Thursday, April 13, 2006

~ Grandmas House ~

Yesterday Gaige and Zack were both here for dinner ~ I promised them popsicles if they ate all of their dinner ~ then when they went home I sent them home with popsicles. It made me think of my Grandma...she always had popsicles. Another thing she always has was nehi grape soda! ummm..I think Hires root beer was another one. And white house ice cream~ I think thats the vanilla kind with marashino cherries through it.

She used to fix us grilled cheese sandwiches and the cheese just oooozed out of them. She was such a great cook. She would make sourkraut with pork and cook dumplings in it....I try to make it but mine isnt as good as hers was.

My Grandfather was an alcoholic. He had severe athritis...he was in a bed in the livingroom much of the time. He was not always the most pleasant person. Especially to my Grandmother. She was such a kind loving person. Now that I am older and I think back on it I realize she had a pretty rough time with him. I dont know how she did it and kept her spirits up. But she was always in a good mood....I dont ever remember any pity parties from her. I would say the joy in her life was her Grandchildren. She only had us 3 as my Dad was an only child. She was in some groups with her Church and she would go to those meetings and such but usually she was home taking care of Grandpap.

At Christmas time she bought a little gift for all the kids in her neighborhood. She was a great Grandma ! I spent a lot of time there ~ I have so many good memories of being there. She died when I was 21. i remember a time when I didnt think I would ever be able to live without my Grandma. I hope Gaige and Zack and Pacey will have good memories of me...maybe they will say "when no one else would give us coca cola Grammie did!" And I hope they will realize how much I love them ~ because I know how much my Grandma loved me.


Mimi said...

My grandmother would give me grape soda and coca cola! And my grandaddy John would give me the vanilla ice cream with the cherries. He would also give me lots of hard boiled eggs, he'd gas me up and send me home to mom! LOL!

I think that no matter what you do with your grandchildren they will have fond memories. Even the littlest things count.And I know you are a very special grandma!!!!!!!

Joe & Karen said...

Your grandchildren will know how special you are Catch, and that you get it from your Grandma! What a beautiful testiment to her spirit! My grandma used to make me a hard boiled egg chopped up in a cup (my husband thought I was nuts when I told him that one) Funny how its things like that in life that count. Makes you appriciate the little things.

Dr.John said...

You have made my day by bringing back memories of my grandmother. I can almost smell the kitchen. She made the greatest safron buns.
I am sure your grandchildren will have equally good memories of you.

Betty said...

My grandmother gave me Hershey Chocolate bars. She did babysit for me before my mother died. My aunt[on my father's side] adopted me and we made trips to see her and my uncle on my mother's side. She was ill and in bed but she gave me candy. I know your grandchildren will know your love.

Overwhelmed! said...

Ah, grandmothers! They're the best! Just spending time with your grandchildren will make them love you to pieces!

I have such fond memories of my 2 grandmas (my grandpas were deceased before I was old enough to know them). My grandmas were such kind, spiritual women. I hope I'm blessed with an opportunity to be even half the grandma that they were!