Thursday, April 06, 2006


In about 12 more hours Ill be going to the hospital to meet the newest member of our family!! I am so excited about her!!! I tried to get them to name her after me but they never do! They just look at me and laugh! I have been buying her clothes...the cutest little girlie things! When Zack was born he had colic...he cried for about 6 months!!! I hope she doesnt have it!!! Ben will be home for 6 weeks with Leslie because he gets a maternity leave with his job too...can you imagine that???? A man getting a maternity leave. But he is a big help so its really a good thing. When they had Zack he just pitched right in like he had been doing it forever! hes a great Father! he must have learned it from tv cause he certainly didnt learn it from his father! At any rate ~ I am very proud of him.

Zack and Gaige are gonna be suprised tomorrow when they see that baby! They have heard about it for so long they probably just figured we would talk about it forever!! Ashley and Gaige are going with me to the hosp in the early morning. Zack will stay at his other grandparents tonight and they will bring him with them in the am...then he will come home with me. Ben and Leslie have to be there at 5:30 am. I would have to go the night before and sleep in my car to be there that early.

Mom and I went looking for carpet today....we didnt find any yet.But it was a nice day to get out. We had lunch at McDonalds. I dont eat there very often, I can feel my arteries clogging as I chew so I try to do it only " once in a while" and I may go months without stopping and then I feel the need for a big mac. When I was pregnant with Ashley ( yes they had big macs way back then) I devoured them.

Ok guys ~ will let ya know about tomorrow! God bless ~ catch ya later.


Mimi said...

I will be thinking of you in the morning! Take care of you and yours and God Bless!

Dr.John said...

Big Macs were cheaper then. I was lucky when my kids were young. The church was across the street from the house and I could help Betty with the kids. Plus a lot of Lutheran ladies became grandma's to our children. They really like parsonage kids until they grow up.

Joe & Karen said...

It's a great day for having a baby. The sun is shining here and the brids are singing outside my window. Can't wait to hear the news Catch, Best wishes to Ben and Leslie too!

Betty said...

Waiting is so hard. Bless youand your familybetty

Catch said...

Well guys She Is Here!!!! Oh what a sweety she is....screaming her head I am so happy it is all over with...Mommy and Baby are doing fine. I brought Zack home from the hospital with me since he was getting a little "restless" Thank you for all your kind words, I really appreciate them. I am getting ready to take Zack to the local drugstore to see if we can find a couple of interesting toys for him...Grammie has to spoil him too....after all its not everyday you become a big brother!!!!!