Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Late start today!

Today when I got up I went outside and finished cutting the grass......yesterday I did the front~ today I did the back. After that I babysit for my new little girl Pacey :)) ~ then I cooked supper for

I was reading the paper this evening and I read where somewhere they said the Easter Bunny needed to be cut out in case it offended any non- Christians. Wel you know what??? That really offends me! They have cut out prayer in school ~ you cant say Merry Christmas ~ and now the poor innocent Easter bunny! Who lets these people get away with this crap? I know I am just as guilty as the next one but I have to honestly say I do not know how to go about fighting back.

You dont believe in God?? Thats your problem.....I do....and many others do how long are we gonna let them get away with this? Who gave them so much power? And why dont we as Christians have any power? Any answers?


Mimi said...

Some morons are not happy unless they have something to complain about. We need to start our own group to complain about these people!

Glad you got to babysit already! That must have been great! :)

Betty said...

The Easter Bunny Is not important to the Christian Easter belief so not to worried but I wonder why the bunny. Easter it self is central and that has pretty much been taken over by the Easter Bunny. How can the bunny offend? The cross ,yes it should.
Oh how wonderful that you got to babysit.
It use to take me two days to do the lawn now I hire someone and he was here this morning and work is done.

Dr.John said...

The Easter bunny is just the tip of the iceberg. The same people have already got our schools having a spring break instead of an Easter Recess. They have to have it a different week than Easter. Now they are after the bunny ( not the greatest Easter symbol to begin with but all that's left in public.) How did the White House get away with an Easter Egg hunt?