Friday, March 10, 2006

my own personal space

Ok.......this is my to write about??? my life? naaaahhhh....I kinda consider it to be an ordinary life..although there have been some extra ordinary times in I thoroughly enjoyed! I am a 57 year old female....who sometimes acts like a 12 year old child. But not often..Im a little spoiled. I was the only girl in my family, I have 2 brothers. And we all know how precious little girls are...the only problem is they grow up to be big spoiled I had a great life...a very loving family...and I enjoyed being spoiled so much. But when I got married I kinda got! What a time that was! I went with him all through high school and in my day..after high school you got married. He graduated a year ahead of me and he went to Viet Nam right after he graduated. So when I graduated and he came home we got married..btut I didnt know what being over there had done to him. He was not the same boy that I went with in high school. Of course I didnt realize this till after the wedding! And being the optomist I always try to be I always thought things would get better....but they never did. And by then the babies were coming...the best thing I have ever done...the happiest times of my life were when I had my babies. It kinda made dealing with a bad marriage bearable. And Im sure I never gave up hope things would change. As the kids got older I began to think of ways that I could get out of this marriage but I had no skills. ( remember I got married right out of high school). So when my youngest went to school I got a job in the grocery store here in town. At different times I had worked for the Water dept and the Police Dept but that was always just fill in work when the regular girl went on vacation. But once I went to work in the grocery store and I loved it b/c people came in to shop and I got to see evevrybody. My Dad had his own business..he owned a trucking company....and thats where I wanted to he hired me. I really didnt know too much about anything in the beginning...ok...Ill have ta get back to this....

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