Saturday, April 15, 2006

~ Its back !!! ~

Dont ask me how I found my blog...I have no idea ~ I just clicked on it and here it was!!!

In answer to your question Mimi about the candy on my blog yesterday ~ I think its those caramels that have marshmallow inside of them ~ quite yummy! And Joe ~ thank you for emailing me about my blog.

Before I even got out of bed this morning my Sisterin law Tina called and invited Mom and I to dinner today. I love getting together with family for the holidays. My niece is in with her husband and baby and my son Ben and his family are coming and my daughter Ashley and Zane and Gaige and my nephew Rusty will be there. ~ Family ~ thats what its all about.

I have to get out in the yard and hide the eggs ( plastic ones) for Gaige and Zack. I love to watch them look for them ~

Its sort of overcast today, not raining, but it looks like it could at any minute. But at least its not cold. I can remember when we had snow on Easter ~ I got new shoes for Easter and my Mom wouldnt let me wear them ~ I had to wear boots to Church. I can remember how we used to get all dressed up in our Easter finery, my Mom and Grandmother always wore a hat and gloves. They always looked so pretty. A lot of people dont go to Church because they say " I have nothing to wear".....and it seems to me that a lot of emphesis is taken off of what you wear anymore~ and it should be ~ its fine to get Easter clothes , but certainly not a neccessity. It doesnt matter what you wear ~ your being there is enough. A lot of people feel the same way about going to the funeral home......they have to be all dressed up. When my Father passed away and the visitors came I could not tell you what anyone had on. If they were dressed up or whatever didnt matter ~ I was just glad they took the time out to come and pay their respects. Im sure thats the way Jesus feels about us coming to Church.

Have a lovely Easter everyone ~ God bless ~


Dr.John said...

Glad to see you found it. Have a great Easter.

Mimi said...

I am glad you found your blog. Mine acts up sometimes the pictures don't show up. I am glad you are getting to spend time with the family. We went and got Easter stuff today for Binker. We were talking about how chincy those premade baskets at Wal Mart are. Then my hubby saw one with little toy golf clubs and balls and he just had to get it for Binker. He is hoping Binker will be the next Tiger Woods and by Daddy Austrailia. It is all I hear about! LOL! have a great one Catch! Love and Hugs!