Sunday, February 15, 2009

where have I been?????

Hope ya all had a great Valentines Day! Larry was wonderful to me.....he got me a laptop and a pair of diamond earrings! I have been having fun with the laptop.... I love it. We went out to dinner last night but every place was so crowded! Where do all these people come from and why do they have to decide to eat the same time as I do????? ;))

Mom has not been feeling well lately. I dont know if its from the trip to Florida or what. She is so much more confused lately. She always wants the house locked up, sometimes if I take the trash out she locks me out! She fights with Gaige all the time.( BTW..Gaige is 6 years old today!!! We are having a birthday party later on today.) I knew it wasnt going to be easy keeping my Mother home with me when she has alzheimers, but I am determined to keep her here. Its just a little hard to take when she gets so mean with me....I keep saying to myself...thats not my Mother!!! My Mother was never unkind to anyone! She never gets dressed anymore...always in a robe. I know she cant live forever, but its like in my mind she will. I cant imagine a time without her. And I wonder how bad its going to get. Please keep us in your prayers.

I didnt get on here to whine.....just wanted to touch base with you all and wish you a HVD!


Akelamalu said...

Oh WOW Larry sure did you proud!

Happy Birthday to Paige.

I'm sorry to hear your Mom is getting more confused, it's such a terrible disease. I'll keep her in my prayers and remember her when I'm sending out Reiki. x

Remiman said...

It was so quiet around the blog that I figured evwrybody was snuggling with their valentines.

eZ said...
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eZ said...

hey catch
you big puss! Just kidding, I am sorry mom is getting worse, I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. I won't ask what Larry got for Valentines-but you sure came out smelling like a dozen roses.
You are a great daughter. One foot in front of the other, taking each day at time.
Happy Birthday to Gaige, have a piece of cake for me
Sending a big hug your way

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Eel Wind said...

earring? oh I

laptop? what?! LAPTOP?!!!! WOW!

(bam). *me passed out*

LOL ;)

Eel Wind said...

i wish the best for you mum. please take good care of her, as ask her to stop fighting with Gaige, for the sake of her health...haa...

Jill said...

Wow! Does Larry have a brother? I wish you the best for your mother. I often wonder what would happen to me and what kind of burden I would be to my kids. Your mother is lucky to have you in her life.

Dr.John said...

We tried with both mothers to keep them out of a nursing home. With my mother we succeeded but Betty's mother got so bad that we had to let her go. It is a hard time either way.

Big Pissy said...

Larry is so wonderful! You're both lucky to have each other. :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. We went through that with my Dad.... it's not easy.


Patience said...

Just doing some cyber-hopping a landed here from Funeral Girl's site. Sounds like Larry is really wonderful!

Sorry about your mother. It's really hard to deal with alzheimer's. Don't do it all yourself. There are some pro's who really know how to deal with alzheimer's patients with dignity and care.

Scott said...

My grandma had a condition very similar to Alzheimer's, in her last two years. I was very close to her--we were both quite argumentative and opinionated. Everyone else in the family, even her only son, just tolerated her. But I loved her, and she loved me. We argued alot, especially about politics and religion--but that never interfered with our love for one another. We'd argue about my non-Christian beliefs one minute--then she'd order us a pizza, and we'd watch "Wheel of Fortune" the next! We were definitely birds of a feather! Sometimes I hated her, for being so set in her ways, but never for long.

When I moved into her house, in 1998, it had been vacant for a year--she was in a nursing home. Sometimes my dad would bring her back here, and she would complain about the way I kept her house. And my dad would tell her my stay was just temporary, to humor her.
I even had to change the phone number, because she continuously called and asked me who I was and what I was doing in her house.

To make up for this, I took her places, as often as I could. And she was always calm and sweet when I did. But strangely, I missed the person she had been before--the rough-edged woman with the tender, loving heart.

Grandma died in 1999. I still miss her, sometimes as the childlike person she was in her last few days--but usually as the strong-willed, opinionated, argumentative, yet loving person before.

And occasionally, before unlocking my front door, which used to be hers, I imagine her answering my knock with, "Where have you been-- I thought you left Mobile hours ago! Well, come on in!"

Robbin'sMama said...

It is so great that you can take care of your Mother. I do not know if I could do that. My Mom is 88 and lives next door to us. She had a bad year, broker her hip in June, had a replacement and next day had a heart attack with stents put in. She was in and out of the hospital from June until NOvember. She spent 2 weeks of rehab in the nursing home in Nov and came home by Thanksgiving. So far she has been able to take care of herself. I doubt if I am going to be able to step up to the plate if she gets unable to stay alone. I am not a very good caregiver
I so admire your doing it.