Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Penny For your thoughts

A Penny For your thoughts

Well its been awhile! And I havent even finished my life history make a long story short...Ive been single for about 10 years or more.....and I love it. I went to work as a caregiver and did very well....paid my house off..and thats what I have done for the past 10 years.....I started out at it when my Father was ill....he had cancer of the liver. I helped my Mom take care of him. I was just glad to be able to do something to help him. I gave up my job at the office and did caregiving full time. Made a lot of friends and met some really great people. At this time I am not working that much because my Mom has moved in with me and I cant leave her that much. She is not real steady on her feet at times. She has been here since December and I think she is doing real well. I have 3 children...a ll of them are grown and have their own homes...I have 6 grandchildren at this time and soon to get another one in a few weeks. I also have a great grandson!!! His name is Jayden and he is a doll, he belongs to my 18 year old granddaughter and she is an excellant mother to him. Gaige is 3 and he belongs to my daughter Ashley and he checks in with me just about everyday! lol...he just lives up the street. Zack is my sons 2 year old,,,soon to be 3 too...he and Gaige are 3 months apart and they are good buddies! Zack is going to get a new baby sister in about 3 weeks. And we are all excited to see her!!! Mommy is my very favorite daughter in law Leslie. She is a gem.....her and I have been great friends!! I enjoy her and we have fun together. Last summer her and Ben and I and the 2 little boys Gaige and Zack, went to Ocean City together and we had such a good time! The little boys were so good and they enjoyed the ocean! It was a great trip. Ben is so good to help me when I need help.....he fixes things for me here.....he is very good to me. Ashley lives with her boyfriend Zane.......he is very good to her. I think they will be getting married soon. He has a great job and he wants her to be able to stay home and raise Gaige...she used to work in a resthome....but for about a month and a half she has been staying home with Gaige. She is supposed to start nursing school in May, and I hope she does. I also get along real well with Zane.....hes a sweety. My oldest son Ty doesnt come around that often. He lives with Cyndy.....his wife. I dont get along well with Cyndy. I suppose thats why I dont get to see Ty that often. I really done even want to go into this story. I have 2 grand daughters from Ty.....Brielle and Taylor.... I am pretty close with both of them. I am proud of Brielle for being such a good Mother .....Taylor is being a brat right now...going through that sassy stage.....Im sure she will be fine when she gets older....I just wish she would be careful on the choices she is making right now. She is so young...well Im off to bed! More later....ta ta

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Overwhelmed! said...

It's refreshing to hear someone say that they love being single. Even though I'm married and love that, I waiting until I was 34 to marry and I really enjoyed my single time too!

My parents are in the midst of getting a divorce after 38 years of a miserable marriage. I truly hope that each of them can find happiness as singles that they didn't find being married.

It sounds like you have a wonderful family!