Thursday, April 27, 2006

~ my ten pet peeves ~

I was reading Loris list about 10 things that make her mad....Im gonna try it.....these things tick me off!

1. When you get to a store such as Walmart and they have all these people shopping and they have 2 lines everyone has to cram into one line....and wait and wait and wait.

2. when Lowes first opened up there were workers everywhere trying to help you, now that they have been opened for a few years its like you have to hit the clerks over the head to get them to wait on you...then they might say.."I dont know, this isnt my department." Well ya know what ?? it isnt my department either.

3. people who ride in the passing lane....they dont pass anyone, they usually have a trail of cars behind them and they just keep on going at their own pace. I had one of them in front of me yeterday and I was so mad when I finally got beside her I laid on the horn.....she gave me the finger!!! Talk about your road rage!

4. I hate it when people let their dogs poop in my yard. I would never dream of letting my dogs poop in your yard....I feel like picking it up and throwing it at them or at the very least taking it down to their yard and dropping it.

5. I dont like people who are "sue crazy"...they are always looking for their next settlement. Im sure there are causes for lawsuits...but getting rearended is not one of them. Just be thankful your ok and your car isnt too banged up. Some of these people act like a lawsuit is hitting the lottery.....get a life!

6. I dont like people who dont have car insurance. I have to pay it so why dont you? It costs too much?????? think I dont know that?

7. I dont like Paris Hilton ~ is she supposed to be a role model or something???? I think she is ignorant. I mean what does she do?? Does she sing??? I know she parties..a lot. Paris you need to get a job and find out what life is all about. Its not all about YOU. I cant think of 1 interesting thing you have done. Other than when you supposedly made a nude video with your that was nice! Were your parents proud of you? Heres your sign Paris.

( I seem to be on a roll!! Paris really irks me)

8. I dont like grumpy people, if your in a bad mood stay home...dont bore the rest of us with your company. I dont know why you're grumpy and I dont really care....I have bad days too. I promise I will not take them out on you. Life is short ~ try to enjoy it ~ if you can't ~ stay home.Thats what I would do.

9.People who do not respect the elderly really make me mad. Sometimes they need a little help. A few kind words is always nice. Just remember they are someones Grandparents ~ so treat them like you would want someone to treat yours. You can learn a lot from them if you take the time to listen.

10. I really get pissed off about these gas prices, I get all kind of things in my email to boycott it on a certain day....but nobody does it. What is it going to take? The American people get so ripped off. If we could boycott it for 5 days or so maybe they would wake up.

And while I am at it ( and before I forget) lol...could someone please explain to me how to change my template??? Do I just add what I want in there? I know a little about html but I am afraid to mess with it. And I dont know how to link to your posts either.


Dr.John said...

Two ten lists in one day. I enjoyed yours as much as Lori's. I have to say that all is not bad. When the Home Depot opened in our area Betty and I went there and they were rude amd not at all helpful. we went the other day and the people now were so nice. One clerk walked us through the store and showed us where everything we wanted was. Sometimes things change for the better.

:P fuzzbox said...

Nice list. There is a special spot in hell for people who drive to slow in the fast lane.

I use blogrolling to put up links in my blog roll it makes it a lot easier.

Mimi said...

Great list. I agree with it all. Lowes irks me for a different reason though. In my hometown they keep building newer and bigger stores, then closing and leaving the old stores empty.Snow finally made one collapse. BUt the ruins are still there! Paris irks me too! I am so sick of her! Did you read my "When I Rule The World" post? I am gonna have her deported! And she is no role model but is all over those teen magazines!

Fuzz has a good suggestion to use Blogroll to put links on. I don't but probably should. It is alot easier.I don't know how to put pictures in your template if thats what you wanna do. Cissa did mine for me at the top.

Patrick said...

I like this list agree with all of it. I do however sometimes go slower in the fast lane then someone behind me. But I am going over 75 already comeon give me a break your going kill someone.

Paris is just a spoiled rich girl that never had to learn how to be responsible.

Gass prices annoy me to no end espeacialy when you know they are just goudging us.

Like the list.

I wish you some kind of good sentiment, but I don’t have the time or inclination to get into it


Catch said...

Thank you Dr John...and I like seeing things change for the better!

Fuzz...thanks for the advice on the links.....hopefully Ill know how to do it! lol

Mimi we always agree with each if you ever come this way you have to stop in and see me!! I would love it!

Hi Patrick...thanks for the comps on my Im gonna post about 10 things that I love!!! lol