Thursday, March 30, 2006

Beautiful day here :))

What gorgeous weather!!!! I was outside cleaning up the porch and it felt so good....then my Aunt and I ran to town to get paint. I am going to paint Moms room....maybe start on it tonight.

I live right on the Ohio river and when your driving up the highway you can look over and see the boats and people on jet-skis and the tugboats that go up and down the river. Its a pretty site. I practically grew up on that river. My grandparents had a big boat and we were always on it....we went to Mississippi one summer on Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and me and my 2 brothers. Then my Dad bought a boat so we spent lots of time on the river. I can always remember the 4th of July's.....we would always have a party and everybody would be on the boat and we would go out in the middle of the river and watch the was so pretty. Lots of good memories. Both of my brothers still belong to the boat club but I dont go there anymore. But I do like to look over at the river as I am driving up the road.

I live in a small town...I have lived here all my life. I know practically everyone in this town. Its a nice place to raise a family....and have kids. And when summer comes people will be out walking and kids will be out playing...the community pool will open up and the softball teams will be starting know, its just kind of a homey place to be. A lot of people have left and they say I will never move back to that town again! Well, they can say what they want....I love it here. I like knowing who my grandchildren are playing with....I like knowing who my neighbor is...... We do have a bit of a drug problem......I just dont understand these kids....ruining their lives...but all in all...we have a comfortable place to live. You can take a walk at midnight or later and be perfectly safe, a lot of people dont lock their doors ( I do, why ask for trouble?)

I have rambled on long enough for tonight.....I made fettucine for was great!!!! Now I have to clean the dishes up!
Catch ya later!

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Overwhelmed! said...

I grew up in a small town of just 150 people. As a kid, I loved it! I had so much freedom there.

I moved away for college and then moved out of state for a job. Now I'm married and living in another state in a bigger city, probably for good.

When we bought our new house last summer, I drug my husband and Snuggle Bug out and went from door to door introducing the 3 of us to our neighbors. It's important to me to have that connection, as I did growing up. Neighbors were surprised but welcoming. I'm so glad I did that because now everyone is so friendly to us!