Wednesday, May 03, 2006

~ Progress on the pool ~

Today we worked on getting the pool up ~ my son Ben and 2 of his friends came and worked on it. It is up but not full of water yet. I will finish filling it tomorrow. I have taken some pictures in black and white simply because I had my camera set on b&w and didnt know how to get it back on

The dump truck came with 2 ton of sand this afternoon. We had plenty of sand..maybe could have got by with a ton.

It will take 5000 gallons of water. I called my water department today to see how much it would cost to fill it up ~ only $12.75. I was really suprised.

I told my Mother we were going for a dip in the pool tomorrow morning no matter how cool it is outside ~ she laughed! lol. I do think it will be nice to go out and get on a raft and just float and soak up the sun. Of course when it gets warmer!

All I had to do today was buy the beer and I fixed hot dogs on the grill. The 2 little boys ,Gaige and Zack ran around the yard all day. I wish I had half of their energy.

My daughter in law Leslie had Pacey Jo out on the deck all day so hopefully she will sleep good tonight! She is growing so fast and weighs 9 pounds already!

It was a good day! Im happy!


Chana said...

Well it sounds like you are going to enjoy this summer. Pools are great fun and a fantastic way to deal with summer's heat. I'm very happy for you all. Enjoy!

Mimi said...

I am so gald you are getting that pool ready. I always loved playing in our while filling it up. You are going to have some great family memories with that pool! Take a dip for me!