ;))
4. I hate milk!
5. I love coke, not the sniffy stuff...the soft drink
6. I love to play scrabble
7. I am scared of spiders.
8. I am also scared of ticks, if I ever had one on me I would be hysterical.
9. I have been mugged
10. I love life, its a gift, I am thankful for everyday and feel very blessed to be born into the family I was born into.
11. I am very greatful for my daughterinlaw Leslie, her and I have a wonderful relationship and
I truly love her. I hear people talking about their DIL's and I am always happy that I have
12. I enjoy my job, when I go to work, which isnt often anymore!
13. I am glad to take care of my Mother, she took such good care of us. I would never dream of
not taking care of her
14. I used to have agoraphobia ( fear of open places) and did not leave my house. I overcame it
myself and I am very proud of that. But I have much sympathy for people who have it.
15. my favorite thing to do this summer is float around in my pool on a raft..I think of all kind
of things to blog about but usually forget them by the time I get out of the pool!
16.I love to cook and am usually pretty good at it.
17.I enjoy being around my grandchildren, had I known how much fun they are I would have
had them first!
18.I planted 2 tomato plants this year, its the first time I have ever planted anything like that.
I was so excited when I seen blooms on them I did a little dance in my yard. I dont even
like tomatoes but they do give the salad a nice color, but I rarely eat them. Im just happy
to be able to grow them.
19.People who drive in the passing lane and do not at least go the speed limit piss me off, I have
been known to flip them off, sometimes if I cant flip them off I tell my Mother to do it,and she just rolls her eyes.
20. My maid of honor in my wedding, who I went to high school with, and I are still very best
friends and keep in close contact even though she lives in Oklahoma.
21. I sleep with a fan blowing on me every night, no matter what the temperature is..if its below zero, I still have the fan on.
22. I had the bar that was used in the movie "The Deer Hunter" in my basement for about 5 years, when we moved it had to go.
24. My favorite place to go on a vacation is the beach. I love the ocean. And I love to shop on the boardwalk.
25. If I could pick any state I wanted to live in I would pick South Carolina. I love the weather .

OK...Ill do the next 25 later on.....thank you to all who commented on my little darlings! Have a great day!!!!


Phats said...

wow I feel like I know you so much better now, thanks for sharing :)

I am addicted to coke myself, the kind you drink not snort as you pointed out ;)

Joe & Karen said...

Dear Catch, Thank you for sharing so much more of yourself. You have accomplished so mush to be so very proud of yourself. I can only immagine the strength it took to overcome aggoriphobia (did I get that right?) I'm still working through a lot of anxiety attacks. I am only really ok being by myself if I am at home. Horay for your tomato plants. I'll bet Jack loved your little dance, he would have been dancing with you :)

Betty said...

I am sorry you got mugged. That must have been a horrible experience.
My granddaughter and I read your blog together and we are afraid of ticks also. even more than spiders.

Shelli said...

Fascinating. If that is your picture in the sidebar, you DO have big dimples. My grandbaby has them, too.

Honey said...

I hate milk tooo! With my first child all I did was vomit it back up! Sorry for being nasty but it is true! I can eat cereal with milk on it now, but that is it! My yougest daughter has dimples as well. I don't know where they came from. Prob my family because I don't know what any of them look like, I am adopted. Thanks for sharing 25 things, can't wait to hear the next 25.
Take Care!

kristi said...

I was going to start my list today too.

I am a scrabble-a-holic too. I can't get enough of it, only no one wants to ever play with me.

I have to sleep with the fan on too, no matter what the temp is. I need the movement of air.

Mimi said...

I love this list! I could make a list of 25 comments on your 25 things! LOL! But I will try to keep this short! LOL! I love shopping on the boardwalk too and I will think of you when I do tomorrow!I especially love #'s 0,11,13,14,17,20. Ticks freak me out too! I am not wild about tomatoes bUt I too have to have them for color! And I don't know why but I have ALWAYS wanted to live in South Carolina!I think I lived there in a past life or something!

Catch said...

Phats: I love coke first thing in the morning with ice!

Karen: anxiety attacks are a bitch! Thats why I have a privacy I can do little dances in my yard! lol

Betty: getting mugged was a horrible experience. I didnt carry a purse for years after it happened.

Shelli: that is my picture in the sidebar.

Honey: I can only eat milk with cereal too....and once the cereal is gone I toss the milk down the drain!

Kristi: join yahoo games....we can play scrabble together.

Mimi: So you are going to go to the beach? I am so glad...have a great time!!!!!

Delaleuverses said...

This was enjoyable to read

Phats said...

catch I think we were separated at birth. On my way to school I will stop at HUCKS buy a bigass coke and have it gone before I get to school. :)

Where the hell is part two?

beadinggalinMS said...

I luv floating on the raft in the pool. Soooo relaxing.
I have been known to flip people off driving too. Just a few times. heehee

gunngirl said...

Catch, I was mugged too. I still dream about it sometimes, I wish I hadn't been so hysterical at the moment. But nothing like that had ever happened before, it caught me off guard. I was scared to go outside for a while. Even worse it happened around my house.

I hate milk too. I can eat it with cereal, but just a glass of milk? No way. I don't like the smell either.

Catch said...

delale: Thank you and thanks for visiting!

Phats: I have been known to stop early in the morning and get coke too...I think the best coke comes from KFC.Part 2 will be takes a while to think of all this stuff ya know? lol

Beady: it is soooo relaxing..I love it

Gunngirl: It is very scary....esp when they get your keys to your house that were in your purse! I was paranoid for quite a while after...I dont think its something you ever forget.

Chana said...

i love lists. i think they are a marvelous way to get to know someone. i love your dimples too. it's so great that you love your family. i think that saids alot of a person. thank you for sharing with us more of you...

Dr.John said...

I love this kind of blog entry. The facts are always so interesting. Too bad you had to give uo the bar. I don't even know where my best man is but I assume we are still friends.Wish I had a pool to float around in. I also really enjoy my grand kids and have a great daughter-in-law.

Big Pissy said...

I am SO with you on #19 and #21!!!

This was a fun list and I feel like I know you so much better now! :)

Michelle said...

I had been planning on doing this too and breaking it up...but I was going to do it on Kayla instead of myself LOL

It's interesting reading!