Monday, April 17, 2006

I love the day after the holiday!!! Especially if I have nothing to do but what I want to do! I try to make no plans.... I worked last night because one of our girls is leaving for a vacation in Vegas today....I went to Elvas and stayed overnight with her. Her and I were both exhausted from the holiday. I got her to bed about 12:30am, then I went into my room and looked at a magazine for about a half hour then I went to sleep. I like staying at Elvas because the bedroom that we girls have there has a big window right over the bed....even in the winter I open the window. When we go to bed I turn the furnace down to 62 and we turn our electric blankets on and I am just as snug as a bug in a rug! Once in a while my leg gets uncovered and by the time I wake up it is so cold that it doesnt even feel like my leg! I get done working at Elvas at 10am but some mornings I am sleeping so good I tell the girl that relieves me to let me sleep. Elva and I both slept till noon today!!! Staying with Elva is not really like a job ~ its like staying with my Grandmother.

When I came home today I went out back and cut the grass ~ Ill do the front yard tomorrow....I try to pace ~ Again, I forgot to buy beer. There is nothing like a cold beer after grass cutting. I enjoy cutting the grass and I love sitting on the deck drinking that cold beer. Oh well ~ next time. ( maybe Ill remember it tomorrow)

Now Im gonna go jump in the shower.... taking a shower when I know I am dirty or sweaty and I really need one is like washing a really dirty car. ( I hate washing my car when I cant tell what I have washed and what I havent) Usually I never get dirty or sweaty.

Have a great day all of you!!!! ~


Dr.John said...

You go to work and then come home and cut the grass. Boy you do have a good job.Come to think of it a lot of the older people I visited when I was pastor reminded me of gram and gramps. They were great cooks. I had to cut the grass when I came home to work off the calories.

Mimi said...

It is so great that you enjoy what you do! I love that! I think it is so sad how so many people hate their jobs. They wake up and are already looking forward to the day ending. I used to be one of those people. I am so glad you do something that truly makes you happy and does not feel like work to you.

I love the feeling around the holidays of not having to do anything either. I usually don't have much to do anyway. I guess it's just a leftover feeling from when I used to work! LOL!

I am embarassed to say I have never cut grass! My mom would not let me cause we had hills and she was afraid I would run over my feet or something! And now hubby does it cause it is his manly job. I am not complaining. I really don't wanna do it. It just kinda makes me feel like a wussy that I haven't! LOL!

have a great day/night too!;)

Betty said...

It needs to get a little warmer here before I can begin working in the yard.

Because of the salt my car was one of being very dirty when it got it's bath. I found a car with all of the dirt removed.

I was also very tired after the kids left. Although we tried to pick up as we went. I found many small candy wrapper on the floor. I will get to the laundry today.