Saturday, January 31, 2009

We are back!

first of all, in a matter of minutes we went from this to........
this!!!!! lol......our welcome back into the Ohio Valley! We had a wonderful time, a lot of laughs and fun and I think it was so good for Mom. We got home last night around 11:30 pm. We drove straight through. On the way down we stopped and stayed overnight but we made such good time yesterday that we decided to drive it all in one day, depending on what kind of weather we ran into as we got further north. We were all so glad to get out of that car and be home. I love to go but I also love to come home! I was so anxious to get into my bed last night........ The car was packed full!! We couldnt have gotten one more thing into the trunk! Everyday we did a little shopping.....then come time to load up and come home we had to take some things out of the boxes because we didnt have enough room! lol. It was a good trip,we thank the good Lord everything went well and we are back home. Hope you enjoy the pics!

none of these pics are in order, but this is the pool area at my brothers is all screened in and there is a kitchen area for cooking outside.

this is looking out of the family room to the pool area...all rooms on that side of the house had sliding glass doors opening up onto the pool area.

this is the front of the house

dining room

Susie ( my sisterinlaw), Mom and my brother Larry


Ethel Mermen ( me) in the pool! lol

Larrys car started acting funny just as we were coming into Florida!!! We all held our breath till we got to my brothers, then he took it to a chevy dealer. They had it for several days so they gave him this rental...a new caddy!!! lol

this is a pic of the house my Mom used to own when she lived in Florida.Its in the same neighborhood as my brothers so she already knew a few of the neighbors from when she lived here and she got to visit with them which was really nice for her.

This is Gaige and my brother. We were out on the Homosassa River looking for manatees. Ashley actually got into the water with them.

Larry, me, and my brother Larry, we were on the river.

Gaige on the boat , he had such a good time!

Mom and Ashley looking for the manatees

a beautiful house along the riverbank

the boatdock where Larry keeps his boat

the front of the house

Ash and Gaige in the pool.

my comfy!!!

the pool area

family room

kitchen area....its so neat how everything is so open.......we could watch Giage swim from inside.

I love soon as I walked in this took my eye!

entrance hall and dining room


gorgeous pool

front of the house, we had such beautiful weather while we were there. It was the perfect week to go. They had snow back here practically everyday we were gone!Gaige only missed one day of school because they had snow days back here!


Tug said...

What a beautiful house - looks like you had a wonderful time away! So glad to hear it... welcome home Catch. ;-)

eZ said...

wekcome home! So glad you had a good time. I like your hair the strawberry blonde, you are looking GOOD! The house is beautiful. You are blessed girlfriend!!

Akelamalu said...

Welcome home honey! Your brother's house is just gorgeous! I'd love a house with a pool, though it would be a bit pointless over here because we'd never get to use it with the weather we have. :(

Dr.John said...

Welcome back. I loved the pictures. I loved the fact that you kept coming back to the pool. The only part of the house I really cared about. All that warmth and all that water. Wow!

pure evyl said...

It's good to see ya back. It looks like you had a blast.

MARKPOGI said...

you have a really beautiful house. wow. i'm full of jealousy haha! oh well. :D

Eel Wind said...

that's...that's a house?! Tell me it's an hotel.

you are so lucky to have a brother like Larry! ;)