Saturday, April 08, 2006

~ The Difference ~

Things are a lot different when you have a baby today than they were in my day. When you had a baby in my day no one got to hold the baby till you brought it home ~ Yesterday we all held Pacey Jo ~ the only rule was you had to wash your hands first. And when you stop and think about my day, no one held them other than the parents till the day you brought them home ~ and that day, everyone held them! So when did they decide that it was ok for everyone to hold them from the start? And who makes these decisions?

I dont think they give the dreaded enema anymore either ~ which I have to say is a good thing! I would have probably had more kids had it not been for that enema. About my 6th month I started dreading it.......and when I went in to have Ashley they put soap in the water! Maybe they always did and I just didnt see it, but when I seen her put that soap in I thought "oh No".

We only had visitors at certain times.....twice a day I think. Now....its all day long. Things do change dont they? Im not always sure its for the best.

We are having some cold weather today in Ohio ~ yesterday was so nice, and now its cold!! But it was nice last night when I had the bedroom window open and the electric blanket on ~ mmmm ~ its so nice to snuggle in those blankets!

Have a great day ~ catch ya later


Mimi said...

Like almost everyday here in Connecticut, its cold and rainy here too.

It is funny how things change. Not just with the times but from place to place. I did not get to hold my Binker until he was two days old. He was rushed off to Yale Hospital right away, and I had to stay in the hospital I was in for my own complications. Hubby got to hold him the mroning after he was born. In the NICU they only allowed 1 visitor at a time. And they made evryone wash hands too. If they heard a sniffle or sneeze, you were out of there.

Have a great weekend. I emailed you last night. I hope you got it!

Dr.John said...

I think the changes are for the better. In some ways hospitals are becoming more human. They understand that people need other people. When my kids were born they didn't allow husbands in the deliverary room and now they almost seem to expect they will be there.

Russell said...

Hope you had a great day. Did you spend most of the day at the hospital? When will Leslie and Pacey get to come home?

Joe & Karen said...

Thank God for times changing- I was able to get out of the hospital in the town I live 24 hours after my c-section, to the hospital to be with my son (1 1/2 hours away) When we took all the machines off him, Joe and I held him with us, and he died peacefully in my arms. There was no rush to take his body away, we held him and had time to say our good-byes.

Catch said...

I think i am understanding more of it MiMi...notice my blog today! And thank you Sweety!!!

I do believe the changes are for the good as far as the husbands are concerned Dr John..and they are really into the labor and birthing process. And that is wonderful!! Im sure a lot of husbands used to feel very left out.

Leslie and Pacey will be home tomorrow Russell!!!!! I will go up and help out for a while ( and hold the baby!) lol.

I am so glad Karen that you got to go to the hospital where Jack was. It used to be a lot of Mothers missed out on a lot of things b/c they wouldnt let them out of the hospital and I know your time with Jack was very precious! God bless you and Joe!

Overwhelmed! said...

What a beautiful baby!

Things certainly have changed in the hosptial over the years, haven't they?

This post reminds me of a conversation I had long ago.

My grandma lost a child in the hospital. She told me that a nurse was holding her baby in the nursery and dropped him, hitting the baby's head on a table corner. The baby died not long after that.

I asked my grandma, "Did you sue?!"

She looked at me calmly and said, "Back in my day, you didn't sue. It just wasn't done. It was an accident. I believe the nurse lost her job but we didn't take it further than that."

What a tradgedy, but my grandmother handled it with dignity and grace. I'm not sure if I would be so good if it happened to me!