Tuesday, May 02, 2006

~ Chastity Belt ~

This is a chastity belt. Way back in the day I understand men put them on their wives while they went off to do battle. They must have had some issues with "trust". The man carried the only key to the belt. Can you imagine wearing that thing for very long? I think it would give new meaning to the word "chapped".

I can imagine one of her girlfriends calling and asking .." would you like to go out tonight for a few drinks"...ummmm I cant, this damn chastity belt is driving me nuts. In this day and age men could never get away with something like this. We would be sawing at the dang thing as soon as their horse got around the corner. Today it would go something like this:

Hubby: Come here while I put the chastity belt
on..Im going to battle.
Wifie: No way, its not comfortable when I sleep.
Hubby: I dont care ~ your wearing it anyway.
Wifie: How do I know what your doing when you go to battle? And you dont wear a chastity
Hubby: You have to trust me dear
Wifie: And you dont trust me????
Hubby: Of course I trust you, I dont trust anybody else in this damn castle.
Wifie: Well ~ I AM NOT WEARING IT!!!!! Put a chastity belt on everyone else in this castle if it makes you feel better but I wont be wearing one.!

And that would be that.

I guess we women today are just to smart. besides, what would that thing look like under our bathing suits?


Mimi said...

LMAO!How did they go to the bathroom? And what about Aunt Flow? Those poor women. As if those days weren't tough enough. I am surprised that women didn't make men extinct from that one.

:P fuzzbox said...

I come from a long line of locksmiths dating back to the crusades.

Betty said...

This may be a difficult time to live in but I am sure glad i don't have to wear that.

mommy on the verge said...

HOLY COW! That is horrifying, though I think some S&M stores in San Francisco actually carry some of those (not like I have actually been in those stores!).

Joe & Karen said...

AARRRGGGGHHHHH I'd love to see Joe come near me with that, the red head look in my eyes would stop him dead in his tracks
The saying "I love you to the moon and back" comes from the story I read to Jack in my belly all the time, my favorite called "guess how much I love you" by Sam McBratney. It is a wonderful story.

Catch said...

Mimi: HAHA...I have no idea how they went to the bathroom or even bathed! I didnt even wanna think about how they handled Aunt Flow!!!! lol

Fuzz: Somehow I knew that!!!!! lol

Betty: Can you imagine trying to relax in that thing????

Mommy: Im sure they do carry them (not like I have been in them stores either..lol) and some men would probably think it was a challenge!!!

Karen: I think I have read that book.....it just sounds so cute when you say it to Jack :))

TC said...

I'd say that was a vicious circle...


(See, I've even resurrected my old Blogger account to comment on your blog, Catch!)

Catch said...

Well thank you TC, I do appreciate your kindness! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Always something interesting!!

Chana said...

you know sometimes i'm slow and then sometimes i am slower.....
a few times i have had this nice comments from Catch...but she doesn't leave a link, so i couldn't say thank you, even though i wanted to. Yesterday, i though of looking into a few of Dr.John's links and i found you. How nice of me to wish you a happy bday. Yes, this continues, sorry. So today i'm reading at such wonderful comments left for my post and there it is again, a message from Catch.Again no link. How sad really-oh wait, that sounds familiar...hmmmm where did i see that? somewhere recently i know....until i thought i leave an add on message to Dr. John and there you were....Finally- i figure it out...Can you believe how smart i am? (and at this point if you are not the one leaving such me those comments pls forgive me for rambling on! how embarrassing would that be...)

Now that i have stablish how sharp i am...thank you for so many kind and lovely comments...very nice of you...

hope you don't have a headache...enjoy your day.

Catch said...

haha Chana....I dont know how to leave a link...lol. But one of these days I will figure it out.....Fuzz tried to tell me, but I havent had a chance to work with it lately...oneo f these days I will figure it out and be leaving links all over the place! lol.

Lori said...

Thank god women dont have to wear those things any more, Im afraid I would be in jail for murder if a man tried to make me wear one.

Catch said...

oh Lori...we are wayyyy too smart for one of those!!!! lol

Gary said...

I can imagine that when he got home he asked his wife if she was ready for sex and she said "I don't think so, I'm a bit rusty."

Dr.John said...

The good news is it didn't take much of a key to open those things and I'm sure they came off as soon as the husband's horse rounded the castle.It was getting it back on just before he got home that was the trick.

Crazy Dan said...

Is that thing have a surprize if you try and go in the backdoor?

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