Saturday, April 01, 2006

20 things

These are things about me...I read another blog and they did this... I liked now Im gonna do it. Its supposed to help you get to know the person better.
1. 25 years ago I had a phobia called agoraphobia....I didnt like to leave my house and rarely did. I especially didnt like to leave my little town!
2. I havent always been as nice as I am now....I have gotten much kinder and mellower with age. I used to be a bit of a smartass. I dont think I am now though.
3. Being a caregiver I take care of people....and I truly enjoy my job...I care deeply for the people I take care of. I dont just consider it a job.....I consider it a calling of sorts.
4. I am such a nightowl.....I just enjoy the quiet of the night and I get real energetic at night.....dont ask me why...I wish I could go to bed at 11 pm like normal people do....but not me.. I like to be up.
5. I used to drive way to fast but I believe I have kinda slowed down in my older age...I have drove fast since I was 16...have been picked up by the police sooo many times...but I think I am finally learning!!!!!
6. I bought 2 pair of my favorite brand of tennis shoes a couple weeks ago.....I have yet to wear them......I have an old pair of scruffy reeboks and I am still wearing what is that???? is it an old age thing or what????
7. As I get older I am getting more patient! It used to be if I had to wait in traffic before I wanted to get out and rip their faces off but I have noticed that lately I tend to look around and take in the sites......not that we have much traffic here.....I couldnt tolerate traffic everyday. But its nice to know I am getting a little more laid back.
8. I love to play scrabble on my relaxes me and I always think it might make me smarter.
9. I quit smoking a little over a month ago cold turkey......just stopped! No patches hypnosis....just QUIT.
10. I hate planning things...I like spur of the moment things...
11. I am a very good cook.....if you know me and you read this I would like to hear from you! That is if you have ate at my house! lol
12. I worry about the world today. I feel it is a nasty place.....I worry about the babies coming up in it. People are not listening to Gods word. And I am not perfect by any means..but I know he is there...and we better get prepared. I mean abortion is legal!!! How much further can we get away from his teachings??? Scary stuff.
13. I truly love my friends.....I have good friends......they are always there for me. I have guy friends and women friends...of all ages. And I am very thankful for all of them. They make my life more interesting.
14.I dont like picnics......the food doesnt stay cold enough and I dont want to get food if everyone brings a covered dish I dont like that. I like to know who made what. Not that I am so clean.....I just cant help it. Id rather eat at a resturant. Even though I dont know if the cook has a booger hanging out of his nose or crusties in his eyes. What ya dont know wont hurt ya!
15. I love the ocean....I think it is beautiful. I would love to own a house on the beach....who wouldnt?
16. I enjoy being in my home......I feel good here. I feel cozy and safe. It is just a 2 bedroom bungalow and I live right in the middle of town.
17. I am not interested in meeting "someone"....I am very set in my ways...I like things my I think I am better off by myself. Anyone I would meet at this age would have his own kids and I have enough dealing with MY kids!!! I was married at 19....after the divorce I had a great relationship with someone who shall remain nameless. But I truly loved him...and it didnt work I chose not to go through any of that again. My life is full...I like it this way.
18. I really try hard not to judge people....I used to be very judgemental...and I find after doing half of the things that I always said I would never do I have no business judging anyone!!!! As they say....walk a mile in my shoes.....we dont know what goes on in other peoples I try to keep my nose clean and live my own life.
19. If I could have been 1 thing in my life I would have been a famous singer.....I think it would be so great to be able to know people paid money and stood in line for hours just to hear you sing!!!!! WOW....what an ego trip that would be! I cant carry a tune!!! But sometimes my girlfriend Janice and I get on the phone and belt out Delta Dawn together and her boyfriend Ed practically We really need to work on that and get more in tune with each
20. I try to always be a fun person.....I love to laugh and have people around me laugh. Sometimes life is not real we should all laugh and have fun when we can. I think as you get older you should try to They say life is what you make it.....I dont think thats always true.....Im sure everyone would like to have a good life, but we know not everyone does....there are children out there being breaks my heart.....I dont know whats going to happen in this world.....but I do know only one person can help us....and we better get busy praying and trying to change things...


Dr.John said...

Well after 20 things I almost know you. I think you do have a vocation as a care giver. Everyone doesn't recognize theor vocation. I am glad you left a comment on my blog which brought me here to read yours.

Overwhelmed! said...

I really enjoyed your list of 20 things! I'm glad you left a comment on my blog as well (although I don't know how you found me) which has led me to yours! :)